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In this foundational course, you will be challenged to develop as a leader. You will explore the concept of leadership, assess required competencies for today's leaders, learn more about yourself and how you can make effective and ethical decisions, identify how to build trusting relationships with others, and articulate a practice for growing as a leader. This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA, iMSA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at



Dec 16, 2020

I found this course to be very informative. I really enjoyed the Videos and i was very much surprised at the interactive sessions. I am encouraged to complete other courses.

A huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Jul 3, 2020

Honestly, its one of the most effective online foundational course on effective leadership. I'm particularly overwhelmed by the much I have learnt about utilising the group decision making process.


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创建者 Corey H

Feb 12, 2017

I learned a lot and had many takeaways. I have managed teams in the US and in Asia and really thought I would take the class more to check it off my list. I started learning right from the opening both within Professor Northcraft's classes, modules, Coursera. Looking forward to continuing down this path. Actually had a major mis-communication at work from the top and saw some of the many things I had learned lacking in this internal process. Very interesting

创建者 Angela I

Mar 26, 2018

Lessons were great, clear and well explained. The real life example helped a lot to get inside the topics together with the case studies. I loved the readings because it is great to support each topics with the literature that is around and can help going deeper in those you like most. Finally the material of the course was really well done, I am sure I will use as a supporting tools in all those situation where a but or rehearsal is good to have.

创建者 Oleksandra K

Mar 30, 2020

This course is a big must-do because the information here is organized and structured nicely. There is one case study activity in each module which I also like a lot, since the course comprised mostly of practicing, which is great for learning.

Videos provided by lecturers are clear and very easy to catch up on the topic. It is also awesome that in this course there are topic summaries, so you can review the presentation and explanations any time.

创建者 Sebastian A M H

Jun 13, 2021

Excelente curso. Enseña cosas básicas como cuál es el rol del líder, que quizás no todos conocíamos de antemano en forma tan explícita, y también se centra en dar consejos muy importantes para liderar. Me encantó que no te mencionan mil puntos distintos, sino que se enfocan en los ejes principales y los puntos claves, siendo bastante repetitivos y didácticos en estos. Por lo que las ideas realmente se interiorizan.

创建者 Tatiana F

Mar 8, 2021

I am very grateful to the teachers and in general to everyone who prepared this course. I really liked the structure of the information submission. Very useful lectures, and most importantly "without water". I have gained incredibly useful knowledge in 1 month, which I can already apply in my work. This is an amazing course and I am very happy that I was able to study here! The level is amazing to me! Thanks!

创建者 Pavan B C

Jun 10, 2020

The course content and Professors are excellent. It has increased my knowledge about leadership. and various aspects of leadership. which i think will be useful in future for m y life . i learnt lot about Individual and group decision making managing motivation and also got few friends while doing case studies. Now I have enrolled to next step Applications of Leadership. Really wonder full experience


Mar 20, 2022

One thing I must say that, you might have heard about different trerminologies used in this course during different moments at your work place but you never noticed them. After completing this course all those starts making sense. You may not learn completely new things in this course but the random things you had heard/learnt in the past will be organized in a beautiful way. I loved it

创建者 Álvaro M

Nov 14, 2021

Structure, contents and activities surpassed my expectations. This will be a trigger to continue the specialization. Sharing materials in pdf also ease study quite a lot.

One thing I dislike is the way the peers are managed. Having the need to trade with reviews in the forum to get the mandatory review so as to complete the course is a bit pointless in my eyes.

创建者 Cebolenkosi S

Jul 9, 2021

One of the best courses on leadership that I have attended it has given me the zeal to continue and do more course and complete the specialization if I manage to get funds or a scholarship I am eager to do the whole IMBA at the GIES College online.

Thank you to all the professors and team who put in a great deal of work to come up with such courses.

创建者 Rohit N

Aug 16, 2020

I am Rohit from India and I have been studying for my bachelors in commerce and am in my 2nd year.

This course has been an absolute guide to understand leadership and how to manage people in an organization with effective leadership.

Professor Northcraft, Professor Loyd and Professor Luckman have put up an excellent course together.

Thank you So much😃

创建者 Alberto A U C

Jul 9, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I'm still extremely surprised about how this course is related to my job. It is definitely helping me understand that some of the decisions sometimes are poorly made.

I would definitely encourage people who are in senior positions to take this course, as management and decisions-making are critical skills to succeed.

创建者 Md.Rezaul K

Oct 20, 2020

It is very effective course. I learned many things from this course. I believe in" fall and rise depend on leader". Leadership depends on quality decision making. Here pre requisites of quality decision making were clearly defined with examples. I liked this course and I will recommend my colleagues to do this course. Thank you Instructors.


Apr 22, 2020

Absolutely brilliant course, changes your perception about leadership in and out. Gregory Northcraft is a brilliant instructor. He interacted with me without having to sit face to face in real time. I find his simplification of key points very insightful. I wish him all the very best and all the other masterminds who designed this course.

创建者 Aditya D B

Sep 8, 2020

'Foundations of Everyday Leadership' course was one of the best designed courses. It gives a very good platform and foundations on Leadership, people, objectives, inclusiveness, Individual and group decision-making, motivation, types of motivation. It gave very good explanation with videos and suggested readings. Well Organized, course!!

创建者 Monique B

Apr 25, 2020

Hi All, I was pleasantly surprised with this course. We are currently in Lockdown in South Africa. I am working remotely. I decided to this Foundations of Everyday Leadership online course, as my Company offered a list of wide verity courses to do online.

I found the course interesting and very motivating in any Leadership .

Thank you!

创建者 Zhao, Z

Jul 27, 2020

I think it's a very good foundation course for learning leadership, to understand the key task as a leader, how to make a good decision, how to better utilize group, how to build an effective team, and how to motivate team keep the same direction and create values. As it's a beginning and gives me more expectation for future study.

创建者 PRKLN .

Apr 2, 2019

Very good in terms of insights on leadership specifically on decision making & group decision making. Having spend more than two decades in the corporate world, I felt this course is much closer to reality and challenges that any leader will face.

I really liked the additional readings recommended and do not miss those readings.


Jun 19, 2018

This is a great course, if are a leader who leads from the heart with great emotion this course designed just for you. This particular course will lift the strength of your mind and heart to add another layered approach. Also this course allows for immediate impact to the business and organization. #DirectorOfEngineering

创建者 Daryl A P

Sep 8, 2020

Loved the strategies here that I can apply directly. I also felt comfortable discussing topics here after going through the case study and interacting on discussion boards. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to progress their career and wish to hone leadership skills built on collaboration and trust.

创建者 Adesanya M

Jun 26, 2019

This training is actually actually my first online and I am glad I took the course. Despite the fact that I am on the Journey to scale my career in Human Resources. I have learnt how to foster effective communication within an organization and how to implement strategic decisions to help actualize organizational goals.


Apr 8, 2020

This was a an excellent course and I am glad I took it. This is a must course for anyone wanting to learn how to lead people and at the same time understanding their needs and concerns. At the same time, managers and leaders will be more aware of how their people plays an important part in the decision-making process.

创建者 Vijay J W

Jul 17, 2018

The entire course material containing the videos,the writing assignments, Quiz and case study discussions on making and implementing decisions individually and in groups and all the discussions focused on being a good leader was well structured and will help a lot at work place when leading and working with a team.

创建者 Chan S E E

Aug 23, 2020

I definitely find this Foundations of Everyday Leadership course beneficial and doable. The modules contents are easy to understand and Prof Greg Northcraft real-life examples in the context is fun and practical. Overall, the course taught me to apply what I have learned in my day to day work. Thank you very much.

创建者 Nishita D

May 4, 2020

Great course! I thoroughly enjoyed Professor Northcrafts modules, and was so pleased to see the university had so much reading material, and also pre-made notes on each module. Everything was very organized and I really enjoyed the course! I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning about leadership

创建者 Zunaid k

Jul 30, 2020

Despite having a notion that the content offered as part of this course is extremely important, it is the first time that I have completely understood WHY? The course is presented in a brilliant way, engaging and getting the message across well. Looking forward to the next courses in the Leadership Specialization