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返回到 马上开始教英语!基本原则

学生对 亚利桑那州立大学 提供的 马上开始教英语!基本原则 的评价和反馈

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Through a series of engaging metaphors and stories, prospective and current EFL/ESL teachers will identify, summarize, and evaluate 7 basic language learning paradigms. Learners will be presented information on such foundational principles as motivation, risk taking, two different modes of learning, and balancing the teacher profession. Learners are also given an understanding of basic techniques founded on those principles, such as teacher talk, looking “ridiculous” in order to lower the affective filter, and networking. With these foundational principles in mind, ESL/EFL teachers will scrutinize common assumptions about language learning by comparing how they stack up to research-based core principles....
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May 13, 2020

Simply amazing. Loved every single minute of it. I feel myself a much better teacher, I’ve learnt how to see resources to give a better class as well as offer my students better practices of learning.


Apr 10, 2020

Great course! Nice content and great presentation of the material. Useful not only for ESL teachers, but for all language teachers and even for teachers in general. Thank you for creating this course!


326 - 马上开始教英语!基本原则 的 350 个评论(共 2,755 个)

创建者 Mohammad G

May 25, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I have read almost all the contents elsewhere, but the selection was good and I think those who have not taken or studied any language teaching courses would benefit the most from it.

创建者 Karmen R

May 21, 2020

Video presenters did a great job and I only saw one error in all of the text that accompanied the video which is a HUGE improvement over the other courses I recently did which had edit errors in almost every week.

创建者 Sue J D

Jan 10, 2019

So far, I have finished most of the first of the courses. I have fully enjoyed it. The only issue so far is that there are not always enough peer responses to respond to when I am finished and ready to move on.

创建者 Dariusz B

Sep 21, 2020

A good introductory course for those who had never had anything to do with teaching might be too easy for those who are familiar with teaching in general. But, for those new to ESL, it is a perfect introduction.

创建者 Nagihan k

Sep 10, 2020

thanks to coursera for giving a chance to us having TESOL courses and thanks for Arizona State University for sharing amazing content with us. It was a perfect experience to meet with you through online lessons.

创建者 Saralilian R M

Apr 02, 2017

Very informational. I really learnt a lot from this course and definitely recommend it to everyone who is teaching. Not necessarily English, but if you teach music, maths, etc... this can be a very useful course.

创建者 Aigul Z

Feb 08, 2016


Thank you for creating such educational platform which is accessible in every part of the world!

Another gratitude to the course tutors and creative team! Well done!

I feel I am a part of network of teachers!

创建者 Mary H C B

Jul 12, 2020

So remarkable ! This is a great avenue for learning . This has whetted my appetite in teaching English with foundational principles that would definitely hone my skills as a teacher in person and in profession.

创建者 Nader M E M

May 13, 2018

A very helpful and useful and completely support you to start teaching career and contain a lot of effective ideas I would like to thank anyone participated in this course to provide this extra ordinary service

创建者 Sara B B

Sep 26, 2020

This was an excellent introduction to pedagogical and practical aspects of teaching English as a second language. Dr. Shane is funny and straight-forward, and the program is well paced and organized. Thank you!

创建者 Andrea P

Aug 31, 2020

Its a really helpful course, it begins basic but its necessary to review those concepts. They make the work easy, light and specially fun. thank you very much for the material y the special way you transmitted.

创建者 Richard D R

Jan 14, 2020

The course provides clear and easy to understand foundations of becoming an English instructor. While some sections could use a little more expanding, it is possible those sections are saved for later classes.

创建者 Mohammed M U

Sep 11, 2019

It's a wonderful journey of learning through beautiful parks , along the river banks ....We will reach destination without sweating and getting tired on the contrary , enjoying ourselves each and every steps.

创建者 Rieko G

Sep 02, 2019

It was a great review for what I had learned at CELTA course. It was a bit too easy for me, but if you are thinking about teaching, it will be a good opportunity to know what teaching is. Thank you very much!

创建者 Núria R R

Jun 19, 2018

The teacher is great! One of those that you remember for life. As much as I thought I would feel dragged through the content of this, I am actually really enjoying the content thanks to how good the teacher is.

创建者 Robinson A G P

Jun 03, 2018

This course was an amazing experience, It was designed to be easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend this course to any person looking for the necessary knowledge to become a teacher to do this course.

创建者 Vera K

Oct 07, 2019

Thank you very much for the great course! It was very interesting and useful. Teachers were excellent! I enjoyed every second of the videos. I would highly recommend it to those who are going to teach English.

创建者 Brent O K

Apr 21, 2016

Upon completing the course: Teach English Now! Foundational Principles, the lessons were precise and insightful which enhanced my four years experiences in teaching English Now! in Shanghai, China. Thank you.

创建者 Maxim K

Sep 26, 2020

Dear Teachers! Thank you for introducing us to the Foundational Principles of language acquisition! They were served by you in a very nice, clear, and detailed practical way. Tasted good!)) And we want more!)

创建者 Sandra

Sep 14, 2020

Thank you for this course. It really enlightened and opened my mind. I used to think teaching English was as simple as going to a classroom with a book but this course showed me that it's much more than that.

创建者 Ahmed S A E H

Jul 22, 2020

Really interesting and significant course to all teachers of English. Thanks a lot to all my professors: Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell and Andrea Haraway, who are always creative and extremely engaging.

创建者 Haroona A

May 23, 2020

Taking this course was an amazing experience. I have learnt some new and innovative teaching techniques. Looking forward to the next courses and hope to learn some more useful language teaching ways.

Thank you

创建者 Naeem A

Apr 18, 2020

The amazing experience of learning TESOL (Teach English Now). The way our teachers are delivering their knowledge is absolutely mind-blowing. Coursera portal is really awesome and userfriendly, unlike others.

创建者 Zhang M

Mar 11, 2020

This course provides some fundational principles in teaching English. It is inspiring and useful. And it makes me want to learn more about detailed principles or theories about language learning and teaching.

创建者 Arnaly A

Aug 18, 2018

Great course! It is entertaining and packed with information. It is easy to watch as the teachers took their time to design a course full of visual material, fun representations and great lectures. Thank you!