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Cloud computing systems today, whether open-source or used inside companies, are built using a common set of core techniques, algorithms, and design philosophies – all centered around distributed systems. Learn about such fundamental distributed computing "concepts" for cloud computing. Some of these concepts include: clouds, MapReduce, key-value/NoSQL stores, classical distributed algorithms, widely-used distributed algorithms, scalability, trending areas, and much, much more! Know how these systems work from the inside out. Get your hands dirty using these concepts with provided homework exercises. In the programming assignments, implement some of these concepts in template code (programs) provided in the C++ programming language. Prior experience with C++ is required. The course also features interviews with leading researchers and managers, from both industry and academia. This course builds on the material covered in the Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1 course....


Jul 15, 2017

Great course, I would recommend to everyone who wants to understand the basics of cloud computing. The course material is excellent, the instructor Indy is phenomenal and the exams are marvelous.

Dec 31, 2017

Very nice and informative course, and the programming assignment in the end of the course is so helpful to understand and apply the theoretical concepts that was introduced during the course


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创建者 Luis R

Aug 14, 2018

Great course. Looking forward to completing the whole specialization!

创建者 Kuda

Mar 31, 2019

Very theoretical course but very helpful to understand the cloud

创建者 Zhikun L

Jul 22, 2017

This part is, in my opinion, easier than the first part

创建者 Rahul G

Sep 6, 2016

Good at explaining concepts

Good Quizzes& assignments

创建者 Kartik M

Jun 8, 2020

Great course as a part of specialization!!

创建者 Дмитро Б

Oct 23, 2020

Great course, nice lector! Good luck!

创建者 jingjing L

Jul 13, 2016

It's a good course for cloud studing

创建者 Cenxui L

May 6, 2019

good to know cloud computing

创建者 devansh d

Jun 14, 2020

very accurate to the point

创建者 babuji

Mar 27, 2018

Excellently taught by prof

创建者 Can C

Jun 21, 2017

very helpful for my exam

创建者 Shawn W

Jan 8, 2017

very good course!

创建者 Timur O

Aug 30, 2017

very informative

创建者 An G

Apr 11, 2017

Learned a lot

创建者 Anil K P

Jul 13, 2017


创建者 Zhong Z

Jan 2, 2017


创建者 Austin Z

Apr 2, 2019

High quality course content that mirrors a top university distributed systems course. If the course could improve its assessments and project it would be 5 stars. The quiz feel unfair at times when they ask questions that weren't covered or not emphasized in lecture. The final project is the biggest negative of the course. It is tedious and you will spend more time learning the template code and reverse engineering the auto grader than you will implement anything. I'm still not sure why they made an "entry" class but didn't use that data type in their "Hash Table" implementation... On the bright side this project is better than Part 1 because it actually allows you to use newer c++ concepts and not have to deal memcpy and low level details.

创建者 Naman M

Sep 7, 2019

The first 3 weeks of the course were very conceptual and interesting, but I felt that in the last 2 weeks, the course petered out a bit. I was running out of time and hence decided to attempt the quizzes without first going through the material. To my surprise, I was able to logically answer a lot of questions from what I have already studied in non-cloud topics in my CS degree. 4 stars because I felt much of the last 2 weeks wasn't quality teaching material but just examples of different things. Will still recommend for all the topics it covered!

创建者 Oleg

Sep 5, 2019


1) Informative, clear slides with only relevant information on it.

2) Good speaker. Just excellent. No less.

3) Presence of programming assignment. It's extremely important to get hands-on experience.


1) Programming assignment itself. Code is not c++, it's c with classes. No const-correctness. And the requirement that if only 1/3 of replicas is available, read fails is incorrect.I guess that here the community could help.

2) Seems like no one from university actually reads the forum, no feedback from them.

创建者 Wojciech K

Apr 1, 2018

This was a great and interesting course just like the first part. However, I only gave 4 out of 5 as it the matrial was getting less and less specific to cloud computing towards the end. It covered topics that would still be important in cloud computing, but weren't cloud computing per-se. I knew most of that already from elsewhere and that's what the expectation should be on the learners. Otherwise, it feels like a waste of time for people who already know it.

创建者 Esteban L

Jan 13, 2019

Good course. The style is similar to part 1. However, some parts of the course will leave you with questions unanswered. For example, some algorithms are based on the assumption that server never crashes. Failure handling with these algorithms is unexplained. Additionally, although the programming assignment is not as easy as that of the first course, it is in my opinion overly simplified compared to what it would be in a real-life situation.

创建者 Michał M

Apr 2, 2017

Very interesting course if you want to learn about inner workings of distributed systems. Lecturer was very knowledgeable and provided good examples. Exams and quizes were pretty challenging and fun. I love that there was a practical programming assignment. I would only suggest to tweak the template for programming assignment as it was a little bit limiting. And maybe allowing for different programming languages other than C++.

创建者 Jason N

Aug 13, 2017

Great course with lots of good knowledge. Same issue as Cloud Concepts part 1 - the mandatory programming assignment is coded in older style C code (not newer C++11 syntax or equivalent comments) so most of the time was spent deciphering what came out of the box - thankfully had Part 1 as a guide so not too harsh. I had trouble with autograde submission, but ultimately overcame it with persistence.

创建者 Vasily L

May 18, 2019

Like CCC p1, this is a very useful course, with as usual detailed, and comprehensible explanations of Mr. Gupta. However, p2 covers some of the topics a bit too superficially. E.g. explanations and demos of Apache Storm and Spark could be better.

创建者 Thibaut C

Jul 2, 2017

Good, but not a fan of using C++ and that made the programming assignment tricky, especially since can only chnage a few things and the provided code is not always very well explained.