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In this course you will learn how to design lesson plans around the needs of your ELL students and their language level through the analysis of content language and cognitive demands. You will learn how to align language objectives to the adopted standards of your school and content area.  You will learn how to modify existing course materials as well as develop graphic organizers and languages frames to support ELLs’ access to content.  Analysis of second language acquisition theories will be applied to lesson planning. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: * Conceptualize theories of second language acquisition as they apply to the planning of lessons through annotation * Assess the linguistic needs of your students using BICS and CALP * Identify content specific vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language functions necessary for a student to succeed in your classroom * Write language learning outcomes that align to your student’s linguistic and cognitive ability and your school’s adopted standards * Adapt a lesson plan that accomplishes the learning outcomes outlined in the lesson objectives * Modify materials to support ELLs’ access to content * Use a wide variety of graphic organizer templates and language frames to support ELLs’ access to content * Develop activity types appropriate to the cognitive and linguistic abilities of ELLs * Incorporate community and culture into lesson planning...



May 11, 2018

This course was excellent professional development. As a Science teacher, it helped me understand how I can incorporate English language instruction into my lesson plans.


Sep 8, 2020

This material was so good, I Learned so much from this course, i loved the videos, the interviews, and all the examples in this videos. Thank you so much.


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创建者 Prasolova S I

Jan 27, 2016

Very interesting! I am enjoying taking this course!

创建者 Anari E D

Aug 14, 2016

Highly recommended. I really enjoy this course

创建者 Sóstenes F d S

Feb 23, 2016

oh my God this course it is verry good!

创建者 Rafael M C D

Dec 3, 2015

Marvellous course! Highly recommended!

创建者 Yingjie Y

Dec 11, 2015

Very clear presentation by Ellen

创建者 Abdelhak E O

Nov 22, 2019

very good, highly recommended

创建者 Tran V

Jan 6, 2016

This is an excellent course!

创建者 Phạm Đ T

Nov 3, 2021

Such an amazing course!

创建者 Evgeniya L

Jan 7, 2016

really worth studing

创建者 Susan D

Dec 4, 2015

Fantastic Course!

创建者 Tetiana

May 5, 2016

Very useful!

创建者 lissette G

Mar 2, 2020


创建者 pilar

May 10, 2016


创建者 Andrés F A L

Dec 2, 2020


创建者 Veda M

Mar 8, 2016


创建者 Zakaria G

Apr 3, 2018


创建者 Gayathri g

Oct 31, 2020


创建者 Christopher M

Jun 15, 2017

Very interesting. The lecturers did a good job making the course engaging with review exercises after every one or two video clips. The clips are short enough that you don't fall asleep and the resources for additional reading are relevant . I like the practical tips on how to adapt a text and how to scaffold to make a task more achievable for learners. The bit sized chunks with regular reviews means you can take a few days off and come back to the course when you have free time. My only gripe is the MCQ tests. Some of the questions are ambiguous and it would be helpful if we could have the model answers with explanations so that we could learn from our mistakes. After 3 failed attempts you can't retake the test for 7 or so hours. It's been the toughest MOOC I've done so far but I managed to get through it.

创建者 Vanessa R

Jul 2, 2020

This is a great course, but I would've liked to have seen discussion prompts. Also, the optional assignment should be a required assignment; no one's ever reviewed mine, while I haven't been able to review anyone else's since nobody's posting. It's this experience that makes me think students taking this class are just in it for the certificate, not any actual learning; for me, it's all about learning, but, with learning, one needs feedback. As a result, I feel less prepared if I ever do get the chance to teach.

创建者 Tawny L

Dec 6, 2021

There are quite a few broken links within this course and the volume levels are bad at times, but there are some useful, practical tips to help ELL students within the classroom.

创建者 Mohammed O M

Feb 27, 2018

I have learnt so much how to help my ELL students in class and outside class . Thank you Arizona University, Thank you Coursera


创建者 omnia m

Jan 2, 2016

It was an amazing course but the language was very difficult

创建者 Skeater F

Aug 14, 2017

Great benefit to all teachers teaching English!

创建者 Lucia T

May 4, 2018

Excellent course, loved the

创建者 Bernadette L W

Dec 15, 2020

I find this course and its modules are difficlut for me to process. It is mind bubbling that I need to analyse the situation before creating a lesson planning. I do hope it will be easy in the future with practice.