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This class deals with the business law topics that appear on the CPA exam: Agency, Contracts, Debtor-Creditor Relationships, Government Regulation of Business, and Business Organizations. Students will gain an understanding of how these areas of the law affect businesses and their operations, with an eye on preparation for the business law portions of the REG section of the CPA exam. By the end of the class, students will be able to identify the legal principles that govern various business situations and apply those principles to an issue to determine the outcome when the law is applied to the facts of a scenario....



May 16, 2020

The professor is fabulous and teaches us in a very clear and precise way. I am looking forward to participating in CC Law II if I have a chance. Thank you professor! It is really a nice course!


Jan 29, 2021

I really did enjoyed this course. The course from beiginning to end was well delivered. The instructor did a great job breaking down the subject matter so I could have understood. Great job


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创建者 ISHA P

Jun 10, 2020

THe instructor is very good at keeping each topic interesting. His real-world examples make each concept and law easy to understand. The content itself is interesting as well.

创建者 Natisha M

Jan 29, 2021

I really did enjoyed this course. The course from beiginning to end was well delivered. The instructor did a great job breaking down the subject matter so I could have understood. Great job

创建者 Sherin S A

May 16, 2020

It was exactly what I needed for groundwork in contracts related cases and gave me some ideas to use in my court memorandums writing.


Nov 3, 2018


创建者 anshuman s

Aug 29, 2019


创建者 Mr. S S

May 12, 2020

id is not being verified from your ed and hence certificate isnt being given to us

创建者 Achint K D

Sep 20, 2021

I thought the Online course of Corporate Law and Employment Law might be a somewhat dry subject since the law and contracts require a lot of reading and exchange. But Professor Michael R Fricke made it very interesting with his unique style and simple to understand presentation based on advantages for catering to a larger audience. The law in business is also an essential element that provides a critical understanding of the business environment, agency, employee rights, termination, Union and their actions, etc. The course covered The Sale of Goods: UCC Article 2 provisions and the subtle nuances of the contract. Thank you Professor Mr. Michael R Fricke.

创建者 Linnaea F

Apr 21, 2022

An outstanding course and instructor. Please offer more law courses from Illinois. Professor Fricke discusses the topics passionately and in an engaging way is if you were taking a live class. You won't regret taking this course if you have any interest in contracts. I took this course to apply to my daily work, and to enhance the knowlege and skills I've learned through experience. This was my first course offered by UIUC, it inspired me to enroll in other specializations offered by the school.

创建者 Drishty D

Jun 27, 2020

I ventured into this course to gain insight into the fundamentals of corporate law and the terminologies and legislation that it entails. Not only did it help me develop a fair understanding of the discipline but also got me interested to read more about it. I feel a lot informed than before and could not thank Coursera and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign more for making that happen. I’ve found this course to be decidedly instructive, and worth every minute I spent on it.

创建者 Chan L

Jun 5, 2020

The professor was very clear on all of their exclamations and how certain aspects of contracts, employer laws, employee laws strikes, labor unions discharges and breaches of contract in a very simplified manner. The course is also fun and I did not find myself ever getting bored. I found it more difficult to put my iPad down to give myself a break because I was so interested in what the professor had to say.

创建者 Rajasekhar U

Jul 28, 2020

I strongly recommend this course. The way the course content prepared is awesome. Professor Michael Fricke presented it in a very nice and simple way, made it easy to understand and imbibe. Most importantly I liked the content so much which is very practical that I could relate with the live examples and case studies from my experience. Thank you Coursera and University of Illinois.

创建者 Bandula W

Sep 17, 2021

Professor Fricke has explained the Course material in a very interesting manner and simple terms, easy to understand. Learned the legal aspects of Contracts, Agency and Employment rights in a short time. Very informative and excellent course. Recommend to any student interested in learning Corporate and Company law. Thank you for making law an interesting subject to learn.

创建者 Elizabeth O

Sep 17, 2020

I loved that the delivery was solely done through video lectures and a single PowerPoint document. Prof Fricke was really relatable, down to earth and used simple language and examples for easy understanding. I really enjoyed the course and I am even glad of the understanding I have now concerning the subject. I look forward to the next part of the course.

创建者 Olaosebikan O

Aug 5, 2020

This Course Corporate & Commercial Law I can be considered as one of the best things that have happened to me in life...very interesting,easy to grab,delivered by an extremely intelligent facilitator,i recommend it to anyone looking for a fulfilled Business life~ I have been empowered to take my businesses to the next level!

创建者 Valda T

Jan 24, 2021

I am very thankful for this course. Teacher is very professional and makes lessons in the way to easy understand. This course improved my legal English language understanding. Also I have got new information about U.S. legal system. I will look forward to join next part.

创建者 Heather K

Sep 23, 2020

This was my first online class with GIES. I look forward to taking additional classes! The instructor was engaging and informative. The Corporate and Commercial Law resources, videos, and discussion were ideal. The experience was the best online experience! Thank you!


Aug 29, 2021

I truly loved the experience. The way professor explains everything makes the concept very clear and he tries to make the class interesting with the help of examples and also the interviews. This course has helped me in enhancing my knowledge.

创建者 Daniela A S P

Oct 25, 2020

Este curso me permitió reforzar mi ingles en todas sus dimensiones y aprender sobre el tema de contratos, leyes y empleo. Estoy muy agradecida por permitirme aprender y conocer temas nuevos que enriquecen mi vida personal y profesional.

创建者 Chelsea I

Dec 11, 2021

Very dry subject. Professor was clear and engaging. I enjoyed taking this course.I took it in conjunction with my commercial law class where i am currently enrolled. It helped to fill in the blanks where my professor did not lecture.

创建者 Keti

May 6, 2021

I think this course is useful for all those lawyers who are interested in this field and not only for them. The study materials and lectures were easy to understand and therefore helped me to write quizzes and pass the exams.

创建者 Sarang B

May 28, 2020

This was a brilliant course and very well paced. Instructor has made it simple and easy to understand by giving common illustrations to show the various aspects of Contracts and Employment law related to the subject.

创建者 Gheshona J

Oct 26, 2020

Great instructor and course. Easy to follow and it provides a lot of information on Corporate and Commercial Law. I would recommend this course to anyone that i interested in business law and in business in general.

创建者 Isabella d C B P

Jun 22, 2020

The way Professor Michael explains the topics is great! He makes a complicated subject looks like a fun and interesting thing to learn more about it. It was great! Definitely will do the part II.

创建者 Anitta J J

May 1, 2020

This course was really well-structured. The lecturer was superb. He used number of practical instances. I was able to develop a good base on the Contracts and Employment Law.


Dec 8, 2020

I enjoyed not only the information learnt from this course but the simplicity in putting over that material so as to make the course more realistic to day to day happenings