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学生对 亚利桑那州立大学 提供的 马上开始教英语!基本原则 的评价和反馈

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Through a series of engaging metaphors and stories, prospective and current EFL/ESL teachers will identify, summarize, and evaluate 7 basic language learning paradigms. Learners will be presented information on such foundational principles as motivation, risk taking, two different modes of learning, and balancing the teacher profession. Learners are also given an understanding of basic techniques founded on those principles, such as teacher talk, looking “ridiculous” in order to lower the affective filter, and networking. With these foundational principles in mind, ESL/EFL teachers will scrutinize common assumptions about language learning by comparing how they stack up to research-based core principles....
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Aug 18, 2018

This is a very useful course as I begin my studies to prepare to teach English abroad. ASU is a recognized university and the price is very reasonable. I look forward to the next course in the series.


May 13, 2020

Simply amazing. Loved every single minute of it. I feel myself a much better teacher, I’ve learnt how to see resources to give a better class as well as offer my students better practices of learning.


301 - 马上开始教英语!基本原则 的 325 个评论(共 2,768 个)

创建者 Wang Y

Feb 08, 2020

This is my first couse finished on Coursera. I learned a lot, thanks very much! And I really love the style and content of Dr. Shane's teaching. Thank you Dr. Shane!!!I want to buy your books and continue studying from you!

创建者 Regina J

Nov 15, 2019

I really like this series. It was extremely information, and great as a review. I an supposed to be able to teach second language learners according to me credential, but I don't know. This makes me feel better prepared.

创建者 Sergey D

Dec 24, 2016

I love this course! Wanted to say Thank you to our teachers of this course! Something i already knew and something was really interesting and new for me :) Nice course and Awesome (with the capital A, of course) teachers :)

创建者 Sabir

Apr 12, 2020

I learn so many things in this first part of Teaching english now course.There was so many things i was missing in my teaching experience now its clear in my mind Thanks Coursera & Arizona for this amazing course series :)

创建者 Kriebel D S

Jul 18, 2018

Awesome and useful course! Amazing teachers, interesting studying and great assignments! I really recommend this course who is going to teach English as The Second Language in the nearest future!

创建者 Joshua O

Dec 04, 2017

Awesome course. I have learnt a lot from this course. I say big thank you to Arizona State University, the professors and coursera for providing the platform for us learn these great principles for teaching a new language.

创建者 Michael B

Jan 14, 2017

Very informative. Although an introductory course, this program was full of teaching techniques and principals that every prospective and current teacher should acquire and implement in to their own lesson plan and style.

创建者 Spica R M N

Feb 15, 2019

I am very glad that I was able to finish this course. It will definitely help me a lot when teaching English to my learners here in Japan. I aim to acquire the TESOL Certificate so I'll do my very best! Thank you so much!

创建者 MaleboJ S

Mar 27, 2016

The People Teaching this course are the best and they have so much life and show a good interest, they actually teach and they make the course enjoyable and by so doing i was able to pass all my quizzes and assignments.

创建者 Erica M

Jul 25, 2019

I enjoyed how they showed examples and explained in detail teaching techniques. I am very excited to continue exploring these tactics and reaching out to students to be able to teach them in the best possible way I can.

创建者 Rocio G d l R

Jul 27, 2017

A lot of things said in this course are common sense but they are said in a way that helps a teacher find his own teaching philosophy and the best way to approach teaching. It is very good and I definitely recommend it!

创建者 Thu A P

Jan 29, 2018

This great course gave me a vast host of knowledge on teaching in general that I have ever thought of before. I want to thankfully send my wishes for all members in the team that worked hard to bring this course to us.

创建者 Katrina S O

Oct 20, 2020

The course was excellent for both learners as well as teachers, the instructors are really engaging and I liked all the essential questions that were asked at the end each module because it helps us think and analyse.

创建者 Alyssa M R

Oct 04, 2020

I finished my first course with ASU Teach English Now! I am glad I decided to take this course. It really helped me understand the basics of teaching and learn new techniques I can definitely use in my own classroom.

创建者 Anindita S

Sep 14, 2020

Hello All, I enjoyed this course a lot. I looked forward to the use of metaphors and the stories shared while learning about the fundamentals of teaching English. I look forward to the rest of the courses. Thank you.

创建者 Maki H

Jun 11, 2020

I was really helpful to understand what's important to be a good teacher in many ways. I've learned some efficient strategies and gained some great ideas from other resourceful teaches. Thank you for the opportunity.

创建者 Paula M

Jun 06, 2020

Great techniques, great videos, great content and great instructors. It was a pleasure to do this course. Thank you Coursea and Arizona State University. And of course, thank you Mr Dixon, Mr Shewell and Mrs Haraway!

创建者 Mrinal V

Nov 26, 2017

I thank everyone so much for developing this specialisation. The courses are well designed and contain information that really improves the techniques and increases the efficiency of teachers. I am learning a lot. :)

创建者 Muhammad W D

Oct 18, 2020

Very helpful course to get started on the path of teaching English. Dr. Dixon is quite remarkable in his style of teaching. The course contents are also structured to address all the right issues regarding teaching.

创建者 Kenia V S V

Aug 03, 2020

This is a great course, easy to understand and provided me the willigness to keep taking the coming courses. I like the peer-reviewed assigment, which allows us to get in contact with people from all over the world.

创建者 Althea K L

Mar 08, 2020

I'm grateful for this refresher course. It helped me reflect on my teaching journey. Kudos to the teachers who made the lessons fun, interesting, and easy to follow. You inspire me to continue to do my best. Cheers!

创建者 LM

Oct 31, 2016

I really enjoyed this course. The video lessons were very interesting, and at times quite humorous, which made the content quite clear and easy to understand. I am highly satisfied with the knowledge that I gained.

创建者 David A

Apr 08, 2016

The teachers are clear and offer insight into the correct way students should be learning language. The essential questions offer a great way to stimulate critical thought and helps in the digestion of the material.

创建者 DARA K M

Jun 17, 2017

Although I have read many articles, books, and papers, I learned a lot of new, practical information which has widen my understanding and knowledge of teaching and learning a language.

For these, I am very grateful!

创建者 Ruslan B

Dec 21, 2016

Great course! Great instructors! Great teachers and content. I strongly recommend to green horn teachers as well as experienced teachers. Thanks for this course! I will finish this specialization even both parts)))