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学生对 乔治亚理工学院 提供的 工程考试复习基础 的评价和反馈

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The purpose of this course is to review the material covered in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam to enable the student to pass it. It will be presented in modules corresponding to the FE topics, particularly those in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Each module will review main concepts, illustrate them with examples, and provide extensive practice problems....


Apr 16, 2016

This course was a good refresher which hit a lot of topics covered on the FE exam. I supplemented this course with some reference books and the NCEES manual and I was able to pass the FE Exam.

Jul 21, 2020

What an excellent and remarkable experience i had during this period thanks to georgia tech university for this amazing opportunity i hope to fully having a degree at the university sometime.


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Sep 8, 2020



Jul 6, 2020


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Aug 21, 2020


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Jun 2, 2017


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Jan 5, 2022

The Good: Well presented, enjoyable. When I took it I was feeling lazy & it got me started on preparation. It did help me get the hardest 5% of the questions. The Bad: Prepares you for 5% of the exam by focusing on the toughest corner case questions - questions you don't need to get right to pass. I appreciated the course but it's just not the best way to spend your time. Far better to knock out practice exams. Read your calculator manual - the single most important thing is to know your calculator manual from cover to cover. The TI is pretty good but the Casio is better.

创建者 Erick D P B

Aug 27, 2019

In overall, the course is really good because it gives you an idea of what to expect on the FE exam. Moreover, I like the fact that in the course both the SI and USCS units are used. The content is very organized and it was easy to follow. However, there are several mistakes in some examples so if you are taking the course do not feel overwhelmed. If there had been somebody to ask for help when I had no idea how to answer a problem, that it would have been great.

创建者 Mohammad H

Dec 2, 2019

The course is very well organized and clearly explained by the professor. Helps refresh the memories of engineers, as well as prepares for FE/EIT exam. There are some topics in NCEES manual, which are not covered in this course. To pass the exam, one needs to do more practice problems, and this course has made it easier to solve practice problems.

创建者 Samone R H

Aug 31, 2020

Great to start most of the basics for all FE Exams. Gives great instruction so that even people who have been out of college for a long time can relearn the material fast. 4 starts because a few the examples in weeks 7 and 8 are pretty off, but plenty have pointed out these mistakes in the discussion pages

创建者 Philimon W

Feb 28, 2017

Many Example and quiz problems have wrong answers, other all is prefect, simple explanation & great content

创建者 Marco R M

Feb 18, 2019

The course is good, Examples are briefly explained. It doesn't cover a couple of subjects, but still good.

创建者 Kiran K

Apr 1, 2020

I personally like the course which include conceptual part of most of structural related topic. Thank you


Jul 22, 2020

Everyone has to get this if you have to revise your maths and basic Engineering knowledge

创建者 Rafi M

Jun 25, 2019

Great course for FE persuader, helpful contents with affordable price.

创建者 Juan C G

Feb 20, 2021

Some quiz problems did not have the right answer within the choices.

创建者 Ibrahim M E

Aug 4, 2020

Perfect but just to complete some parts with examples

创建者 wael m

Jun 25, 2016

I think it is a good course

any one can get benefits

创建者 Andrey A

Oct 12, 2019

There are some mistakes in quizzes and lectures