Robert Bailey

Emeritus Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering


    As an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering my educational background consisted of two degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois, a Ph.d in nuclear engineering from Purdue and two years of liberal arts at Wabash College. Taught at Purdue (’59-’77) and The Ohio State University (’77-present). I worked at Argonne National Laboratory and Atomics International on power reactor design and operation; and was a consultant and educator on nuclear weapons effects for the United States Department of Defense. As a result of my experiences I became interested in the impacts and transfer of all types of technologies into society and the business community while engaged in large scale technology assessments and the diffusion of technology and knowledge into the marketplace, and the roles government and colleges/universities play in the process. Furthermore, I have worked in South and Central America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania.