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Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Duke University

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Learn foundational programming concepts (e.g., functions, for loops, conditional statements) and how to solve problems like a programmer. In addition, learn basic web development as you build web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By the end of the course, will create a web page where others can upload their images and apply image filters that you create. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Think critically about how to solve a problem using programming; 2. Write JavaScript programs using functions, for loops, and conditional statements; 3. Use HTML to construct a web page with paragraphs, divs, images, links, and lists; 4. Add styles to a web page with CSS IDs and classes; and 5. Make a web page interactive with JavaScript commands like alert, onClick, onChange, adding input features like an image canvas, button, and slider....


创建者 IS

Oct 06, 2015

This is the first course I am taking in The valuable instructors of Duke University designed and created a masterpiece for learners. Thank you so much guys. Greets from Istanbul, Turkey.

创建者 WN

Mar 17, 2018

My first Coursera course I've ever done and I was very impressed with the platform on which it was presented. My experience was a positive one and I will definitely continue to pursue other courses.


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创建者 Jaime Luis Monsalvo Pèrez

Dec 09, 2018

I`m feel happy to have finish this course, I Learned a lot of things about web pages, I can`t to wait for another lesson. thanks a lot.

Best Regards

Jaime Luis Monsalvo Pèrez

创建者 Mario Alejandro Pineda Callejas

Dec 08, 2018

A good course overall , i feel i learn new stuff i didn't no before. The only odds i would say about this course. Iss that when we need help we ain't get any form the forums.So we've get lost and we are moving around and going nowhere.

创建者 Ondrej Spisiak

Dec 05, 2018

I liked it

创建者 Donald Coffin

Dec 03, 2018

Some examples of similar projects to our assignments available always would help. There were several times where I was stuck on something that no one had gotten stuck on in a couple weeks

创建者 Sharon Hemphill

Nov 22, 2018

I love it so far

创建者 朱炫冰

Nov 21, 2018


创建者 Makbool Ahmad Khan

Nov 21, 2018

best opportunity initial learning of all student

who those financial week student

创建者 Bukola M. Ajiboye

Nov 20, 2018

The course is the first step that will equip anyone interested in learning programming. I really enjoyed the course, the lecturers are super, love their teaching method. Susan H. Rodger, Robert Duvall, Owen Astrachan, Andrew D. Hilton, can't thank you guys enough, you did a great job making sure learning this course comes with so much fun, thanks a lot.

创建者 Sahith. D

Nov 11, 2018

good course

创建者 srinath Sharma

Nov 11, 2018

its good.