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学生对 隆德大学 提供的 AI & Law 的评价和反馈

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About this Course This four-week course titled AI and Law explores the way in which the increasing use of artificially intelligent technologies (AI) affects the practice and administration of law defined in a broad sense. Subject matters discussed include the connection be between AI and Law in the context of legal responsibility, law-making, law-enforcing, criminal law, the medical sector and intellectual property law. The course aims to equip members of the general public with an elementary ability to understand the meaningful potential of AI for their own lives. The course also aims to enable members of the general public to understand the consequences of using AI and to allow them to interact with AIs in a responsible, helpful, conscientious way. Please note that the law and content presented in this course is current as of the launch date of this course. At the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of how to: • Understand the legal significance of the artificially intelligent software and hardware. • Understand the impact of the emergence of artificial intelligence on the application and administration of law in the public sector in connection with the enforcement of criminal law, the modelling of law and in the context of administrative law. • Understand the legal relevance of the use of artificially intelligent software in the private sector in connection with innovation and associated intellectual property rights, in the financial services sector and when predicting outcomes of legal proceedings. • Understand the importance of artificial intelligence for selected legal fields, including labour law, competition law and health law. Syllabus and Format The course consists of four modules where one module represents about one week of part-time studies. A module includes a number of lectures and readings, and finishes with an assessment – a quiz and/or a peer graded assignment. The assessments are intended to encourage learning and ensure that you understand the material of the course. Participating in forum discussions is voluntary. Modules Module 1. AI and Law Module 2. Legal AI in the Public Sector Module 3. Legal AI in the Private Sector Module 4. Selected Challenges Lund University Lund University was founded in 1666 and has for a number of years been ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has 47 700 students and 7 500 staff based in Lund, Sweden. Lund University unites tradition with a modern, dynamic, and highly international profile. With eight different faculties and numerous research centers and specialized institutes, Lund is the strongest research university in Sweden and one of Scandinavia's largest institutions for education and research. The university annually attracts a large number of international students and offers a wide range of courses and programmes taught in English. The Faulty of Law is one of Lund University’s four original faculties, dating back to 1666. It is a modern faculty with an international profile, welcoming both international and Swedish students. Education, research and interaction with the surrounding community are the main focus of the Faculty’s work. The connection between the three is particularly apparent in the programmes and courses offered by the university, including the university’s MOOC course in European Business Law. The students get the chance to engross themselves in traditional legal studies, while interacting with both researchers and professionally active lawyers with qualifications and experience from various areas of law. The faculty offers three international Masters: two 2-year Master’s programmes in International Human Rights Law and European Business Law, and a 1-year Master’s in European and International Tax Law. Students from around 40 countries take part in the programmes which offer a unique subject specialization within each field, with highly qualified researchers and professional legal practitioners engaged in the teaching....


Jun 27, 2021

I enjoyed all the sessions and it was an amazing experience for me. its knowledgeable and fruitful for me. i thank to Coursera , Lunds University and VGU, JAIPUR For giving me an opportunity.

Apr 7, 2021

This was a very interesting course.\n\nAll the lecturers were great and easy to understand. I can't wait for the next course that the University of Lund Law school will organize.


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创建者 Gustavo R L

Feb 4, 2021

The course gives you a good overview of how AI can change our legal environment and perspectives, being presented as offering better solutions to problems but also practical and potential threats if not regulated correctly. The quizes were in my opinion a bit to easy, but the course aims to give you an introduction. Some of the recommended reading materials are very good.


Feb 19, 2021

It's really an informative course, the topics covered throughout the lectures really shed light on the base understanding of AI technology and how it affects various aspects of Law. For a beginner like me, it's really a stepping stone to an interdisciplinary topic like this.

创建者 Juan D M S

Mar 5, 2021

"AI and Law" was a very good introductory course to legal aspects of artificial intelligence. Recommended for all those who are looking to delve into this fascinating subject.

创建者 Atif A K

Apr 28, 2021

Amazing course. Details how law affects AI and how AI affects the future of law. Also it details AI's role in Private and Public Sector. Must take amazing knowledge.

创建者 Subha k v

Apr 16, 2021

As a Practising Litigant Advocate, I found the course insightful, full of innovating ideas and opening up new possibilities in my field. Thoroughly enjoyed completing the course and taking home a lot of info on AI and the Legal regime.

创建者 Stephen A L

Apr 8, 2021

This was a very interesting course.

All the lecturers were great and easy to understand. I can't wait for the next course that the University of Lund Law school will organize.

创建者 Dr. S M

Jun 23, 2021

This Course help me in relating and understanding AI to various discipline of Law through beautiful examples. Thank to the faculties.

创建者 Omkar V

Apr 27, 2021

It was good and informative. The basics of AI have been well taught and explained. However, it could have been a more detailed one.

创建者 Henk B

Mar 7, 2021

Great course, also included new content from 2021!

创建者 Diego P

Feb 27, 2021

Although the contents covered are rigorous and comprehensive, there is a lack of greater depth in some of the dilemmas presented in the lectures.

创建者 Raditya D

Feb 7, 2021

It's clear and informative, though I think this course is just good and not like extremely amazing. Good one, though! :)

创建者 Dr. S P

May 17, 2021

i had prepared the article for obtaining the honours status. But when I login again, the course is completed and the completion certificate is issued. Is there any possibility of submitting my article for getting honours status.

创建者 Arpita C

Oct 2, 2021

The Course is amazing. I t gives you all the basic knowledge you need related to AI and other sectors concerning Ai. One of the best courses.

My only query is Respected Teachers,

I have already done honor distinction assignment but my certificate is still regular. There is no honor distinction on my certificate yet.

Kindly help me

Thank You


创建者 Chandrachud D

Jun 15, 2021

I absolutely loved this course. It was brilliantly crafted and very enjoyable, not to mention informative, to learn from. I am immensely grateful I signed up for AI and Law, and would like to show my sincerest gratitude towards every one of the teachers who were part of this journey. Much appreciated.

创建者 Muhammad S

Oct 1, 2021

I​ am so satisfied by the quality of the course's contents. I can have lots of sources that help me with my research paper. I am forever grateful for having found this site and am going to keep learning. Thanks to all providers for the ideas that bring such excellent innovation in modern learning.

创建者 Rebecca P

Sep 16, 2021

Very interesting course with a range of aspects of AI covered. There was flexibility in the choice of topic for the Honours essay, which I liked but the essay submission interface wasn't as good as in other courses. The multiple-choice assessments covered the key points but without difficulty.

创建者 呂嘉穎

Aug 12, 2021

The teacher's teaching method is very interesting, and it also allows me to learn a lot of things, especially the part of artificial intelligence and law. It really needs more discussion to make the future society better.


Jun 28, 2021

I​t was a very helpful course. I did not receive the Certificate with Honors and I do not know why. So, I would appreciate if you can help me because I worked a lor for the construction of the legal essay.

创建者 Shubhankar R

Jun 28, 2021

I enjoyed all the sessions and it was an amazing experience for me. its knowledgeable and fruitful for me. i thank to Coursera , Lunds University and VGU, JAIPUR For giving me an opportunity.

创建者 Bernd K

Nov 2, 2021

G​reat Introduction to AI and law. For further Informations and a deeper understanding of AI and law an additional course would be useful.

创建者 Hamdam A

Jul 30, 2021

This course gave me very good insight of using AI in different spheres and challenges we face in implementing AI. Thank you

创建者 Nuwan D

May 20, 2021

Very Interesting Couse Thank You Instructors!!!!!!! Thank You So much for this course. A perfect courses.

创建者 Rana G

Nov 9, 2021

I have learnt a lot of useful information and I think my perspective has expanded thanks to this course.

创建者 Yeliena K

Sep 21, 2021

Great overview on AI and law with reading resources to deep dive!

创建者 Anthony M

Jun 13, 2021

e​xcellent! great source material. clear and consise lectures!