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Drawing on the contributions of several academic disciplines including law, psychology, sociology, history, educational and health sciences, economy and anthropology, an interdisciplinary approach guides the student into a selection of critical issues concerning children’s rights. Participants will gain insight relative to the development of this specific human rights category, as well as to the evolution of the challenges faced by children over time and society’s efforts to respond. Successful international strategies and programs promoting children’s rights will be highlighted, as well as the role of key actors involved in international organizations working in this field. This open online course provides an overview of the most important features of children’s human rights. A central portion of the MOOC will consist of a presentation of the international and regional standards on children’s rights and the related international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies designed to ensure their implementation. No prerequisites or specific background is required to register for this MOOC. The course is conceived as an introductory level program, but participants, who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of children’s rights, or already have some prior knowledge, will have access to additional reading material on a weekly basis. Participants who successfully complete the class activities and final assessment may request for a paid certificate of accomplishment signed by the Instructor and the main professors responsible for the program. However, no credits are awarded. The course consists of seven topical modules distributed on 4 weeks. English is the only language of instruction....


Feb 24, 2020

Truly interdisciplinary course with rich content, and reasonable depth, based upon team work of faculty. I am even recommend my 15 year child to study it and know about her responsibilities and rights

Jan 30, 2019

I strongly recommend this for people who are passionately working among children across the globe. This is the need of the hour! Let's educate ourselves and serve the best for our children. Cheers!


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Nov 13, 2021

The best

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May 12, 2021


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Apr 15, 2020


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Aug 30, 2019


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Aug 3, 2021

great !

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Jul 4, 2017


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Aug 9, 2020



Jun 6, 2019


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Aug 22, 2017


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创建者 Anja W

Feb 21, 2017

Thank you for a highly challenging, interesting and varied course. I have learned a lot which will be helpful for my work, but also personal interest in this area. I did have difficulty sometimes understanding what was said in the lectures (technical issues) and also I thought some of the quiz questions were not correct. They seemed to contradict what was said in the lectures. Otherwise, it was an excellent course and one I would recommend.

创建者 Nicole B

Oct 13, 2020

The course content was very interesting and presented clearly in modules. There was a wide variety of instructors and I appreciated hearing from these field experts. And the Coursera web interface was easy to use and well designed.

My only complaint was with the translated text, as it had many errors and was difficult to follow at times. This often made the tests difficult, as I couldn't easily identify the correct information.


Jul 17, 2017

It's a very useful and informative course. It deals with many known and unknown issues faced by children around the world. It was useful that the course presents different perspectives of the same subject and also different scientists took part on the lectures (such as anthropologists, lawyers, political scientists etc) . I recommend this course to everyone who has a particular interest in these issues.

创建者 Alyssa J

Sep 6, 2021

This course was very informative I loved learning something new. This course was more difficult in my opinion but nothing impossible. There's more of professors talking than there are slides which is okay i think my mind is just use to seeing slides all my life. All the people that spoke seemed very compassionate which is amazing because the children have amazing people fighting for them

创建者 Gayatri V

May 19, 2017

This is a beginners' course to children's rights which explains many aspects of children's rights. Right from understanding the laws which are in place to protect the rights of kids to the problems faced by them - medically, economically, socially, with the judiciary - are explained rather well in the course. I got a clear base on which I can further my study of child rights.

创建者 Sanja B

Jul 16, 2021

A v​ery helpful overview on the interdisciplinary field of children's rights! Many insights and learning opportunities and an excellent introduction to further studies in children's rights. To keep the learner engaged throughout the course, smaller quizzes after each video, additional readings, peer-reviewed assignments and the like would be helpful. Thanks for the course!

创建者 pragati s

Feb 8, 2019

The programme was well constructed and the course co ordinator and presenters have worked very hard to come up with such logical presentations. The effort has made the course worth pursuing . But there was some problem with the volume of video and sometimes it went almost blank. Also there is a slight problem in transcript. Best of luck to the Team.

创建者 Prisca M

Jun 29, 2020

I really liked the course content, it was very engaging and reflective.

However, I found the assignments somewhat dull, just discussing a few concepts on the topics. It would be good to have additional questions from the materials for further reading that are provided alongside the videos to encourage students to read widely on the various topics.

创建者 Christopher J L

Sep 27, 2019

An excellent variety of experts sharing their research, ideas, and opinions connected to a variety of interesting issues concerning children's rights. The quizzes could be a bit more comprehensive though, and the transcripts of the videos feature a number of mistakes. Overall, however, it was a great course, and I'm very glad I did it.

创建者 Joseph F

Nov 20, 2018

Great introduction. Was very interesting and to the point. As a beginner I appreciated the varying levels of depth to the course allowing all to benefit. For 5 stars I would have preferred better quality videos as some had lots of background noise etc. making it difficult to concentrate and listen but other that that, great.