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This is the first course in a series of four that will give you the skills needed to start your career in bookkeeping. If you have a passion for helping clients solve problems, this course is for you. In this course, you will be introduced to the role of a bookkeeper and learn what bookkeeping professionals do every day. You will dive into the accounting concepts and terms that will provide the foundation for the next three courses. You will learn how to work your way through the accounting cycle and be able to read and produce key financial statements. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Define accounting and the concepts of accounting measurement -Explain the role of a bookkeeper and common bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities -Summarize the double entry accounting method -Explain the ethical and social responsibilities of bookkeepers in ensuring the integrity of financial information. No previous bookkeeping or accounting experience required....



Jun 2, 2022

This course is so GOOD! I needed to brush up on my Bookkeeping Skills, and I am glad that I chose Coursera to help me do this. I love the Step by Step Lessons and the videos are AWESOME! Thank you!


Jun 18, 2022

This is a great course, it explains all concepts in a very easy to understand language. I suggest adding more practice/examples on journal entries and ledgers, how to transfer from JE to GL.


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创建者 Leah P

Jul 5, 2021

I loved this course right through to the final project. However, once I got to the quiz at the end (that used the information from my final project) I found that several of the quiz answers seemed to require a different data set than the one I had been provided for the final project. Starting with the first question, the correct answer was not an option. Since answering the first question was a crap shoot and not based on the same data I had access to, at least 2 other questions would be nearly impossible to get correct since they rely on the answer to the first question. This was frustrating and disappointing and made me question the quality of the entire course. I see that another reviewer commented on the same experience. I hope that it gets reviewed and revised.

创建者 Tia C S

Jul 20, 2021

Well, at this point there are too many mistakes in this material and I would not even give this course one start but i had to in order to submit this message. This could be a problem down the road if someone fails the final test after paying 149.00 I plan to continue this course but these problem must be fixed.

创建者 Joshua L

Jun 17, 2021

This was a great refresher on the basics of Bookkeeping. The only reason I would not give it a 5 star rating, is that some of the practice modules did not work properly and some of the videos did not cover the topic it stated.

创建者 Ahmad M

Jun 26, 2021

This course is not for beginners .If you have complete knowledge of Accounting then this course is for you

创建者 Paula L

Jul 2, 2021

The Case Study was extremely difficult. The data given seemed incorrect!

创建者 Timothy R

Jul 8, 2021

Overall, a good introductory or refresher course for entry bookkeeping. If I had to provide a critique, the final case study did not require the excel workbook to be formatted correctly but the ending quiz associated with it did. You should have formatting aligned for both test and case study to streamline the experience for students (don't flip flop formats).

创建者 Marie R

Jul 13, 2021

I thought the course would have had more hands on practice. It was a lot of relevant theory, just wished there was more hands on practice.

创建者 Christopher M

Jul 2, 2021

Overall, I enjoyed this course. It was a good refresher/introduction for the beginning of an Accounting 1 class from an undergraduate degree in business. There were some mistakes that included questions with right answeres marked wrong, mistatements and some typos. In addition, some material was not covered in videos or readings but appeared on tests. Some of the material and jargon used was out of the scope of the course and other material was talked about in such a way that it was introduced already, but was not included until later sections of the course. The Excel workbook for the final project was a mess with formatting issues that took extra time to sort out. I would still recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the basics of accounting, because it has an easy going entertaining presentation style without fluff. It's definately worth the time spent and the knowledge can be applied drectly to a bookkeeping job.

创建者 Jamie B

Aug 1, 2021

Overall it's a good course. I feel there should be more than a very short video on explaining debits and credits. I am still confused on that part, but understand everything else.

创建者 Lisa M

Jul 28, 2021

D​isappointing. Misspellings galore in the text and headers. Narrator was condescending and annoying.

创建者 Elena K

Jul 14, 2021

Bianka is very annoying

创建者 Janet M

Jul 15, 2021

Too juvenile -

创建者 Anesia B

Nov 28, 2021

Thank You Coursera and Thank You Intuit for this opportunity of new learnings. All were great . I am hoping for the best. Looking forward for the next steps. God bless Team.


Oct 26, 2021

Im satisfied. Very good course, well structured, contains specific information, great examples, clear tests. Intuit should build course for CPA preparation. Well done.

创建者 Berenice S

Sep 15, 2021

Broken down concepts clearly and loved the examples in Quickbooks on how to apply concepts. Need a few more hands on activities like the final test.

创建者 luanna G

Jun 22, 2021

A great introduction to Bookkeeping Basics

创建者 Don S

Jul 30, 2021

I felt like there was potential for good learning, but no real depth of topic

创建者 Laura V

Jul 7, 2021

Excellent basic course in the general accounting principles needed to perform as a bookkeeper for small business. Explains complicated concepts in an easy to understand way, broken up into small chunks of time. Engaging videos and examples combined with hands-on practice make this a worthwhile course!

创建者 Dian N S

Dec 16, 2021

It's really like its name. You will learn about basic of bookkeeping. Recommended for people who never had experience in bookkeeping. The explanation is really good though

创建者 Faisal A

Sep 24, 2021

After learning this course I am quite confident to work and handle the quick book accounting software with great accuracy with bundle of reporting advantages :)

创建者 Kari C

Jun 28, 2021

Could provide more hands on practice and better explanation about which accounts to choose, but a good comprehensive tool to learn the bookkeeping basics fairly quickly.

创建者 Kay S

Jul 31, 2021

I really appreciate how affordable this course is; however, it does have some disadvantages. The material presented is pretty basic; I'm not really learning anything except for some new vocabulary and ways to think about things. I really don't enjoy the animated characters and the time spent listening to them. I do enjoy the experts sharing, but wish there were graphics to go with what they are saying since it's a lot of information to take in verbally and I was constantly stopping and starting the video in order to take good notes. Some of the practice sessions are pretty glitchy, and I often felt like I was beta testing them. The quizzes and exams are fair for the most part, but there were some glitches with those as well.

创建者 Bradley G

Jul 24, 2021

I don't want commericials or a cartoon teaching me.

创建者 Jeanne Y

Aug 24, 2021

I​ cannot believe in 5 days, I was able to learn such valuable skills. I went from knowing nothing about bookkeeping to very confident. The lessons are very interesting too. It just keeps you coming back. I am so excited and cannot wait to start working in the field.

创建者 Allen M C G

Feb 13, 2022

This is a really great course! It helps you to learn more about the basics of accounting, its principles and assumptions. And it provides an easier viewpoint about the methodologies.