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学生对 麦考瑞大学 提供的 Excel Skills for Business: Essentials 的评价和反馈

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In this first course of the specialization Excel Skills for Business, you will learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Within six weeks, you will be able to expertly navigate the Excel user interface, perform basic calculations with formulas and functions, professionally format spreadsheets, and create visualizations of data through charts and graphs. Whether you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, or whether you have never used Excel before, this course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident user and develop more advanced skills in later courses. The best way to learn Excel is to use Excel. In this course, learners will solve a broad range of business problems as they apply the Excel skills and techniques they learn along the way. This course uses downloadable Excel workbooks and full data sets with applied examples and practical challenge exercises. This provides learners with countless opportunities to practice their Excel skills while discovering new and useful productivity features of Excel for a variety of business contexts. Spreadsheet software is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, make sure to position yourself ahead of the rest by adding Excel skills to your employment portfolio....


Jun 10, 2020

Practice make permanent is the true line .this line I'm also keep in mind sir.It's very very helpful and the video presentation is really awesome.simple language and more information.thanks for these.

Aug 28, 2019

The course was defiantly more than I expected. It not only strengthened what I did know about Excel but it showed me several options that I was not using or haven't found. I would highly recommend it.


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创建者 Loreen C k

Feb 24, 2018

This course is a great beginner course for excel beginners! I enjoyed it very much and the videos aren't too long to sit and watch. They are straight to the point and very clear to understand. For anyone wanting to refresh their excel skills this is a great way to do that. I also learnt a couple of things and tricks, after working in admin and using excel didn't know!

创建者 Jason C

Aug 7, 2020

Great course! I still believe I got two answers right in a couple of the assessments but the course deemed them as incorrect. However, this was very insightful and helpful. Specially when making the change from sheets to excel. It helps me find all the tools I need within the ribbon area and familiarize myself with the differences between both Business Platforms

创建者 Syed A A

Jun 17, 2020

I enjoyed this courses very much. The content and teaching technique of this course was really appreciable.

The worksheets which are provided for practice, the worksheets with challenges were very helpful to understand the topic and practice it.

However, the pitch of instructor is very low. I had to watch all the videos at the speed of 2x. That should be improved.

创建者 Carlos R A A

Aug 17, 2020

Just a little complain with the final assessment that have a technical issue (reported already)...Question 4: ask for the total Feb Expenditure (Cell P2) but actually P2 is January Expenditure and it was confusing. I place the answer according to the cell referenced because I new the text was incorrect according to the spreadsheet, and this affected my score :(

创建者 Karen P

Jan 15, 2021

An effective course that fully taught me the basic of Microsoft Excel! I learned a lot of very useful shortcuts and commands. The videos were easy to follow and the instructors were extremely helpful. Overall, I'd recommend this class to all beginners. The final exam was actually quite tough for me and I am eager to learn more from this course series!

创建者 amita r

Dec 17, 2020

I have really learned alot in this course, graphs, spreadsheet, charts, different functions etc. I recommend this course to anyone who want to learned Excel. It is so easy to learned with all the videos and quizzes. Also the lecturers are very cool and make it easy for you to understand. I personally want to thank Coursera for the oppertunity.

创建者 Giacomo R

May 6, 2020

I liked how the topic were faced. Some of the icons are changed since this course has been uploaded, but it still comprehensible. I liked Prashan and Nicky too lol. It is really basic, especially for what concern the copy and paste concepts or the print to pdf part, but I think this is because of the public the course wants to reach. So good job!

创建者 Mohammad S A

Feb 27, 2019

Very challenging course. Doable but time consuming. I have done the 6 weeks in 10 days.

I gained a lot of information. Some stuff were not very clear and why we would do it this way, maybe because my mind couldn't comprehend some of it but that doesn't mean I won't move up to the next level. I am going to start the next specialization course !


Oct 1, 2020

I have done many more certificates, but I would say that this is the best course I have come across in coursera and is informative. I would recommend this course to many others and will surely ask them to do this course. A special thanks to my mentors Nikki ma'am and Prashan sir. I will surely use these skills everywhere. Thank you once again.

创建者 Dale E

Oct 7, 2020

Some words could be clearer. The sign up process was challenging for Navy paid course. Difficulty verifying email address. Navy network may have presented an issue as system froze at saving. I moved to my personal computer. I think some questions are not clear, but few. I started taking screenshots but it was not worth my time. Overall GTG.

创建者 Shebin S

Aug 13, 2020

An excellent initiative by Macquarie University & Coursera. Very easy to learn and understand. Thanks to Dr. Prashan and Nicky for your wonderful teaching. The practice session is very helpful to evaluate our understanding on the lessons what we viewed on each topic. Highly recommendable for working professionals as well as for freshers.

创建者 Heather L B

Oct 1, 2020

I learned a great deal from this course since enrolling. Some of the lessons can be very challenging to do and learn, but they have helped a great deal when doing the final assessment. Definitely great to bolster your Linkedin profile and makes using Excel easier for budgeting, presentations, and other necessities. Definitely worth it!

创建者 Steve S

Apr 13, 2020

Great refresher course for those looking to reacquaint themselves with a solid working knowledge of the key Excel functions. It's amazing how many things one misses, misunderstands or overcomplicates based on their own earlier self learning. Some challenges with formatting in versions of Windows for MAC but overall a great course.

创建者 Juan M

May 9, 2020

Great way to refresh. Some lessons could of gone into more information, but overall liked the course. I use excel regularly (intermediate understanding) and found some neat short cuts. Showing and doing is key as I learn from practicing. Way more practical to learn shortcuts this way rather than downloading a sheet from online.

创建者 Omphile M

Dec 12, 2020

an excellent course, and very easy to follow. i enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot of things, even though something a bit more intermediate or advanced would have been better suited, i was able to address the small gaps in knowledge about excel!! I recommend it for anyone who needs a crash course in Excel. You will enjoy it

创建者 Karen W

Dec 24, 2020

This course was GREAT, I never learned EXCEL this was a big change from Daycare.

The Assessments really tests your skills. it would have been nice to have all of the answers for the lessons a few don't have them. It's a little confusing to know if you followed the formulas correctly.


创建者 Nathalie R

May 31, 2020

Due to different keyboards and settings in different countries, some explanations (i.e. shortcuts, monetary values) were not easy to figure out - that made answering some exam questions super difficult. Other than that it is a great course with super interesting content and awesome teachers. Would highly recommend :)

创建者 Rizal S W

May 3, 2020

Overall this course is great but, I think you should fix some bug for final assessment especially in question 4,5 and 19 because I have tried to answer for different formats but end up with the wrong answer and I have no clues to answer or fix the problem. The discussion forum also does not help me with this problem.

创建者 Derenda L

Jun 26, 2020

This course is great!...I really appreciated how I was able to follow along rather easily and able to understand the information relayed...although, I did see in the final that there were some formulas and formatting that we did not go over, but I was able to navigate to the correct information...thanks so much


Nov 15, 2021

There are some issues with typing formulas in the cells and getting the same answer as the test questions. I unsure if it is an internet to computer issues, etc. but that was the only issue that made the test frustrating; e.g., entering the correct formula, getting an answer that is not correct on the test.

创建者 maria v d

Apr 19, 2018

It's a great course! In just a couple of weeks I learned so many useful things which have already helped me to improve my daily tasks. Throughout the course I found a couple of questions hard to answer to because of the the way they were formulated, but I contacted the support and they helped straight away

创建者 Glenda H

Sep 27, 2020

I used Excel online to practice the material and a lot of the functions referenced in the course were not available online so it was sometimes difficult to practice. But I still learned a lot of new tricks, tips and tools after 25+ years of using Excel and being totally self-taught. I highly recommend!

创建者 luis s

Sep 23, 2021

v​ery good method and process. 1 Star taken out...reason: Mac related icons and functions are not the same and eg in Europe we use "," instead of "." for postional formatting so have constantly to change the format when copying answers from the spreadsheet (the test check could have a check for both)

创建者 Deborah L

May 6, 2020

The course was very well presented. There were a couple of issues. I'm in the United States and I'm working on Mac. Some of the things don't work the same on the Mac software, and some things are definitely different in the US. It was sometimes confusing and caused a couple of issues in the quizzes.

创建者 Izhar K

Jul 21, 2020

Throughly enjoyed this course throughout the entire course. It is really a great course of Excel especially for beginners and professionals who have just started their career and want to improve Excel which is a ubiquitous tool which is used in every office environment in a corporate environment