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What is your cat revealing to you when she purrs? What is your dog expressing when he yawns or wags his tail? Understanding your cat and dog’s behaviour and the way they communicate with you, will enable you to better understand their needs and strengthen your relationship with them. This MOOC is divided into five topics, the appliance of science; behaviour and body language, senses and perception; challenges for the human-animal relationship, including pet problem behaviour; and how to improve the quality of life for cats and dogs in our care. At the start of the course we ask you to consider what you feel is important to your cat/dog and what your cat/dog means to you? We explore the world of cats and dogs and how our relationships with them vary around the world and have changed over time. We ask if we can really know what our animals are thinking or trying to communicate through their facial expressions and behaviours. From our beloved pets to street dogs, shelter dogs/cats and welfare challenges, we explore the world from their perspective and examine how their genetic make-up may influence their behavioural responses and choices. We dispel common behavioural myths by looking through a scientific lens, asking questions about the function and development of their behaviour.. We explore how their senses help them to interact with their world and how they communicate with each other and us! Finally, we ask whether we impose unrealistic expectations on our cats and dogs and how this affects their ability to live alongside us. We ask, what can we do to be more responsible pet owners and to ensure the welfare of all cats and dogs in society? This MOOC explores different scientifically validated methods that can help you to better understand your pet, to enrich their lives and help you to be a more educated and confident pet owner. We hope you enjoy the course!...



Dec 07, 2019

I am enjoying this course and am learning quite a bit. Behavior is one of my main interests as a trainer as I think understanding it helps to design training and living programs for the animal.


Mar 04, 2018

This is a very informative, interesting and well prepared on-line course with lots of documentation that one can read later on in order to get more knowledgeable about dogs and cats. Thanks!


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创建者 Maciej K

Nov 16, 2017

thank you for this course, it made me more aware of needs of my cat

创建者 mohamed m

Sep 05, 2019

الدوره سلسه جدا واستفادت منها كتير جدا شكرا على العمل الرائع ده

创建者 Sadaf

Aug 26, 2017

this was just an awesome course having a lot of info about pets

创建者 Sarah P

Oct 16, 2018

Very informative and enjoyable, recommend it to all pet owners

创建者 Aisling H

Jul 19, 2017

very informative, well laid out and easy to understand course.

创建者 Herbaut J P M

Jun 30, 2019

Thanks You very much for this good expérience !

Herbaut Julien

创建者 Priya A M

Jun 14, 2017

Excellent course! I think it's a must for any cat/dog owner.

创建者 Shiny R

Mar 23, 2019

i learn a lot from this online course and it really helpful

创建者 Aga P

Oct 09, 2017

Great course!!! For all cats and dogs owners and lovers!!!!

创建者 Merle M F

Jun 30, 2019

A very good material with a lot of understanding.

Thank you

创建者 Yin Z

Sep 15, 2017

Basic knowledge for pets and pets' owners. Great to know.

创建者 Patricia D

Mar 25, 2018

Really interresting with a lot of important informations

创建者 Katia S

Jun 15, 2017

Very interesting course. A must take for pet companions

创建者 Lucy M

Nov 27, 2019

I love animals and this course really made understand

创建者 Julia A G

Feb 17, 2019

I recommend this course to all cat and dogs lovers.

创建者 Gabriel Y

Jan 20, 2019

Simply excellent. Lots of learning and so much fun!

创建者 Rebecca P

Oct 03, 2018

Very good and informative, well constructed videos.

创建者 Shannon R

Oct 16, 2019

Good intro style course to cat and dog ownership.

创建者 Katharina T

Aug 13, 2019

Interesting and great course. Thank you very much

创建者 Heather M S

May 31, 2017

Really enjoyed. Good information presented well.

创建者 myna r m

Jul 30, 2019

I am enjoy my first week looking foward to more.

创建者 Sarah B

May 17, 2017

Extremely informative and engaging! Thank you!

创建者 Violetta K

Sep 10, 2017

Thank you so much. This course gave me a lot.


Jul 20, 2019

Thank you very much for a very good course.

创建者 Maia R

May 24, 2017

Amazing topics with fantastic explanations.