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学生对 麦考瑞大学 提供的 Excel Skills for Business: Essentials 的评价和反馈

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In this first course of the specialization Excel Skills for Business, you will learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Within six weeks, you will be able to expertly navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets, and create visualizations of data through charts and graphs. Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, or whether you have never used Excel before, this course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident user and develop more advanced skills in later courses. The best way to learn Excel is to use Excel. In this course, learners will solve a broad range of business problems as they apply the Excel skills and techniques they learn along the way. This course uses downloadable Excel workbooks and full data sets with applied examples and practical challenge exercises. This provides learners with countless opportunities to practice their Excel skills while discovering new and useful productivity features of Excel for a variety of business contexts. Spreadsheet software is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, make sure to position yourself ahead of the rest by adding Excel skills to your employment portfolio....



Feb 8, 2021

Really well done! You kept me interested and motivated, and that's not easy to do!\n\nI enjoyed the balance of instructional videos and hands-on exercises, and I'm excited to try the Intermediate now.


Jun 10, 2020

Practice make permanent is the true line .this line I'm also keep in mind sir.It's very very helpful and the video presentation is really awesome.simple language and more information.thanks for these.


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创建者 Ricardo R A

Jun 2, 2020

Excellent couse. Eventhough I had previous skills for Excel (which I considered as Intermediate level), this course taught me several new tools which I had never used before and which will be definitely handy at my workplace. In a few words, I highly recommend to take the course even for non-starters students.

创建者 Faisal K

Apr 12, 2020

this course help to learn a student that how can he or she manage or work on its excel primarily.those who don't know anything (or have a little knowledge) about excel or heard the first time they can give a try. through this course, definitely anyone will learn about excel to use in most regular numeric work.

创建者 Chintan M

Apr 2, 2020

This is an extremely well build course. I am super happy to share my experience. I would love to thank the professors who have taught every basic element of excel. The course is very well designed right from the first session. Looking forward to complete the specialization. A big Thank You to Coursera as well!

创建者 Mohamad E A K

Mar 4, 2020

It was fun, I have learned so much about things I have never thought I would learn. it was a bit boring but with practicing what makes permanent. Now I can do my own excel and add all the information that I want to learn.. I am looking forward to finishing level 2 of this Excel and master it. Thank you again.

创建者 Iain S

Apr 15, 2019

After working with Excel for over half a decade, I was pretty sure I had covered the basics, and then I studied this course and found a bunch of features I'd never used or known about! A great primer for anyone working with Excel, especially self-taught users like myself who may have missed some of the basics.

创建者 Janelle M

Nov 4, 2020

It was harder than what you would consider basic but very glad I stuck it through. Very informative and alot of great tools to make spreadsheets alot easy and quicker to get through. Alot of nice tips and tricks. Thanks for taking the time to engage in a very learnable experiance. I took away alot, thank you!

创建者 Lorenzo S d M

Sep 24, 2020

The Essentials course was excellent, it covered every part of excel that's necessary for the business and professional market. The didactic was amazing, the lessons were very interesting and the practice exercises truly covered what was taught during the lessons. I'm very excited for the Intermediate course!

创建者 Sylvain P

Jun 7, 2020

Good well built course, i was working with excel 2 years before but just want to make sure i didn't forget my skills as i was mostly self educated in excel. This curse was exactly what i need and the explanations are not too long so you have time to digest it. I think i'm good for a more advanced course now.


Apr 27, 2022

I​ really enjoyed taking this class. The course was w​ell explained. The simple vocabulary the instructors used, made the process of learning easy since English is my secound language. 100% recommended. Now I'm ready to take some other courses!

创建者 Manish S

Aug 24, 2020

It’s a very helpful course for learners to improve on basic excel skills which help to work with excel at an optimal rate.

Course content and structure are very much enjoyable and excellent. Course teachers deliver the lectures in an efficient manner to help learn the concepts in a very short period to time.

创建者 Shruti G

May 14, 2021

Very detailed and comprehensive. However, kindly include the alternative representation of icons and explanation for older versions of excel along every step if possible, as it would prove to be really useful. Otherwise, the topic was covered very extensively and I was able to understand all the specifics.

创建者 Nidup D

Jul 25, 2020

It was a fantastic course. The course structure, practice quiz and assignments were designed perfectly and did enjoy every bit of the work progress. Learning myriad uses of Excel has been absolutely overwhelming and just waiting to apply in the real world just like Prashan said, "practice makes permanent".

创建者 Siddharth B

May 18, 2020

Kudos to the staff of Macquarie University who taught this course. Practicing on the workbooks alongside the videos really helped me to master the contents in this course. I gained a lot of skills which should help me in the future. Eagerly looking forward to the next course in this specialization series.

创建者 Adarsh S

Apr 14, 2020

This course is definitely one of the most well planned course. The way things are taught and how the doubts are clarified from the first session is amazing. The quiz helped me to remember the basics and the challenges helped me to move further and rectify my mistakes. Kudos to the effort put in the course.

创建者 Syed H A

Dec 25, 2021

I would recommend this course to everyone. It covers all the basic essential related to daily use. The course was very briefly explained by the course teachers in addition with the practice exercises throughout the course .I would like to thanks course instructors and coursera for giving this opportunity.

创建者 Anant P

Jun 10, 2021

Its amazing how the course has been structured for someone who might have no knowledge about the Excel, for someone who is in their college can really make use of this course and really had fun exploring so many small yet significant functions of Excel. Happy to learn this course. Many thanks to the Team.

创建者 Lisa B

Mar 3, 2021

The course was really amazing and managed to improve my confidence by a 100% in only 6 weeks. The lessons are taught in a slow and very easy to follow manner. Useful tricks and short-cuts are taught and there were more than a couple "wow" moments! Thank you for offering this awesome introduction to Excel.

创建者 Emmanuel A

Oct 13, 2020

This course helped me revisit the essential primary functions of Excel and also taught me how to use Excel tools which I have no knowledge prior to the lessons. The pacing of each lesson is easy to follow and is engaging enough that I have no difficulty finishing the requirements even before the deadline.

创建者 Sushil A

Aug 10, 2020

A great course for beginners in MS Excel. I had been using excel for a long time and I thought I knew a lot, but this course showed there's much more to what I knew. It's a well-structred course and I enjoyed the content. The language is very simple for all to understand and the tests are tricky at times.

创建者 Aman R

Jan 25, 2022

Best Excel Resource for someone looking to start its learning path for Technical roles. Starts from very basic to cover all the topics which are generally left out in most of the courses I have taken so far. Looking forward to the Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate Course which I have enrolled for.

创建者 Mosta A

Jul 22, 2020

Really I'm so much happy to spend every single second with this amazing course.

In the first, I thought that I know so much about Excel, but this first course mentioned all that I knew and more really. Thank you for this amazing course and I'm looking forward to finishing the whole specialization soon. ❤❤

创建者 Francesco P S

Aug 18, 2019

Very good foundational course. I would consider myself an intermediate to advanced user, however it was very good practice to review all this material and look forward to the next course. Furthermore, it is important to say that the lecturers are very clear throughout the module, very easy to understand.

创建者 Narmina A

Jan 22, 2021

This Course has helped me to significantly enhance my proficiency in working with Excel Software!

This Course really allow you to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the Excel program!

Many many thanks to Nicky Bull, Dr. Prashan S.M. Karunaratne, FHEA, A/Professor Yvonne Breyer!

创建者 Francisco A L J

Aug 25, 2020

Es un curso de excel básico, lo considero bastante completo para reforzar y recordar conocimientos. Muy ágil, entretenido y práctico. Muy recomendable.

It is a basic excel course, I consider it quite complete to reinforce and remember knowledge. Very agile, entertaining and practical. Highly recommended

创建者 Umi F A G

Jul 12, 2020

It was a very exciting and crucial course for those who are using Excel on a daily basis. I had learned Excel while working, however, it was without a proper basic foundation. This course has helped me walk through it effectively. I am so grateful that I have completed this course during this pandemic.