Scott Rixner



Scott Rixner is a Professor of Computer Science at Rice University. His research focuses on systems software and computer architecture. He is well versed in the internals of the Python programming language, as he is currently developing a light-weight Python interpreter for embedded systems in his research. He has also taught many of the introductory computer science courses at Rice, including Computational Thinking, Algorithmic Thinking, Introduction to Program Design, and Introduction to Computer Systems. He is the chairman of the curriculum committees for both the Department of Computer Science and the School of Engineering at Rice. Prior to joining Rice, he received his Ph.D. from MIT.


Python Programming Essentials

算法思想(第 2 部分)

Python Data Visualization

Algorithmic Thinking

计算原理(第 1 部分)

Algorithmic Thinking (Part 2)

Python交互程序设计入门(第 1 部分)

Algorithmic Thinking (Part 1)

计算原理(第 2 部分)

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 2)

Fundamentals of Computing TA site

算法思想(第 1 部分)

Python Data Representations

Fundamentals of Computing Capstone Exam

The Fundamentals of Computing Capstone Exam

Principles of Computing (Part 2)


An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (Part 1)

Python交互程序设计入门(第 2 部分)

Principles of Computing (Part 1)

Principles of Computing

Python Data Analysis

Python 交互程序设计入门