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学生对 杜克大学 提供的 狗的情感与认知 的评价和反馈

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Dog Emotion and Cognition will introduce you to the exciting new study of dog psychology, what the latest discoveries tell us about how dogs think and feel about us, and how we can use this new knowledge to further strengthen our relationship with our best friends....


Aug 3, 2019

Great course with a lot of new information, not just about dogs but even domestication of other species, including humans. The predictability of aggression in humans would be an interesting next topic

Dec 13, 2020

I learned valuable information about dogs. I can better understand the thought processes of my own dogs. I really like that the lecture slides were provided after the lectures, so I could review them.


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创建者 Agnieszka Ł

Sep 27, 2019

It's the best course I have ever attended. The knowledge is based on many interesting experiments. I finished 8 weeks course in a few days because I couldn't stop watching it. I am looking forward to attending more courses like this. It's also worth to mention that due to Financial Help from Coursera I was able to get certified from this course without any costs! Thank you very much for your support Coursera!

创建者 alyssa

Jan 5, 2016

What a wonderful class. I have found very few colleges that offer aclass in regards to animals, unless you're majoring as a vet. This class gives me the option to learn about my best friend (my dog) and how to apply my learned skills to better his life. The course content is easy to understand and exciting for an avid animal lover. Thank you Coursera, for changing how education is delivered. #rethinkcollege

创建者 Erick D R P

Apr 10, 2021

El curso está excelente, fue una verdadera genialidad encontrarme con este contenido. Lo recomiendo completamente para aquellas personas que estén interesadas en aprender sobre cognición animal con fuertes bases científicas sobre evolución, genética, ecología, neurobiología y demás; todo esto en un lenguaje de fácil acceso que no desmerita la calidad del contenido. ¡Felicidades a los creadores del curso!

创建者 CC

Jan 1, 2021

Dr. Hare (great name for a professor talking about dogs!) was very personable and his course very clear--perhaps the clearest in terms of organizing and emphasizing information. Very well-planned and engaging throughout. I would have liked to have learned even more about how dogs think, but I only took the online course without reading the textbook. And, sadly, my dogs seem too old to test with Dognition.

创建者 Ashley K

Mar 14, 2017

Really great course. There's not much coursework so it's mostly listening to lectures that tie together with the (optional) paid website Dognition. If you decide to buy Dogition those will function was your lab for the class, but you don't need to. I enjoyed it the same way I enjoy the Great Courses series, as something to listen to and learn from largely passively. And the topic couldn't be better; dogs!

创建者 Maria M F R

Jun 6, 2016

Curso muy fácil de seguir, ameno e interesante. Además tiene un enlace a Dognition en el que se puede encontrar una gran variedad de actividades para nuestro mejor amigo y que proporciona, en caso de seguirlas, un perfil muy completo de tu perro.

Muy recomendable para todo aquel que quiera aprender un poco más sobre las emociones, cognición e inteligencia del perro, así como de su evolución desde el lobo.

创建者 Vitória A S F

Mar 7, 2021

I took the course in March, 2021, after I had got interest in the possibility of understanding some behaviors of my dogs. I could learn more than expected: discarded or likely hypothesis about many phenomenons, a lot of experiments conducted by scientists around the world, behaviors of bonobos and chimpanzes, what is Citizen Science and an example of it, the dognition site. It was a great experience!

创建者 Elizabeth G

Oct 22, 2016

The course was excellent - it was easy to follow/excellent content and presentation and a new respect to scientists who work very hard in obtaining verifiable data, which can benefit others. Hats off to Dr Hare and his Team; love your dedication and professionalism and your enthusiasm to extend this information to the citizens of this world. Heartfelt thanks to all concerned. Would love more :-)

创建者 Georgios T

Jan 24, 2016

Very informative and science-based, FUN course. I really loved how Ilearned so much about generic animal cognition, beyond that of my beloved dogs.

Although a bit of a sales pitch made the beginning of this course a bit "meh", the instructor more than made up for it on later weeks. Suggestion: spread out the sales pitch a bit or focus it on it midway through the course, instead of the beginning. :)

创建者 Sharon A

Jan 24, 2021

I found this course very interesting. As a dog trainer who is interested in behaviors and what drives them, I found this course had me thinking of new ways to approach those behaviors. Dognition is a fabulous way to get right into the head of your dog. I started recommending it to clients and dog trainers after I went through it with my own dog. The entire course was a fantastic experience.

创建者 Linda-Sofia J

Nov 29, 2017

Informative and FUN course for anyone who wants to understand their dogs even further. Lots of low star reviews complaining about "marketing" too much of Dognition and Genius of Dogs, but I must say when taking the course and using both of them as extra materials, I gained lots of new insight. Dr. Brian Hare as the teacher was never boring to listen to which made the course even more satisfying.

创建者 Nicole K

Nov 25, 2020

Super interesting and educational course! I came into this knowing quite a decent amount about dogs, behavior, and how they generally think, and this still taught me a ton of other amazing information. I can't learn enough! Thank you! PS. As someone who has Briards, I can't help but say that I LOVE that a photo of a Briard was used in one of the last week lectures to represent "herding breeds".

创建者 Tarek

Apr 7, 2018

Really interesting course. My background is in health sciences and this course got me more interested in evolution than anything else I have come across in all my years. Very clear and accessible sharing of information. Great level of detail in lectures that gives a nice introduction without overloading students, while pointing to books and other readings for those who want to go more in depth.

创建者 T G

May 30, 2020

Changed the view about dogs. highly useful for a veterinarian like me as we have to deal with hundreds of dogs every year in different difficult situations, and their owners. I always felt that dealing the owner is the biggest problem. Now I understood what could be the reason and how to handle it. Knowing canine friends in a better way will help to tell the owners why they are so like that.

创建者 Tina V

Apr 30, 2020

I have been working with rescue and shelter dogs for the last 8 years. This course was so very insightful. Sometimes we think that the dog is difficult to work with and not a good learner, but perhaps the dog is thinking differently than we expect them to. I will assess situations differently now. I have also enjoyed working with my own adopted pup within the Dognition games. Thank you!

创建者 Lindsey W

May 13, 2020

This course was a lot of fun. I was sad when it was over. I wish there were more courses in this topic. I had read Brian Hare's book, The Genius of Dogs, a couple years ago and wanted to explore more about canine cognition. This course reviews many ideas in his book with some additional topics. I would highly recommend reading his book for more details on the experiments and researchers.

创建者 Leah s

Jun 8, 2021

Very interesting course. Well done, relaxing and interesting. Thank you for devoting your education and career to challenge perceptions of intelligence and to recognize the uniqueness of all living things. You are helping to create a more gentle world. As science proves intelligence perhaps respect for other forms of life will be a natural by product. Kindest regards and many thanks.

创建者 María G G

May 6, 2020

Un curso muy interesante. Entiendo que tiene la finalidad de presentar la metodología y el programa que presenta el libro y me siento muy agradecida de que haya sido ofreciendo esta propuesta didáctica realmente enriquecedora. Eso denota gran profesionalidad y ética en las personas que lo han organizado.

Enhorabuena! Participaré en el programa y buscaré el libro segurísimo.


创建者 Onkar S

Jan 21, 2017

While very canine in its specialization, the course keeps one aware of similarities we share with most sentient beings and marvel at forces and decisions of countless of our ancestors have taken to make us the species we are and also make us aware of the responsibilities towards our plant which provided te perfect conditions and others who share our home. Thank you for your work.

创建者 Scott A

Jun 8, 2020

I absolutely loved it. I found Brian Hare's enthusiasm infectious. I loved the background to evolution and the comparative studies with different animals. As someone who has worked as a dog trainer for a number of years, this course has been like a software update for my brain. Now I need to figure out how to apply what I have learned for the better of the dogs that I meet.

创建者 Meenakshi S

Jan 22, 2017

This course was not only absolutely fascinating, it gave me a scientific perspective that I had not previously acquired throughout the rest of my education, training and experience as a professional dog trainer. I now always consider and apply the principles of cognition to my evaluation, training and behavior modification of dogs. I look forward to the future of this research.

创建者 Carole M

Jun 22, 2021

T​his is a really interesting, easy to follow course. The lecturer is clearly enthusiastic about the topic and the content is well paced. There is a bit of a sales pitch at the start for a book/online programme but this does not detract from the overall course. I completed it in a few days and feel better placed to work with shelter dogs in the future. Highly recommended.

创建者 Joanne N

Aug 13, 2020

I really enjoyed this course, and Dr. Hare's lectures were very informative and interesting. The course was well-organized and paced nicely. I did buy the text even though it was not required, and I was very glad that I did because it is very well-written and filled with great information. I would highly recommend this course to others. Thank you for offering it.

创建者 Kerlley d S B

Jan 15, 2019

Estou gostando bastante do curso, tem muitas informações importantes que irão me auxiliar bastante no meu trabalho com cães.

Eu só gostaria que tivesse esse curso também em forma de pós-graduação (especialização).

Obrigada Duke University e Coursera por me darem essa bolsa e esse maravilhoso curso sobre os nossos queridos e amados cães!

Deus abençoe todos vocês!