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学生对 乔治亚大学系统 提供的 Successful Career Development 的评价和反馈

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No matter the professional level, we can all benefit from learning how to succeed in our careers. Whether a well-seasoned professional, a management trainee, or a service level employee, this course will help you enrich your career by honing your professional behavior and networking. Through industry expert support and resources, this course is designed to prepare you for success in any chosen career. You will develop the habits and attitudes you need to perform effectively in the job market. You will identify a mentor to add value to your career. You will analyze your relationships and develop a practical approach for engaging your LinkedIn network. You will differentiate between networking and networking with intention. You will also discover the most effective ways to ask for help from your peer or professional group. Finally, you will evaluate the best methods of adjusting your career path at various stages of life....



Jun 12, 2020

I was already aware of much of the knowledge presented here, but it wasn't until taking the course that I decided to act on it and really make an effort in order to connect and develop my network.


Jun 15, 2020

the lesson is really worth to learn, which can teach us how to manage our own business and how to select our own area. i learned how to reset my career. hope you can learn something from it.


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Aug 28, 2020



Aug 04, 2020


创建者 Abhishek J A

Jun 25, 2020


创建者 Namrata

Jun 21, 2020


创建者 Mithun K

May 26, 2020


创建者 Shahid A

May 10, 2020


创建者 Jennifer M

Jul 14, 2020

This course is a good beginner's course for career development. It definitely felt geared more towards traditional undergrads than established professionals changing their careers later in life, but despite that I was able to learn something applicable to my situation from it. My biggest gripe is that many of the course readings linked straight from blogs and/or news websites, and did not always seem to fit the narrative of the chapter. Additionally, some of these links were broken, and in at least one instance, a quiz referenced a reading or video that did not appear to have actually been uploaded. These things combined often made the course feel sloppily put together, and led to quite a bit of frustration. If I had paid for the course, I would be upset.

创建者 Graham

May 14, 2020

Elements of this course were useful, particularly the orientation to service and giving back that was contained in the career advice. There were links to some really great and even inspiring resources, and some of the reflective exercises were useful to me as they got me to think about my career, or networking, etc. However, this course lost marks for the number of links that were broken and non-functional, and also for the relatively dated material used at times (if not content wise, then in visual appeal). Other weak points were the somewhat generic advice given, but with a twist to make it look unique (e.g. netweaving instead of networking).

创建者 Nora J M

Jul 30, 2020

The first 4 weeks were very interesting but after that it felt it went downhill qualitywise and the topics were more superficial. I just scanned through the last 2 weeks and still passed these very literal and simple tests at the end..

创建者 Sainath K

Jun 01, 2020

The course content readings and videos were excellent. I was expecting more of a classroom environment for learning. This was a new format to learn, I enjoyed it.


May 08, 2020

The course is good enough but some websites and videos given in this course as study materials is not available.

创建者 anitha

Dec 19, 2019

Many of the Pdf links and youtube links are not available they are redirected to the course page back

创建者 sakthi m

Aug 03, 2020

This is such a good platform for e- learning as well as these courses are used for academics too

创建者 Judi T H

Jul 09, 2020

A good course on the whole. There were a number of links that did not work in weeks 7 and 8.

创建者 Arturas B

Sep 17, 2020

got a lot of good information but encountered outdated sources, broken links, and typos.

创建者 Deborah D

Jul 22, 2020

i can click on the last box to verify my ID...after the course

创建者 Catherine R

Sep 18, 2020

Not my cup of tea...

创建者 Amiya G

Jun 26, 2020



Jun 25, 2020


创建者 Md M R

Jul 03, 2020


创建者 Susan R

Aug 06, 2020

A series of TEDx youtube videos and self-serving interviews with consultants who have books to sell.

创建者 Nurassyl G

May 12, 2020

This course is for those who want to find a job. NOT FOR WHO INTERESTS BUSINESS


Apr 10, 2020

It's not really the course' fault, but I am unable to stream videos for this course. I would like to exchange this course for another course if possible.

创建者 vikhyath

Aug 16, 2020

i completed course but i am not getting certificate

创建者 Akhil A

Apr 06, 2020

I didn't get the certificate.