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AI is transforming the practice of medicine. It’s helping doctors diagnose patients more accurately, make predictions about patients’ future health, and recommend better treatments. As an AI practitioner, you have the opportunity to join in this transformation of modern medicine. If you're already familiar with some of the math and coding behind AI algorithms, and are eager to develop your skills further to tackle challenges in the healthcare industry, then this specialization is for you. No prior medical expertise is required! This program will give you practical experience in applying cutting-edge machine learning techniques to concrete problems in modern medicine: - In Course 1, you will create convolutional neural network image classification and segmentation models to make diagnoses of lung and brain disorders. - In Course 2, you will build risk models and survival estimators for heart disease using statistical methods and a random forest predictor to determine patient prognosis. - In Course 3, you will build a treatment effect predictor, apply model interpretation techniques and use natural language processing to extract information from radiology reports. These courses go beyond the foundations of deep learning to give you insight into the nuances of applying AI to medical use cases. As a learner, you will be set up for success in this program if you are already comfortable with some of the math and coding behind AI algorithms. You don't need to be an AI expert, but a working knowledge of deep neural networks, particularly convolutional networks, and proficiency in Python programming at an intermediate level will be essential. If you are relatively new to machine learning or neural networks, we recommend that you first take the Deep Learning Specialization, offered by and taught by Andrew Ng. The demand for AI practitioners with the skills and knowledge to tackle the biggest issues in modern medicine is growing exponentially. Join us in this specialization and begin your journey toward building the future of healthcare....



Jul 03, 2020

It was a nice course. Though it covers basics. A follow-up advanced specilization can be made. Overall, it's sufficient for beginner for an engineer trying to learn application of AI for medical field


May 27, 2020

Throughout this course, I was able to understand the different medical and deep learning terminology used. Definitely a good course to understand the basic of image classification and segmentation!


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创建者 Sunil R

May 15, 2020

Good course. Would highly recommend as a starter course for people looking at getting started in AI for Medical field.

创建者 Dawid D

Apr 27, 2020

Amazing course, I wish it was available a few years ago as it would help me a lot so far! Anyway, really worth taking.

创建者 Olivia M R

May 20, 2020

Amazing method to really learn a LOT! Enjoyed the scope and the application of AI. More like this specialization

创建者 Ankur K A

May 06, 2020

Awesome course and i learned a lot from this course related to medical image preprocessing and other techniques.

创建者 ShivaNaveen R

May 10, 2020

Thanks for the great course, it gave me the well needed boost to start learning AI applications for Medicine.

创建者 Livanos G

Apr 22, 2020

Interesting course with substantive descriptions in many aspects of hands on machine learning implementation.

创建者 Mario A C S

Jul 25, 2020

Excellent course, very useful to tackle practical aspects of deep learning application in real world models.

创建者 Sathyanarayana M

May 28, 2020

Excellent Course for Medical Image analysis using CNN and U-net with simple formulae evaluation with code

创建者 Takashi S

May 15, 2020

Very good and a step-by-step instruction and exercise is leading to a deeper and practical undersatnding.


Jun 02, 2020

I really loved this course!!! I learnt a lot !!! Surely this course would help me to finish my project!!


May 21, 2020

It was an amazing course and taught me how to implement deep learning concepts in the field of medicine.

创建者 Léo M F N

May 29, 2020

Awesome course! It is essential for those who want to learn about AI and it's applications in medicine.

创建者 Ignacio M S

Jul 01, 2020

A great course, with many examples and excellents notebooks to learn image processing and segmentation

创建者 Kiran U K

Apr 22, 2020

Awesome course content and exercises lab for practice was the best part. Even slack community is best.

创建者 Fatemeh B

Jul 25, 2020

This course was very useful for me . It helped me a lot in MRI segmentation task.

Thank you very much

创建者 Gilles P P

May 16, 2020

Really great course, so new for me, I've really learned a lot and enjoyed it.

Thanks (merci beaucoup)

创建者 Ali N

May 21, 2020

Important concepts of deep learning applications in medical imaging are explained is a simple way.

创建者 Muneyoshi B

Apr 24, 2020

Not only medical diagnosis, but also I have learned to implement the Keras original loss function.

创建者 Le N T D

Jun 21, 2020

Excellent course, I learn many tips and tricks apart from many free sources and books I found.

创建者 Sourish G

Jun 12, 2020

Excellent course for those who are interested in Data Science for biomedical image analysis

创建者 Matteo R

Apr 18, 2020

Excellent! I learned several fresh new concepts that I will use in my own research career.

创建者 Alice F

May 06, 2020

I enjoyed this course. The lessons are clear and the laboratories are very interesting.

创建者 Veeresh S

May 26, 2020

It was the course I was looking for expanding my knowledge in AI HelathCare thank you

创建者 Siladittya M

Apr 22, 2020

I needed this course. Thanks a lot. Learnt a lot and it will help a lot in my career.

创建者 Mohd A Z

Jun 19, 2020

Wish to learn more and hopefully instructor teach us the code step by steps as well