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We now live in a truly global, interconnected world in which every manager requires a high level of cultural intelligence. In a diverse work environment, a successful leader must understand the cultural backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes of the people around them – or run the risk of failing to achieve the organisation’s goals. This course, via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts, industry interviews and written assessments), will teach you that those with high ‘cultural intelligence’ – are good at spotting cultural differences and adapt their behaviour accordingly. You’ll develop cultural intelligence and sensitivity – key future-focused capabilities required of every leader....



Feb 21, 2021

Very high leve and a good introduction into a very complicated subject that is very often overlooked.


Dec 5, 2020

this was an amazing program, you can add full asset to decode about multiculturalism, and globalism


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创建者 Bernard D V

Mar 11, 2020

Impressively well-researched course about cultural intelligence. Explanation are clear and recommendation are well-explained. I like the fact that we deep dive in complex subject like globalization, global village, cultural intelligence, the management of diverse team... I really recommend this course if you work, or plan to work, with other cultures.


Aug 10, 2020

Fairly informative course. I find the concept of cultural intelligence fascinating. I wish there were discussion questions and several written assignments in order to put in practice the knowledge acquired in this course. Besides, there were numerous grammar mistakes both in subtitles and videos.

创建者 Katarzyna B

Feb 2, 2021

I didn't find this course stimulating or interesting . Assessment was mostly based on memorising names and theories in order to answer questions correctly. The course was really stretched out and could have been reduced to half (or even better to a book or a peer reviewed paper). My least favourite topic on Coursera so far.

创建者 Nadia F

Jul 17, 2020

There were grammatical mistakes in the tests and I found the topic unclear and all over the place.


Dec 31, 2020

I personally think that we need way more cultural education and this course offers just that. As humans we should be able to have the best relationships with our peers no matter what. This world is changing and eventually we'll have to deal outside our group, if by that point we lack the skills to adapt and integrate ourselves we may be unable to even work along with external people.

I wish there was a subject with the kind of topics covered in this course at my school (physics student).

创建者 Adriana A E

Jul 1, 2020

Excelent course, I learned a lot about immigation and looking for differences between cultures in work. We are a global community interacting all togheter.

创建者 Kseniia L

Apr 10, 2020

Больше всего понравились недели 4 и 5 - были занимательными и интересными. Я расширила свои знания о различиях и схожести разных людей из разный культур.

创建者 Marco S d P

Nov 15, 2020

Very useful course! I learned new and very interesting concepts. I recommend for all those interested in becoming truly global citizens.

创建者 Manuel C

Dec 15, 2019

Excellent course with clear lessons to take advantage of the Cultural Inteligence in private and professional life

创建者 Sanchito B

Feb 22, 2021

Very high leve and a good introduction into a very complicated subject that is very often overlooked.

创建者 S B

Dec 5, 2020

this was an amazing program, you can add full asset to decode about multiculturalism, and globalism

创建者 Ahmed R

Dec 24, 2021

I was able to find ways to understand and handle cross cultural situation!

创建者 Dongyan Z

Apr 17, 2021

It provides useful theories and knowledge about cultural intelligence.

创建者 Ahmed E M A

Mar 17, 2020

Quite enjoyable, immensely informative and knowledgable resource

创建者 Francos G S A

Dec 26, 2020

Very interesting and wonderful course !! Love it

创建者 Halil İ

Dec 13, 2020

the course was great because of it's topiccs

创建者 Lorena P

Sep 23, 2020

Excellent Course. Thanks you

创建者 Yeoh K B

May 7, 2021

Excellent knowledge of CQ.

创建者 Sebastián A

Jul 19, 2020

Great course on CQ

创建者 Mandeep S

Oct 1, 2020

great learning

创建者 Innara

Jan 17, 2021

Thank YOU!


Sep 19, 2021

thank you

创建者 Juan J C

Dec 3, 2020


创建者 Marcelo N S

Feb 18, 2020

Very good

创建者 Crony C

Aug 19, 2020