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Do you want learn how to apply concepts of sustainable faecal sludge management (FSM) on a city-wide scale? This course starts with an overview of what faecal sludge is and an introduces you to the engineering fundamentals and required information for the design and selection of technologies. Sanitation solutions are prone to failure if an integrated planning approach that includes stakeholder involvement and the development of appropriate institutional, management and financial arrangements is not implemented. The course therefore dedicates a complete week to presenting the full picture, in addition to technology, that needs to be considered for sustainable solutions. It concludes with a focus on current research and innovations in technologies, to provide an understanding of the most up-to-date options. This course is one of four in the series “Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development"....



Oct 3, 2021

It is an amazing course, I enjoyed quite new topic soo far and I loved the way of teaching of mentors in course. Thank you coursera for giving me an opportunity to better understand the new knowledge.


Jun 10, 2018

It was an excellent learning opportunity with a new challenging field of research. I am keen to register more subjects in the future in related subjects under your mentoring. RegardsDr. Bhaskar Das


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May 17, 2019

Very interesting, well explained and easy to understand. It is also a good presentation of the corresponding book.

创建者 vinod n

May 15, 2020

Good course, requires more case study and pictorial and analytical explaination and government planning and goals

创建者 Shibin J

Apr 11, 2021

Very important for students interested in environmental engineering.

创建者 Joshua A

Mar 3, 2021

course was very so much material to pour on.....

创建者 Grace K

May 9, 2020

Great information and so practical that it is ready to use!

创建者 Kene C D

Nov 1, 2020

The course was very good and very informative

创建者 Khwmdwn M

May 16, 2020

Good Course. I have learnt a lot about FSSM

创建者 Sunil B

Mar 15, 2022

Excellent course!!!!

创建者 shweta m

Apr 30, 2019

Unplanted sludge drying beds are shallow filters filled with sand and gravel with an under-drain at

the bottom to collect leachate. Sludge is discharged onto the surface for dewatering (Figure 7.1). The

drying process in a drying bed is based on drainage of liquid through the sand and gravel to the bottom

of the bed, and evaporation of water from the surface of the sludge to the air. The design as well as the

operation of the drying bed is fairly straightforward, provided the sludge loading rate is well selected

and the inlet points for depositing the sludge onto the bed are properly designed. Depending on the

faecal sludge (FS) characteristics, a variable fraction of approximately 50-80% of the sludge volume

drains off as a liquid (or leachate), which needs to be collected and treated prior to discharge (Tilley

et al., 2014). After reaching the desired dryness, the sludge is removed from the bed manually or

mechanically. Further processing for stabilization and pathogen reduction may be required depending

on the intended end-use option. When considering the installation of a drying bed, the ease of operation

and low cost needs to be considered against the relatively large footprint and odor potential.

创建者 Mohammad M K S

Jun 23, 2020

fairly good

创建者 Pavithran S

May 3, 2020

Content was at its best

But i was cheated on not getting a certificate

I am not sophisticated enough to buy this certificate

创建者 AJAY G

Nov 28, 2017

bad course