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学生对 斯坦福大学 提供的 Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding 的评价和反馈

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Stanford's Short Course on Breastfeeding was designed for new mothers and the people who support them. This engaging, one-week learning experience, provides participants with everything they need to know to more successfully establish breastfeeding – or support a new mother who has decided to breastfeed. We created the course because we recognize that there is a very small window in which successful, exclusive breastfeeding can be established, and that many new mothers are mastering this skill during a busy and sometimes stressful time. Brought to life by beautiful illustrations and interviews with international mothers, we hope to reach the broadest spectrum of mothers, helping them understand the current recommendations, challenges, benefits and practical considerations around breastfeeding - while simultaneously inspiring them to consider breastfeeding as the first choice for feeding their babies. And now for the legal stuff... Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability THE INFORMATION IN THIS COURSE IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION, OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. DIGITAL MEDIC AND STANFORD MEDICINE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF LOSS OR INJURY, OR ANY DAMAGES WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT, ARISING FROM USE OF THIS COURSE. This course is not a substitute for the advice, diagnosis or treatment by an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider. Copyright 2018 Stanford University. The course videos must be used according to the term of our Creative Commons License available at free distribution with attribution, no commercial use, no derivatives....


Mar 19, 2018

This course is very helpful to me to prepare for my baby's arrival. I have learned a lot from the benefits of breastfeeding and will absolutely choose this practice in raising my own child.

Mar 24, 2018

Excellent course! The information given in the course is relevant, accurate and very important for the health and future of our babies. Congratulations on the 100% Breastfeeding campaign!


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创建者 Lyubomira V

Mar 21, 2018

Easy to take course. Videos were not too long and that helped me follow them till the end. Funny and colorful drawings in the videos make them more appealing. You get the most important information in a nutshell.

创建者 Dra. I P M

Feb 8, 2019

an excellent course without a doubt, in which you share experiences of your daily practice, but you also acquire skills and strategies to be able to act as promoters of breastfeeding in Mexico.

创建者 isaiahsixty o

Mar 22, 2021

I learned a lot from this course. There was so much I didn’t know prior to taking this course that I know and understand now. I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Highly recommend it!

创建者 Dayana F M

Mar 20, 2018

It was very helpful, the reasons why breastfeeding is better for our babies were very clear. It definitely encourage me to give breastfeeding. Thank you so much for this course

创建者 maria p

May 21, 2020

correcto para aquella mujer que ya quiera amamantar y no tenga dudas. en absoluto movilizante o cuestionador para aquella que tenga dudas o no desee amamantar. Nada útil para aquellas personas que sostienen la lactancia desde un lugar profesional...

创建者 Ana P A C

Jun 22, 2020

Este curso fue excelente ! Definitivamente lo recomiendo. Aprendí muchísimo acerca de la lactancia materna exclusiva y en general de la importancia de la lactancia maternal. No solo es un vínculo emocional lo que sea crea, es más que eso. Los beneficios son innumerables y realmente a pesar de que soy personal de salud los desconocía. Que importante es poder capacitarse de esta manera! No solo obtienes información para aprovechamiento profesional sino también para tu propio uso personal. Muy agradecida con esta oportunidad !

创建者 Aedrian A

Sep 10, 2021

This is a succinct and clearly-relayed course that can be of use to expectant/currently-caring families and for health professionals alike (the latter to help them guide mothers towards evidence-based practices more easily). The information provided were never too much and well-deliberated. I recommend, for future iterations of this course, a detailed discussion on a list of absolute and relative contraindications to breastfeeding (including illicit drug intake, specific infections, etc.).

创建者 Andressa B

Jan 22, 2021

O curso apresenta um lindo material audiovisual preparado para fornecer informações essenciais sobre os benefícios e as dificuldades provenientes da prática do aleitamento materno, assim como dicas práticas para mães e apoiadores dessa. São diversos casos clínicos disponíveis para compreender na prática quais as dificuldades durante o processo. Um aprendizado incrível! Essencial para profissionais da saúde e familiares que buscam apoiar as mulheres durante a amamentação exclusiva.

创建者 Noemi R V

Apr 26, 2020

It has been very useful to learn more about the importance of the breastfeeding process. It is crucial for new mothers and mothers-to-be to be informed about its benefits and advantages, as well as the many risks that her health and her baby’s health may be put at if decided not to breastfeed while being able to do so. I believe that breastfeeding is the very first and most important right that babies should be granted. I would definitely recommend this course.

创建者 Lois B

Aug 12, 2021

This was a very well put together overview of breastfeeding. I am sure it would be most helpful for encouraging new mothers to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months of babies' life.

I find it quite appalling that only 40% of the worlds population exclusively breastfeed for six months. This needs to be remedied. People need to be educated on the best way to feed baby and this course does a good job of teaching that.

创建者 Saulė K

Jul 11, 2020

I have really enjoyed this course. It does not contain too much information and constantly repeats the most important thoughts. One small detail, in my opinion, question 4 of a final quiz was not quite clear because it is not mentioned who is eating those foods: baby or a mother? Thus, it is a bit confusing from which aspect to choose the right answer. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this course.

创建者 Catherine P

May 27, 2021

I am a Registered Nurse and Midwife working in Neonatal ICU. I found this a most comprehensive, helpful and well put together course. All mothers and all staff working with mothers and babies should do this course at least once, perhaps annually as the pressures of work can distract from the ideals. Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Jul 1, 2020

El curso me gusto mucho realmente no es nada complicado y cualquier persona con conocimientos básicos le puede entender, realmente siempre he pensado que la leche materna es la mejor opción para alimentar a los recién nacidos y me gusto mucho ver en el curso como es que en otros lugares se hace esta práctica.

创建者 Maria E M

Sep 10, 2021

I wish I would have known all this information when I had my first baby. I was young and felt very anxious when breastfeeding, I want to learn more about lactation so I can help other women the real meaning of breastfeeding their babies. Beautiful and amazing journey for every mother out there.

创建者 Betsie B

Dec 4, 2020

I loved the short course but need really a more advance course how to help mothers with difficulties about breastfeeding and would like to know more about how to enroll to become a breastfeeding consultant and help more mothers and babies to exclusive breastfeed for 2 years or longer.

创建者 Carolin D l R

Jan 24, 2021

Loved it. Precise and concise. I am a pediatric dentist and breastfed my own son for 23 months. I have seen the benefits of breastmilk in him and breastfeeding in both of us. The information given in this course is a great tool to teach expectant mothers and families.

创建者 Irlana F d S

Jun 25, 2021

O curso é sensacional, me ajudou muito a adquirir mais conhecimento e assim ajudar mães, quanto a forma correta de amamentar e explicitar a cada vez mais a importância do leite materno para o desenvolvimento dos bebês, me ajudou muito profissionalmente.

创建者 Valeska V K

May 13, 2020

Me ayuda mucho a afianzar mis conocimientos y tener más seguridad a la hora de transmitir una enseñanza a mis pacientes y a las mamás que estén interesadas y botar la idea que no se puede dar lactancia. si se puede y sus beneficios son innumerables!

创建者 Gabriel O M R

Jun 19, 2020

Es un excelente curso. Hace unos días nació mi primera bebé y nos fue muy útil a mi esposa y a mí, para tomar una mejor decisión para alimentar a nuestra hija, al estar más informados y conocer todas las ventajas del "breastfeeding". ¡Recomendable!

创建者 Anul S M

Jul 30, 2020

Hello Ma'am!

I loved this course. This course help me to understand every concept related to breastfeed which I never knew before. From descriptions to videos of this course is all super perfect!!

Thank you!

创建者 Samalie N d l C C

May 10, 2020

I am very happy to have taken this course. I learned very important things that I did not know and I know that later I will put into practice and help other people to know the benefits of breastfeeding.

创建者 Diana N

Oct 23, 2020

Disfrute mucho los videos, muy eficientes y prácticos para aprender. Sugiero que los cuestionarios estén habilitados también en español no solo en ingles (para los que no dominamos el idioma todavía)

创建者 Artemisa L

Nov 25, 2020

A big big chance to learn more about breastfeeding and this wonderful thing between a mother's bond and her baby! Happy of being a student of this course and really excited.

Thank you very much!

创建者 Juliet E

Apr 22, 2020

I loved this short course! I have been passionate about breastfeeding since I had my baby and I love keep learning about it, for being a short course it has a lot of great information to learn.

创建者 Natalia N B

Mar 24, 2018

Excellent course! The information given in the course is relevant, accurate and very important for the health and future of our babies. Congratulations on the 100% Breastfeeding campaign!