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Effective Compliance Programs, 宾夕法尼亚大学


Once you have an understanding of what compliance is, and why it may be important, it is natural to wonder next, “What should I do about it?” In this course, we’ll explore one of the key factors for creating a positive culture of compliance: human psychology. We’ll think about what drives us, what makes us pay attention, what distracts, and how all of these pieces help build a strong belief in an organizational culture of compliance. We will examine formal compliance programs, diving into the nuances of how they are applied in practice. We’ll also explore the technologies, workflows, policies, monitoring, and training necessary to create a toolkit for designing an effective compliance program....


创建者 LR

Apr 18, 2019

Outstanding, Informative. Instructors are EXCELLENT.


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创建者 Leonard Rivera

Apr 18, 2019

Outstanding, Informative. Instructors are EXCELLENT.

创建者 Muzzil Qayyum Khairat

Apr 18, 2019

Love the psychological aspect on compliance

创建者 Paulo Ricardo Vijande Pedrozo

Apr 13, 2019

An excellent course on how to organize effective compliance programs.