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学生对 杜克大学 提供的 Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS 的评价和反馈

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Learn foundational programming concepts (e.g., functions, for loops, conditional statements) and how to solve problems like a programmer. In addition, learn basic web development as you build web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By the end of the course, will create a web page where others can upload their images and apply image filters that you create. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Think critically about how to solve a problem using programming; 2. Write JavaScript programs using functions, for loops, and conditional statements; 3. Use HTML to construct a web page with paragraphs, divs, images, links, and lists; 4. Add styles to a web page with CSS IDs and classes; and 5. Make a web page interactive with JavaScript commands like alert, onClick, onChange, adding input features like an image canvas, button, and slider....



Oct 06, 2015

This is the first course I am taking in The valuable instructors of Duke University designed and created a masterpiece for learners. Thank you so much guys. Greets from Istanbul, Turkey.


Aug 18, 2019

Very insightful and helped me learn about the basics of computer science. Now I'm able to better understand the jargon of computer science and can discuss with others or even review codes. Thank you!


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创建者 Deleted A

Jan 11, 2016

Best for a beginner to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript.

创建者 Leilane M F

Jan 03, 2016


创建者 Eduardo G N

Mar 10, 2016

Thanks to everyone involved with the design and creation of this course.

This course added a lot to my knowledge, I hope to meet them again.

创建者 胡烜皓

Jan 11, 2018

At the beginning it looks easy, but with the time ellapse, the empire of the web design begins little by little

创建者 Jorge L M V

Mar 01, 2016

It so simply to understand, I love this course!!!!

创建者 Maria A

Feb 27, 2018

Really awesome and intensive! Thanks a lot!

创建者 Hemant V R

Mar 21, 2018

Great course to get started with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

创建者 Saeed J

Mar 01, 2018

just love the course

创建者 Ang L

Oct 14, 2017

Special thanks to Susan H. Rodger, Robert Duvall, Owen Astrachan, Andrew D. Hilton and Gerry Fillery. Thank you DUKE UNIVERSITY. As a beginner, I‘ve seen a whole new world of programming and the web. Before I took this course,I thought I might never be able to program. Thank you for letting me break through myself!


Jun 14, 2017

Well explained fundamental of HTML, CSS and Javascript with examples.

创建者 Sayed S H

Oct 13, 2015

Good for the beginners

创建者 pleindoux d

Sep 27, 2015

very good

创建者 John T

Oct 24, 2016

Fantastic Class looking forward to the next one.

创建者 Lawrence H

May 14, 2018


创建者 Rodney W

Apr 16, 2017

Well Done!!! Excellent Course. Really liked the Honors Assignment.

创建者 HPDG

Oct 23, 2016

The materials are great and easy to understand.In the videos,professors articulates the content well.I've learned basic JavaScript,CSS and HTML,which might help me in the future.I don't know when and where I will use it right now.But It has been an thrilling experience to gain knowledge.

创建者 Dinghan X

Jun 01, 2017

Love the course. Used to be confused by such things.

创建者 Pedro B

Nov 13, 2015

Amazing course. It's helping me a lot to understand how programming works.

创建者 Wei C

Sep 30, 2015

Great! Relatively intense but really beginner-friendly! You can make it in 2-3 days!

Look forward to the next course in this series.

Thanks! Drew, Robert,Susan and Owen!

创建者 Khurram S

Jul 15, 2017

Really amazing teachers and this course was very helpful in my degree too. Thanks to all the teachers and other students for the help.

创建者 Chew W Y

May 18, 2016

Good beginning lessons for people who demonstrate an interest! The instructors are passionate and helpful.

创建者 Idir B

Jan 30, 2016

Nice introduction.

创建者 faoud m

Dec 17, 2015

Decent Course!!!

创建者 Tárique S B S

Jan 09, 2017

Excellent course!

创建者 Steven B

Sep 08, 2017

The instructors are very knowledgeable and break down everything into its fundamentals, which is perfect for beginners who need more time to acquire new concepts.