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学生对 Google 提供的 Prepare Data for Exploration 的评价和反馈

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This is the third course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. As you continue to build on your understanding of the topics from the first two courses, you’ll also be introduced to new topics that will help you gain practical data analytics skills. You’ll learn how to use tools like spreadsheets and SQL to extract and make use of the right data for your objectives and how to organize and protect your data. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Find out how analysts decide which data to collect for analysis. - Learn about structured and unstructured data, data types, and data formats. - Discover how to identify different types of bias in data to help ensure data credibility. - Explore how analysts use spreadsheets and SQL with databases and data sets. - Examine open data and the relationship between and importance of data ethics and data privacy. - Gain an understanding of how to access databases and extract, filter, and sort the data they contain. - Learn the best practices for organizing data and keeping it secure....



Jul 4, 2021

Thank you for the course! It's a nice introduction to SQL and Google Big Query as well as the concepts of data privacy and security. The course also offers some great tips for professional networking.


Aug 10, 2022

The lessons were easy to follow through and the explanantions were easy to understand. The hands-on practices also helped improve hands-on skills with the data analysis tools introduced in this course


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创建者 Peter K O

Jan 20, 2022

The best Data Analysis course that i've come across. The self paced learning with the discussion forums contributes much experience for establishment.

创建者 Ahmad M

Dec 10, 2021

No Technicalities. However, it provides many blind areas you may not notice in this field such as data integrtiy, how to get data and data organizing.

创建者 Obakeng D O

Oct 31, 2021

I'm so impressed by how Google packaged the course content, and Hellie is an awesome instructor. Well done once again Google ,this is exceptional !!!

创建者 Muhammad A

Aug 4, 2022

Implementation and the real fun began from this course. Enjoyed every moment of it. This course is getting more and more exciting!

Thank you Google <3

创建者 Meet V

Jul 29, 2022

Now I am excited and I got skills and mentor of Data Engineering. Thanks you so much for good choice for Google Data Analytics Certification Course.

创建者 Nasim K

Apr 26, 2022

Great online Learning with google. I'm thrilled, Excited!!!!. Alredy completed first three courses of Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

创建者 Carolyn K

Dec 23, 2021

I felt this course was very informative and well thought out. I was able to follow along easily and felt I learned a great deal from it. Thank you!

创建者 Venus B

Jul 28, 2021

Great course! The student gets to practice what he's learning. Provides great sources, leads, and networks to build one's career as a data analyst.


Feb 15, 2022

I started to feel the required data analyst skills and the whole process of data analytics become more clearer! I am thrilling for the next course!

创建者 Iván A A

Nov 25, 2021

Really good course. It doesn't explain only the technical stuff but also the things that you need in real life to grow in your professional career.

创建者 Reuben D

Oct 7, 2021

This course is amazing! I can now confidently write a query using SQL, I can now sort and filter data from database using both spreadsheet and SQL.

创建者 Sergio R

Aug 16, 2021

G​reat course, simple concept well explained.

R​ight now this MOOC impulse me to learn more about excel and SQL.

I​t is key concept in this course.

创建者 Md. H

Jun 20, 2021

This course gives me a new experience in learning more about data. The way it is designed and the activity test method was great to reflect myself.

创建者 Hui Z L

Feb 7, 2022

Enjoyed the deadpan humour, witty script and the clarity of the instruction. The introductions to BigQuery, Kaggle etc were also very educational.

创建者 nikhil r

Jan 19, 2022

Great Course. With Beginner's level hands on experience in SQL, Kaggle Dataset's and Networking with respect to Data Analytics and Data Scientist.

创建者 Joshuah R

Jan 10, 2022

I felt that this course shared really valuable information. The websites for building my online presence really caught my attention (i.e. kaggle).

创建者 Amir k

Nov 3, 2021

It was an amazing experience studing through coursera. Lectures were perfect assignments and quizes were too good. can,t wait to start next course

创建者 Joyce X

Mar 28, 2022

I love the breadth of topics covered. A lot of these concepts/terminology are unknown to me even though I go to university for a similar subject.

创建者 Gabriel

Feb 13, 2022

A​wesome course, I learned a lot about the differetclassifications of data, and how each of them are used when preparing them for shareholders.

创建者 diksha w

Dec 8, 2021

I have learned a lot from this course, course teach me regarding the Data Preparation and now really excited for the next stage of Data Analyst

创建者 David W

Sep 13, 2021

This was an awesome course to take. I've learned a lot, and looking forward to learning more. I can really appreciate the in-class exercises.

创建者 SHEN, S

Apr 20, 2021

Very well-structured course materials. I really learned a lot from this course not only the fundamental knowledge but also hands-on experience.

创建者 Hashim I

Aug 19, 2022

E​xcellent Course!! Not only focussed on technical skills but also teaches soft skills like online-presence, files ordering and data secuirity

创建者 Daniel R

Jul 7, 2022

T​he best part of the course so far!

L​oved the teacher! She was very precise and on-point with the material. I've learnt a lot from this part.

创建者 Vishmi P

May 17, 2022

Thank you Cousera giving me this opportunity . Superb course . Ocean of things to learn and Thank all instrctors to guide me and morivate ..