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Your style is as unique and distinctive as your face, your voice, except that you can choose it, you can can work on it, enhance it. In this course we will introduce aspiring writers to the art of putting pressure on written language. We will study the use of metaphor and imagery, and demonstrate how clarity, grace, and inventiveness in word choice are imperative to a story’s success. Writers will emerge with the revision skills essential to all writers of good stories and good prose....


Apr 18, 2016

Great class for the content I needed. I audited this class and benefited from the theory discussion and practical exercises. The class guided me to improve my writing style which was my ultimate goal.

Dec 17, 2018

Lessons were well done, good mix of teaching and illuminating discussion between accomplished writers. Exercises are creative and well thought out. Feedback from classmates is generally helpful.


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创建者 LE M D

Nov 19, 2020

Thank Teacher


Jul 20, 2020

Great tecaher

创建者 Judy W W J

Mar 26, 2019

Great course.

创建者 Hui J H

May 29, 2019

Thank you!

创建者 Max M

Aug 5, 2017

Thank you!

创建者 Daniel C

May 20, 2017

Great job!

创建者 Iris R

Jun 28, 2016

Thank you.

创建者 Priyam G

Jul 7, 2020

Thank you

创建者 Carreen P

Nov 23, 2017


创建者 Sana N

Oct 20, 2020


创建者 Michael

Dec 21, 2016


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Apr 22, 2021


创建者 Ada

Jan 21, 2018

I enjoyed Salavatore's lessons, video and reading materials. I have ended up following the thread started in the videos and researching more from those rather modest starting points .

The better a video lesson is the more I am left feeling it could have been even more, given a little more, a longer, less compacted teaching/learning curve.

Most importantly, direct input and/or contact with the professors would be beneficial, as ell as getting reviews and feedback from QUALIFIED STAFF.

This aspect of the course had not been made clear before signing up, I found out about it while doing the first of four courses, accepted it and carried on through all 4. Having anyone read our work is great and hard to come by, but having a professional, at least from time to time - now that is what learning is really about.

Way back when I was still a student in London I remember noticing the beginnings of this trend in the university I was at: "peer feedback" and "peer learning" became all the rage, the new buzz words. And yes they are very important elements of the learners experience, but they should complement, rather than substitute the process.

It is so very convenient to have learners teaching one another, both in an online as well as presential course, not the least because it decreases the time and money spent on a qualified teachers. The fact that this details is overlooked in the course description shows that it is a sensitive topic and that it might put a number of potential learners off.

The course has value and brings satisfaction as well as surprising (self) revelations. Therefore it can afford to be more transparent.

To cut this short, why not re-introduce the qualified staff and make this an even more valuable experience? Paying for a course should not leave learners feeling we are being saved on by an educational institution or that only paying a little more would afford us teacher feedback.

创建者 Maria J d C M

Jul 25, 2021

(+) Great course for the self-paced, self-managing student. The instructor is incredibly erudite and poetic, which made this module more challenging for me (beginner). I felt that this module requires a mastering of basic knowledge that I didn't have, as a beginner, and despite having gone through all the previous courses. Perhaps this is why it's the fourth course in the specialization (though one can take them in whichever order one likes) - the degree of difficulty of the subjject goes up as one moves on. The assignments were also the most challenging, but that, to me, made them more interesting; one needs to push oneself more, go back and review what was taught in the other courses in the specialization.

(-) The peer reviews remain the major minus of this and other creative writing MOOC courses. The tips on how to improve one's writing, provided by mentors, are excellent but rare, in my experience. The reviews by by beginners like myself - doing the best one can, offering constructive detail advice within our limited know-how and experience - are helpful but a small a minority. Many are too brief, or consisting of monosyllabic answers ("good", "great", "ok", etc.) I suppose it's part of the creative arts MOOC experience, all the people that with moderate to little interest in the subject that just want to fast forward their way to a relatively inexpensive certificate - no expense tuition and living costs, no stringent admission requirements - by a good university...

ALL IN ALL a good experience like the rest of the courses in the specialization. Recommend it to all ambitious beginner / beginner plus writers, with a word of caution about peer reviews - don't expect a fraction of a live class or work group.

Last but not least: THANK YOU to the teacher, course mentor M.L. Barnes, and the peer reviewers who took the time to write constructive critique!

创建者 Deleted A

Jan 15, 2017

I liked the course very much. For a foreign speaker, though, I found it particularly challenging. The nuances of words are particularly important when dealing with matters of style, and I struggled through the exercises, which I found a bit more "abstract" than those in preceding courses of this series. Maybe it was just self-consciousness... In any case, because I encountered this struggle, the course was helpful in making me think about how do I want to pursue my next steps in the process of creative writing -- should I continue in English, or should I try, instead, to do it in my native language? I am sure this is a question that many other students have asked themselves. I shouldn't conclude without saying that I do recommend the course, in any case.

创建者 Michael H

Sep 2, 2016

This is the fourth class I've taken in the Creative Writing specialization program. As a whole, I enjoyed the class, with only a few notes to make. As with the other classes in the specialization, I feel the curriculum could be expanded upon, perhaps with assigned readings to help illustrate the points made in the lectures. Another thing I wish to note, albeit a minor one, is that the videos in this course particularly feel a bit cut up. It seems like several takes were combined into one video, which makes the overall presentation feel a bit jerky in comparison to other courses in the program.

创建者 Sandy B

Nov 12, 2020

The instructor gives clear examples and good interviews on writing style. I expected it would cover different styles of writing, but was challenged to see that the things I thought of as grammar are important pieces of the story puzzle. How and where you use them matters.

I had one late submission and had to advocate for reviews after completing all four weeks. It can be frustrating, but II was not alone in it. The courses encourage peers to support each other and they do. Taking the time to read through extra submissions was an opportunity to internalize more of what I learned. Thank you.

创建者 Freddie d M

Jun 17, 2020

The video's were all great and the exercises were really quite helpful. They all felt like they pushed me to try something a little outside of what I might be used to. The main issue with this and all the other courses is the feedback. It's extremely frustrating to give detailed feedback for pieces to quite often get very innane responses(or on more than a few occasions a single word). I know many of the people aren't native English but some moderation for the feedback would be great, perhaps in the same vain as the assignment.

创建者 Marilyn G

Apr 11, 2020

While the subject matter was useful it was not always easy for me to follow the lectures / discussions. I know online learning can be challenging so I can only imagine that online teaching is extremely challenging as well. I did like the variety in presentation methods that Salvatore used and I also liked the various lessons we were assigned. However, I got very limited feedback from my peers in this course, moreso the others. Thank you for the opportunity for me to share your knowledge! I learn a lot.

创建者 Christine W

Nov 13, 2018

I really enjoyed this class and got out of it exactly what I put into it. The only thing I disliked was the exercise where where the subject matter was specified and I had to write about that particular matter rather than creating my own. I get that the entire point of the exercise was to execute what the gist of the lesson was, but personally, I prefer to write about my own content rather than being restricted to A reacts to B and what is C.

创建者 Tania R F

Nov 26, 2019

This was an interesting course that challenged me in many ways.. The only complaint I have is that it was too short; the concept can be difficult to understand (at least for me), so I would have liked it better if it extended to 6, or even 5 weeks, but I guess the system has been designed this way.

Prof. Scibona is a passionate lecturer, and definitely made me think outside the box...

Thank you Wesleyan University and Coursera!

创建者 Paula S

Jan 14, 2022

As a writer who hasn't had formal training, this course gave me insight to the craft of style that I haven't had. Very good mix of presentation, reading, assignments. Peer grading is not my favorite (mostly because of having to wait for someone to review my work and the varying effort/quality of those reviews); however, I find good value in having to review other people's work. It solidifies the lesson for me.

创建者 Melissa C

Mar 18, 2016

Great course on the application of style in fiction writing. Professor does reference a few books for further understanding and example. He explains things well and in a concise way, sometimes with the use of simple diagrams. Very effective and useful assignments and topics. The only drawback is that auditing students cannot receive peer review internal to the course.

创建者 Syam M

Mar 25, 2021

Salvatore Scibona is probably the best instructor as far as targeting his course to the beginner students. I really enjoyed the course. One thing I like to see in all these courses is direct review of the instructors instead of peer reviews. While peer reviews help understand, the one that truly matters is the instructor's and that is missing in all these courses.

创建者 Keith G

Oct 21, 2019

I found this to be a very useful course. My only reservation is that some of the assignments were open to interpretation, so the peer reviews I received (and gave) were in some cases given from a different point of view from that of the author. That reduced the value of the feedback and therefore of the course itself.