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学生对 浦项工科大学 提供的 Programming with Cloud IoT Platforms 的评价和反馈

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Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging area of information and communications technology (ICT) involving many disciplines of computer science and engineering including sensors/actuators, communications networking, server platforms, data analytics and smart applications. IoT is considered to be an essential part of the 4th Industrial Revolution along with AI and Big Data. This course aims at introducing IoT Cloud platforms from Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Google and how they can be used in developing IoT applications. This course will be offered in English. Subtitles/captions in English and will be also provided. IoT (Internet of Things, 사물인터넷)는 최근 중요한 정보통신기술로 주목 받고 있으며 센서/ 제어기, 통신 네트워크, 서버 플랫폼, 데이터 분석, 스마트 앱 등의 컴퓨터공학 기술들이 융합된 기술입니다. IoT는 인공지능, 빅데이터와 함께, 4차산업혁명의 3대 핵심 기술 중 하나로 손꼽히고 있습니다. 글로벌 Cloud 서비스 제공자들이 IoT를 특별히 지원하기 위하여 개발한 IoT Cloud 플랫폼들을 소개합니다. 이것들을 활용하여 다양한 IoT 어플리케이션을 개발할 수 있습니다. 본 과목은 영어로 진행되며, 영문자막(일부 한글과 영문 모두)을 제공합니다....



Apr 12, 2020

Fantastic course and introduction to all cloud platforms in a single course its amazing. It gives good guidance regarding the concept of IoT and cloud programming.


Mar 29, 2020

It's a really awesome course. Even though its a basic course, It covered Different IOT Platforms available in the market.


51 - Programming with Cloud IoT Platforms 的 69 个评论(共 69 个)

创建者 Anup D

Jan 20, 2020

Very good information on IoT

创建者 Muzammil S

Apr 9, 2020

Its a quiet good course

创建者 Kleider S V G

Dec 25, 2021

This is a good course.

创建者 Mrs. S G

Nov 9, 2020

Thanks to coursera

创建者 Shak J A S

Jun 9, 2020

It is good !

创建者 V K R

May 31, 2020


创建者 Garlapati S V

Jun 29, 2020

The course gives a basic introduction to all cloud services provided by tech giants and it's interesting to see how different companies are using these services. The course must be updated (ARTIK is discontinued, the quiz is little confusing etc) and also it would be great if links are provided beforehand.


Apr 21, 2020

Gave an overview of all available IoT cloud service providers. Needs updating because samsung cloud is no longer in bussiness.

Also would be better if I didn't have to constantly switch over to youtube. Should have a curated content here.

创建者 Lasquellec

Nov 11, 2020

Artik cloud is not existing anymore, so a course refresh is mandatory. Too many reference to provider video without the capability to simply click or copy past the URL.


May 31, 2020

Remove ARTIK as it has been discontinued and add detailed explanations about other platforms

创建者 Kishore L

Apr 7, 2020

Basic Contents on Clout IoT. One need to learn more to be an expert.

创建者 Dileep K S

Jul 2, 2020

This course is just introductory, it needs to be revised. Thanks


Feb 2, 2021

not so interesting


Sep 28, 2020

every video has some links. but there are no links in resources. How do we access them and some questions were asked directly from those links. every video is like ppt there is no proper explanation

创建者 Rahul B

Jun 16, 2020

Link in the videos has to be given somewhere that everyone can copy the links

创建者 Goutam D

Jul 5, 2020

I thought all Coursera courses are good and we can blindly take any. Coursera should have some basic standard to make a course available. This kind of course should not be qualified in Coursera.

He is not teaching anything. He is just reading the slides very slowly and referring the developer guides. If people will learn by reading the developer guides, why they will take the course. Even some the URLs are already outdated and not opening.

The course is full of links. Only for the developer guide links no need to take the course. They are available in the related product page itself. He is referring the youtube links as well. The poor course.

Finally, nothing to be learnt from this course.

I will really beware of any POSTECH courses.

创建者 Akella V S K

Jul 14, 2020

This course is simply of no use. All lectures contain pointers to youtube videos and there are not assignments that direct the user to register on IoT platform, create device or use APIs to build sample applications.

创建者 ENZO Y I

Aug 23, 2021

Muy deficiente, solo son links a distintas paginas y varios ya estan expirados, no aprendí nada en este curso. Creí que Coursera verificaba la calidad de sus cursos pero veo que no.

创建者 Devendra A

May 6, 2020

Links are not to date..