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This course extends object-oriented analysis and design by incorporating design patterns to create interactive applications. Through a survey of established design patterns, you will gain a foundation for more complex software applications. Finally, you will identify problematic software designs by referencing a catalog of code smells. You will be challenged in the Capstone Project to redesign an existing Java-based Android application to implement a combination of design patterns. You will also critique a given Java codebase for code smells. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Demonstrate how to use design patterns to address user interface design issues. • Identify the most suitable design pattern to address a given application design problem. • Apply design principles (e.g., open-closed, dependency inversion, least knowledge). • Critique code by identifying and refactoring anti-patterns. • Apply the model-view-controller architectural pattern....



Sep 17, 2019

I have never had a chance to study CS at the university so I am always looking for ways to improve my knowledge - to keep up with fellow programmers. And this course met my requirements perfectly. :)


Mar 17, 2022

The course and the instructor was so good. The curriculum was well designed and of appropriate length. I really enjoyed and learnt skills that I would be able to apply while developing real software


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创建者 Ali S

Apr 1, 2018

Its a wonderful course for all the software engineers who use object-oriented paradigm for software application development.

创建者 Rafael A E H

May 1, 2020

Great content, I would add a few more patterns, not necessarily for grading, but to have them as guide for when needed.

创建者 Zhao H

Jan 23, 2021

This is a very very excellent course of which I've ever taken & would like to recommend it to my friends to expore.

创建者 Vips B

Mar 28, 2022

G​reat course and covers the design patterns at a higher level and right level of depth to start using them.

创建者 Huu A H N

Feb 6, 2021

Very practical approach of explaining design patterns. I also learned new anti-patterns. Thanks instructors!

创建者 Maruf H

May 30, 2020

Brief introduction to design patterns. The lectures, quizes, assignments are all good. Recommended to take.

创建者 Ebrahim A

Aug 3, 2018

you can just open the video to look to the beautiful instructor lady and how can she simplifies everything

创建者 Dr. T J H

Sep 7, 2020

Nice examples for the design patterns, especially not just the default example for the Decorator Pattern.

创建者 Dave T

Jul 12, 2021

Fantastic course which will take you out of your comfort zone in order to push you to the next level!

创建者 Mwenemwami D B

Mar 18, 2019

Good course, really loving this specialization though I am a bit behind with progress as I wasnt well

创建者 W M C B

May 4, 2020

Very valuable course. A must taken by all Software Engineers who will be working in this area.

创建者 S W

Nov 26, 2018

Not great for last minute preparation. Missing some design patterns out of the 23 patterns.

创建者 An V N

Apr 28, 2018

Awesome course! I learn a lot from this course for the ongoing project in my company

创建者 Tirumalesh B

Jun 13, 2018

The course is very good. It deals with many design patterns and also anti-patterns.

创建者 Fabrice L

Apr 17, 2018

Good coverage of design patterns, but a lot of lecture and not enough examples.

创建者 Hilaida T D

Jul 14, 2021

Excellent course!! Thank you! Design Patterns are essenctial for a good code

创建者 David K

May 12, 2020

Very Informative. Captures the most important Patterns with good explanation

创建者 Ítalo D

Feb 18, 2020

Very good course. I could refresh a lot of concepts and learn new practices.

创建者 Moussa D

Mar 19, 2019

Very good course to get a first and clear grasp of various different pattern

创建者 Patty E

Nov 26, 2017

Good real world examples of when and how to apply common design patterns.


Oct 30, 2020

An amazing course with and an amazing teacher. Its a really great course

创建者 Heena H

Feb 7, 2019

wonderfully explained, with rememberable examples. very well documented.

创建者 Ramiro V

Dec 2, 2020

Excelente curso, muy bien presentado, muy buena bibliografia, gracias

创建者 Aishwary B

Aug 14, 2020

A nice course to get a view on design patterns. Highly recommendable.

创建者 Reda R

May 6, 2018

It is very informative course, and the quizzes are very interesting.