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学生对 麦考瑞大学 提供的 Excel Skills for Business: Essentials 的评价和反馈

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In this first course of the specialization Excel Skills for Business, you will learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Within six weeks, you will be able to expertly navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets, and create visualizations of data through charts and graphs. Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, or whether you have never used Excel before, this course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident user and develop more advanced skills in later courses. We have brought together a great teaching team that will be with you every step of the way. A broad range of practice quizzes and challenges will provide great opportunities to build up your skillset. Work through each new challenge with our team and in no time you will surprise yourself with how far you have come. Spreadsheet software is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, make sure to position yourself ahead of the rest by adding Excel skills to your employment portfolio....



Jun 30, 2020

This is an amazing course for learners. I am having a lot of fun completing this course from the starting point. It is very much enjoyable and the way the course teachers deliver every lecture superb.


Jun 09, 2020

Very good teaching of fundamentals. Everything was explained in a really structured manner. Final assessment was like cherry on the cake as it helped in revisiting what has been taught over the weeks.


451 - Excel Skills for Business: Essentials 的 475 个评论(共 5,922 个)

创建者 Rodrigo D B

May 10, 2019

I thought I was advanced in Excel, since I use it every day, but with this essentials course I found out I can be even better, and even if I know how to do many of the things taught in this course, they gave me tricks and shortcuts to do them even better

创建者 Gabriel G

Jul 16, 2020

Excellent course! It is well structured and provides sufficient content for anyone who wishes to start using excel. All tests, quizzes and assessments are well designed and the workbooks available allow us to put into practice everything we learn. 100%!


Jun 19, 2020

Really a great experience learning this course, so for gaining more of excel skills i'm going to opt for intermediate as well as advance courses of Excel as well.

Thanks to all the tutor for giving such a valuable content and help me to achieve my goals.

创建者 Eduardo R O S

Nov 25, 2019

Recomiendo mucho este curso debido a que esta muy bien diseñado. Si bien el curso nos muestra los aspectos básicos de Excel, existen aspectos que rara vez se usan y son de mucha utilidad. Los videos son cortos y precisos, con una explicación muy amena.

创建者 Shashwat A

Feb 23, 2019

I learnt a lot from this course. I had Spread Sheet Modelling in my first trimester of MBA, still there were many new features taught in course that I didn't come across earlier. End of Module exercises serve their purpose in "Practice makes Permanent".

创建者 Gurnit S S

Aug 02, 2020

it is one of the best course i had ever join in coursera among other 5 courIes.i had enjoyed every single week related to this course and learnt many new things each week.Challenges and quiz material can further improved our skills upto greater extent.

创建者 Andres L

May 22, 2020

Excelent place to start if you are looking forward to iimprove your skills in this practical and insightful tool. Very clear content and if you practice properly you will really feel that sense of improvement at the end of the course. It is just great!

创建者 Manish K G

Nov 14, 2019

I have gone through a similar course from another University as well. But the course content and quality provided by Macquarie University gives an immense learning experience and motivates me to push harder. A warm regards to the instructors. Good Job.

创建者 Peter P D

Jan 04, 2019

This has been a very informative course and has certainly helped me to improve my knowledge of Microsoft Excel. From the tutorials to the quizzes, everything was explained in a simple and effective manner. I'm so glad that I enrolled in this course! :)

创建者 Abdel A B

Dec 22, 2018

I am very happy to finish Excel Essential Skills for Business which is fundamental in nowadays. This course helps everyone in his job or his personal activities. I thank the teaching staff for their directions.

Many thanks!

Best regards,

Abdel Aziz Bakari

创建者 Shubhang R

May 14, 2020

A very well defined and structured course that helped a lot in transforming my spreadsheet to a more presentable one plus has increased my efficiency to a major extent, thanks to Macquire University and faculty members who helped me develop my skills.

创建者 Ajinkya K

Apr 08, 2020

I really loved this course. The way they teach is very nice. The way they explain every concept is very good.

The way they categories the topic is good. Every assignment really help me to revise my concept and becoming perfect at it. Thank You so much.

创建者 Enrique A M R

Nov 13, 2019

This is a pretty good start to learn this useful tool to take advantage of your business data. Throughout the course there are excercises, quizzes and ninja tips that help a lot to be even more productive with your work environment by using Ms. Excel.

创建者 Calvin L

Jun 15, 2019

Great introduction into Excel. Videos were very easy to understand. The exercises helped a lot to ensure practice makes permanent. I am much comfortable with excel now and looking forward to exploring it more. I use to be afraid and overwhelmed by it.

创建者 Osama M

Jun 23, 2020

The Course was well designed and in a very simple and progressive manner. It was appropriate for my level of knowledge for Excel and since the entire course was online it was really easy for me as the timings can be as flexible as I wanted.

Thank you.

创建者 Daniel A P P

May 04, 2020

I have been working with excel for a while now and I usually need advanced tools, even so, I got very useful tips that can make my work faster, the explanations are clear, and the materials are crafted amazingly, kudos to the team behind this course.

创建者 Петрищев В

Sep 25, 2018

A brilliant course for beginners because the tutors explain everything completely and exhaustively. And a great course for those who already use Excel because one can find the fundamental theory here and find some new tips for his/her work with Excel

创建者 Manish P

Aug 06, 2020

The course was too amazing and I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you, Coursera, Prashan Sir & Nicky Ma'am

For your explaining skills and to teach us that practics make permanents.😊😊

also thanks to sean because of him we had too many new topics to learn

创建者 Keven H

May 18, 2020

I started this course hating and afraid of Excel viewing it as a necessary evil. The course, however, piqued my interest, while being well-paced and easy to follow. I certainly am excited now to continue with the other courses in the specialization.

创建者 Leander C D

Apr 17, 2020

The course is really simple and was more like story flow, it kept me excited through out the course . Had started the course last year but stopped it after a week , now that its quarantine i was able to complete 4 weeks of the course in two days.


Dec 21, 2019

This is a great course for professional employee who needs to improve and practice their knowledge about excel. Even if you already knew the basics of excel, I think you can still take this course to test how far and deep your knowledge is in excel.

创建者 Ali A S C

Jul 27, 2020

This is an excellent course. I believe it has cleared a lot of my confusion and also helped me to learn a lot of things. I am really lucky to be taught from such instructors. I would recommend everyone to do this course to know the basics of Excel.


Jun 08, 2020

Very Nice and informative educational Tools to get knowledge of excel with practicals applications and worksheets designed to hone such skills with latest updated features of excel which provide ease of workings.

Thank You and regards

Gaurav Thakur

创建者 Revati M

May 14, 2019

This is great course if you formally want to learn excel. All the important skills and features are explained and the practice exercises provide a lot of practice. Clears all concepts and really makes you comfortable in excel. Would recommend 10/10


Apr 12, 2019

This course-Excel skills for Business Essentials - is really a good tool for all the MS Office users to understand the vast potential of excel in a structured manner. The course content of this program is excellent with an easy to understand guide