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学生对 北京大学 提供的 生物信息学: 导论与方法 的评价和反馈

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A big welcome to “Bioinformatics: Introduction and Methods” from Peking University! In this MOOC you will become familiar with the concepts and computational methods in the exciting interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics and their applications in biology, the knowledge and skills in bioinformatics you acquired will help you in your future study and research. Course materials are available under the CC BY-NC-SA License....



Feb 11, 2020

Advanced technical course. Please also help design courses regarding bioinformatics concepts, applications and tools needed for biology students. Thank you.


Dec 16, 2018

The course has given me a great way to learn Bioinformatics. I especially loved the mode of teaching and the case studies.


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创建者 赵利杰

Dec 02, 2016

very good

创建者 shang l

Jan 22, 2018


创建者 杜怡蒙

Dec 07, 2017



创建者 zhangguilan

Dec 20, 2017


创建者 Charity D

Feb 10, 2017


创建者 张国成

Nov 25, 2017


创建者 Hlushchenko D

Nov 04, 2019

Awesome course, helped me a lot. Most of information is useful and given in an understandable way. But several problems should be adressed: some reseources, like KOBAN, are inaccessible (at least for some countries, but i suspect that for all but China), so some question in the tests are only to be solved by random. Also, some lectures (i. e. those about using NGS software) are not useful or understandable at all, especially for non-chinese students.

创建者 michaelcao1997

May 01, 2020


创建者 Akansha s

Jun 13, 2016

I am looking forward to attend this course from China's number one university

创建者 何民强

Nov 24, 2017

it is very useful for me and my classmates,which make our stady a lot.

创建者 Manoj S L

May 20, 2020

I learn many things. Thank you

创建者 Eder A F L

Aug 03, 2020


创建者 南书锋

Dec 04, 2016


创建者 王思雨

Mar 13, 2018


创建者 Jessica M

May 24, 2020

The course was overall good, but seems to be aimed more towards students with a background in computer science rather than biology - the parts on algorithms were fairly in depth (for me at least) whereas the genetics/biological aspect was quite basic. It was good for learning about how the algorithms actually work, the methods behind them, but didn't have a very practical aspect.

Also, some of the links in the quizzes and exams don't work, making it difficult to complete the questions well.

创建者 Mo A

May 15, 2020

I think its a very useful course and I definitely learnt a lot. They cover gene alignment, transcriptomics, identify potential databases/tools for searches too. However, the course is very theoretical and more angled towards computational specialists rather than pure biologists. It's a difficult balance to achieve admittedly.

创建者 Julia F C

Jun 18, 2020

Esta buenas las primeras clases, luego se complejiza aun mas,es dificil pero puede hacerse.No me gusto mucho la idea de realizar un examen a mitad del curso si ya uno tiene un examen final, no entiendo para que.

Mas alla de todo las clases y los articulos recomendados son muy interesantes.

创建者 Israa S S

Feb 15, 2019

Not what I was looking for !