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AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take. In this course, you will learn: - The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science - What AI realistically can--and cannot--do - How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization - What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects - How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company - How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI....



Oct 19, 2020

This class was so well-presented with clear and socially relevant examples. I was so engaged that I finished this in less than a week. Kudos in explaining deep concepts in such a uncomplicated manner.


Jul 30, 2020

I must admit that this is the best online course that I've completed so far. The course is just simple and sweet explaining everything one needs to know clearly and simply without loosing its essence.


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创建者 Trevor L

Apr 2, 2019

Great high level course for business stakeholders or technical minds jumping into AI. Really appreciated the following:

-balanced assessment of AI's current capability

-the vision required to build a team and yet it's ok to start small

-ethics and using AI for the good of humanity to solve real world problems vs just profits

创建者 Shakir R K K

Jul 1, 2019

Great course for the beginners, one needs a path to get master in the particular skill set, the Instructure elaborated each area of AI to get the idea. I hope every beginner who will complete this course will start the next one of his / her interest. Thank you so much for creating such awesome and loud and clear tutorials.

创建者 Tanya A

Jul 7, 2020

This is a great course for a newbie. I am energized to find was to use the concepts in discovering opportunities to use AI and ML. Even though I don't know how to build solutions, finding the opportunities will allow me to collaborate with technical experts more effectively. I'm not scared to ask questions now. Thank you.

创建者 José A R N

Mar 17, 2019

My name is Jose Antonio from Brazil. I am looking for a new Data Scientist career (

I did this course to complete my CV in AI and ML.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by teachers.

Thank you for the support, course quality and great classes.


Jose Antonio.

创建者 Niraj V

May 2, 2020

Truely helpful for me and the people who are looking for studying the basics of AI and this course doesn't just let you learn AI but also gives you some idea about Deep Learning and Machine learning and gives you a difference between ML and Data Science.

This course was surely helpful for me for learning non-technical AI.

创建者 Kush T

Mar 24, 2019

For a complete beginner to AI, this course has been very insightful for me personally. It covered a breadth topics in a very succinct way with illustrations that pretty much most can comprehend. It requires great clarity if thought and mastery of subject to simplify and help demystify a complex subject. Thank you Andrew!

创建者 Shanmuganathan V

Oct 20, 2020

First time doing an AI course and it is great and excited learning the AI.The lecturer Andrew Ng is calm and cool and delivered crystal clear message . In addition, easy to understand the notes provided and user friendly course . Thank you , i have learned a great deal during this coursera course. Regards Shanmuganathan


Sep 23, 2020

What i´ve learned in this course i consider as a theorical fundament for what´s coming around us, in the world and the industries whos supplies everything we use every day. Dedicate time to learn in this course can help us to open mind about the great implementations of AI, not even in the tech field but in all we work.

创建者 Kyra H

Jun 6, 2020

I recommend this course for anyone who wants to have an accessible foundational look at AI. Andrew Ng's approach is easy to follow, interesting, and memorable. I want to continue to learn more about AI, not as a programmer, but to see how it may impact work in Marketing and Analytics. Well worth the investment in time!

创建者 Guanchao H

Jul 29, 2021

Really helpful course! I learned a lot of novel ideas and concepts about AI, especially its social impact and the application of AI into a company, though I am already a Deep Learning learner in university. This course made me even more determined to become a Machine Learning engineer in the future, good luck with me!

创建者 Tanay R

May 9, 2020

The Course is Phenomenal in teaching the Introduction to AI. You get to know a lot of things about including AI in your Business and a lot of information to get started with AI Projects, Team, and how you can manage all the Projects by gaining value to your Business and staying connected and on track with the AI Team.

创建者 Nandkumar

Nov 1, 2019

Andrew is awesome in terms of the knowledge about AI. At the same time, he is a very good teacher and a very humble person. We need more like him in this world. i will promote this course to a lot of people.

This is an introductory course. For someone who wants to learn more needs to follow it up with advanced courses

创建者 Ahmed M A A

Nov 18, 2020

Andrew is very knowledgeable Engineer. Course material is unique and adaptive to whatever industry you are involved in. There are optional videos if you want to go a little deep into some of the mentioned topics. Highly recommended Course for CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are willing to know more about hot topic like AI

创建者 Mohamed M

Aug 30, 2020

I had no clue as to what was Machine learning, deep learning etc., though I have been wanting to learn them for quite sometime now. After this course, I feel like it was very helpful and I have gained quite some knowledge that I have always wanted. A huge thanks to the author and the team which worked in this course.

创建者 matteo b

Jul 16, 2020

Being a management student, this course has helped me immensely in getting a glimpse in some of the basic concepts of AI and its possible implementation. This course is exactly what I needed: a non-too-technical explanation of what AI is and composed of and how it can be exploited from a business-related perspective.


Jun 21, 2020

Excelente curso para iniciar en el entendimiento de la IA y sus posibilidades de aplicación así como sus limitaciones y el impacto de esta tecnología en la sociedad.

Excellent course to start in understanding AI and its application possibilities as well as its limitations and the impact of this technology on society.

创建者 Masab U

Apr 1, 2020

I think this is the best course for beginners who want to take a first step in AI. Before taking this course, i literally had no idea of what AI is and what are the building blocks of AI and Machine Learning. But now i am capable enough to talk about AI anytime and anywhere. Thanks to Coursera , Thanks to Andrew Ng.

创建者 Muhammad S A G M A

Nov 12, 2019

Thank you, sir, for your great courses. This course is another gem in your collection. Although this course is 4-weeks long, it contains a lot of information about future of AI, how to apply it in your company, and its impact of societies and economies. Thank you again, sir. Much love and respect for you from Egypt.

创建者 James A

Jan 13, 2022

T​hank you, Professor Ng, for your care and diligence in creating this course. It was informative, and your presenting style is entertaining and easy to understand. I'm very grateful and look forward to engaging my company on a deeper level in AI, now that I understand more of what my engineers are talking about :)

创建者 Abhijit J

Nov 21, 2020

Such an amazing course on AI & ML from scratch level to drive deep contrast into an advanced level of understanding these kinds of skills that will impact our day to day life.

Also, this course teaches me about ethics and the good use of this AL & ML technology to save misinformation about AI on society and cluture.

创建者 Shelly

Sep 19, 2020

This course provides an great overview on AI for everyone who doesn't have any AI knowledge. I really enjoyed this class. In my opinion, it should be the first class to take for someone who tries to determine if AI is helpful for their job or business before spending more time and money to achieve a college degree.

创建者 Rohith A

May 26, 2020

This course definitely develops ones understanding of AI.It is a Perfect suit for someone who is looking to learn about AI based on curiosity/Self interest.Also It is a complete package in which diverse topics,applications and myths surrounding AI are addressed in simple manner.

Thanks for Andrew for this great job!

创建者 Vijaya K G

Mar 31, 2019

Thank you Prof. Andrew for the wonderful insight to the world of AI. Working in Semiconductor industry for more than a decade now, the course has help me in foreseeing the avenues in my area. With this interesting beginning to the journey of learning AI, I am motivated to take up the next step of learning about ML.

创建者 Javier M

Mar 20, 2019

The course stays true to its name: it helps you start into AI providing a general vision without requiring previous knowledge on the subject. Also, Andrew explains everything with examples and in a most easy way. I'm glad I joined (and completed) this course and there's no doubt I'll keep checking Andrew's courses.

创建者 Andres G

Sep 20, 2020

Throughout the course we learn to differentiate several important aspects in the use and development of AI that can be useful if in the future and in their own interest people want to immerse themselves in this field. I found it a very interesting course, appropriate and full of practical and valuable information.