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学生对 Google AR 和 VR 提供的 Introduction to Augmented Reality and ARCore 的评价和反馈

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This class will teach you the fundamentals of augmented reality (AR), and how to build an AR experience using ARCore. Through the four week course, you'll learn: - How to identify different types of AR experiences - Tools and platforms used in the AR landscape - What makes AR feel "real" - Popular use cases for AR - How to create an AR use flow - How AR experiences work - Tools like Google Poly and Unity to build AR experiences - Next steps to start building an AR experience using ARCore and other tools This course will break down complex AR concepts to make them easy to understand, while also sharing expert tips and knowledge from Daydream's ARCore team. The course is great for beginners who are just getting started with AR or ARCore....



Oct 06, 2018

Really very good course to understand the fundamental knowledge of the AR, helps in gaining the basics concepts, knowledge and motivates towards building killer Apps.


Oct 02, 2018

Great introductory course and content. If you work in this field at all, you'll probably know all the content already, but for those who don't it's a great overview.


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创建者 John R

Jun 23, 2019

looking for more hands on projects

创建者 vinay

Oct 06, 2018

Really very good course to understand the fundamental knowledge of the AR, helps in gaining the basics concepts, knowledge and motivates towards building killer Apps.

创建者 Mukul K S

Jul 21, 2019

No implementation is taught

创建者 Daniel J V I

Jul 18, 2019

Good introduction to the world of AR, let you begin to know the concepts and provide clues on what is the next step on our journey to learn how to develop Augmented reality experiences

创建者 Yogesh G

Jul 18, 2019

good overview of ARCORE

创建者 Woohyun S

Jul 18, 2019

The best lecture to understand the core of ARCore

创建者 Beatrize A

Jul 17, 2019

Great Intro!

创建者 akshatha s b

Jul 15, 2019

This course was very informative and educational.

创建者 Ash

Jul 14, 2019

Good Introduction to Basics of ARCore and AR

创建者 Carlos M

Jul 13, 2019

It is very good in therms of content, but could be more practical, with a hands-on project submitted for peer review.

Do not expect it to dig deep into the subject, for it is only an introduction to AR/AR Core.

创建者 JUAN C H R

Jul 12, 2019

Nice introduction, waiting for more complete and complex course to follow up.

创建者 Yegneshwaran.H

Jul 12, 2019

It was great to learn about these stuff, it was easy to understand because of the way it was presented.

创建者 Bharath M

Jul 08, 2019

Great introductory course.

创建者 Satria R

Jul 08, 2019

thank you for the Course and all the basic info about AR and ARCore

创建者 Edwin

Jul 03, 2019

A great introduction course gives you the history and other informational items, helpful to get a basic understanding to move forward with other AR items.


Jul 02, 2019


this course is very helpful to get the basic knowledge needed to start in the augmented reality field

创建者 Tina B

Jun 23, 2019

I learned some things about AR that I didn't know, and most importantly, I got a really good idea of what it takes to make an AR app, and what programs I will need to accomplish this.

创建者 sylardie

Jun 23, 2019


创建者 李晔

Jun 18, 2019



Jun 16, 2019

Muito completo. fiquei com uma visão muito mais alargada do que são programa de realidade aumentada.

创建者 Divyanshu D

Jun 16, 2019

Awesome explanation, Now I know many things about ARCore and now I can start my ARCore development.

创建者 Amal S

Jun 14, 2019

Lessons were really good and understandable

创建者 Dougal H P

Jun 14, 2019

Very good to get a first introduction to ugmented

创建者 Sreejith E K

Jun 11, 2019

Wonderful course! Its a very good course for the technical starters. Very well explained and the practical class was really knowledgeable.


Jun 10, 2019

I expect more technical content