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学生对 开普敦大学 提供的 Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics 的评价和反馈

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If you’ve ever skipped over`the results section of a medical paper because terms like “confidence interval” or “p-value” go over your head, then you’re in the right place. You may be a clinical practitioner reading research articles to keep up-to-date with developments in your field or a medical student wondering how to approach your own research. Greater confidence in understanding statistical analysis and the results can benefit both working professionals and those undertaking research themselves. If you are simply interested in properly understanding the published literature or if you are embarking on conducting your own research, this course is your first step. It offers an easy entry into interpreting common statistical concepts without getting into nitty-gritty mathematical formulae. To be able to interpret and understand these concepts is the best way to start your journey into the world of clinical literature. That’s where this course comes in - so let’s get started! The course is free to enroll and take. You will be offered the option of purchasing a certificate of completion which you become eligible for, if you successfully complete the course requirements. This can be an excellent way of staying motivated! Financial Aid is also available....



Dec 15, 2018

Klopper MD is a great teacher. There are other courses from another top universities about this topic, but I think this is my favourite. This the shortest in duration and most comprehensive among all.


Jul 28, 2017

Great course!! it is gonna provide you a good foundation in clinical studies if you want to start your career in clinical research! Clear explanation and comprehensive case study! highly recommended!


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创建者 Kathryn M

Mar 4, 2019

Great intro or review for healthcare workers. A little more info and more examples would have been appreciated for all the statistical tests in week 5. Paired t-test is not mentioned in the notes or videos and yet appears in a number of the quizzes.

创建者 Jessica D

Jul 7, 2020

Really good course for an introduction to statistics in medical field. Wished there was a bit more visual representations when explaining p-values and areas under the curves, and a bit more explanations on SE, CI's interpretation etc.

创建者 Dennis S

Aug 18, 2019

Dr Klopper is clear in his explanations and has a good grasp of statistics. This course really summarizes the information on statistical tests, but helps introduce you to the terminology and overall meaning of medical studies.

创建者 Sakshi S

May 14, 2020

I really like this course. Many of the concepts in the course, I previously didn't understand. But now I know them. I think if they will add some mathematical formula also. then I think this is the best course on Coursera.

创建者 Padmaja

Jul 31, 2019

Prof Juan Klopper was good with his explanations and provided examples for us to understand. This course truthfully taught the concepts involved in clinical research without having to memorize the mathematical formulas.

创建者 Katharina G

Apr 17, 2020

was a really good course, I have wished to learn more details about statistical tests such as cox regression, fine and gray model, etc., but this would have made the course even longer. Thank you for that great course!

创建者 Kaela H

May 1, 2020

Very impressed with the platform, and did a great job with high-level explanation of clinical practice based statistics. Will definitely make me more confident in interepreting research articles I read from now on.


May 5, 2022

Overall, I feel good about this one and recommend it for a basic understanding of clinical research and biostatistics. I reduced 1 star because I felt that parts related to p-value could have been clearer.

创建者 Tarek N

Apr 8, 2016

i found the course very helpful and informative and i t helps to critically read and interpret research papers. my only take on it is that there was no responses to questions that i asked the lecturer

创建者 Ahmed M

Apr 21, 2022

Well organized course to help starting with clinical statistic. The course simplifies a very complicated part of statistics and help in good understanding of literature and when doing research.

创建者 Nadia M

Oct 7, 2020

It was very complete and medical clinical research oriented. I wish it could give you some recommended external material to study, so you can read during the week to further knowledge.

创建者 A e K

Sep 22, 2021

Really helped me grasp the ideas behind the statistics we see in everyday scientific articles. Great explanations and simplistic walkthroughs through statistic examples. Thank you!

创建者 Jennifer P

Aug 4, 2017

If it were just a little longer it would work to count as the Clinical Research requirement for the the IBLCE exam. I learned a lot but that was the real reason I took the class!

创建者 Dr. I A

Nov 24, 2017

This is a excellent first step in learning the basics of clinical research. I strongly recommend beginners like me to take this course before doing your own research work.

创建者 Rogers L L

Apr 9, 2020

Great material

I recommend to everyone in clinical research and doctors who a constant reading research articles, it a great way to understand how the results were obtain

创建者 Rephaim M

Apr 18, 2017

Good course, most of the concepts were taught well. It enabled me to develop a more intuitive understanding of clinical research and statistical concepts used

创建者 Karthik K

Aug 29, 2020

Its a good course for beginners, explained in a simple, understandable manner. The assignments and quiz exercises give authentic self feedback for learners.

创建者 parvin r

Jun 30, 2021

the instructor sometimes speaks vaguely and it makes it hard to understand. It was better if we could ask our questions from the instructor himself.

创建者 Shweta K

Apr 16, 2021

A good course to get a basic understanding of the statistical analysis used in clinical research. Relevant content and well explained videos.

创建者 Saimon S

Jul 29, 2020

I got lost in the non-parametric tests section (Mann-Whitney-U and the rest).

However, the p-value explanation was spot on. Thank you.

创建者 M. A R

May 28, 2020

It was really helpful to understand the clinical research in better way. The short length but succinct lectures were just amazing!

创建者 Andrea M

Aug 17, 2018

This course gives general informations about the medical statistics.

It's easy to follow and I found it very useful

创建者 Digamber C

Jan 21, 2021

Very easy to understand, very very informative.

One thing is missing that non of the videos' were downloadable.

创建者 Aarzoo S

Nov 15, 2021

what a beautiful journey with lots of research article to give brief detail about the statstics and analysis

创建者 Mohammed H S

May 31, 2021

Its not so easy as one think, but good enough to go through once if you dont understand research propery.