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学生对 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 非金融专业人士所需的金融知识 的评价和反馈

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Impact your financial decisions and learn how to affect the performance of your unit's profitability and of your organization. In this course gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to drive your organization's growth. Upon completion of this course, you will have gained general financial knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the impact of your decisions outside your functional area. Content of the course includes selected aspects of finance from a non-financial specialist perspective. Specific topics include: financial analysis; planning, forecasting, and budgeting; cash flow, and strategic financing. This class will be interactive and will require the active involvement of the participants in finance related activities. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Explain the importance of finance and interpretation of financial information 2. Apply the concepts of accounting and finance to analyze financials 3. Learn about key accounting and finance terms 4. Examine financial statements by using key ratios 5. Explain the importance of budgeting process 6. Learn about key components needed to improve profitability...


Dec 14, 2017

I've enjoyed this course. Prof. Standen gives a very basic but clear overview of the most common financial topics, wished I had this course a couple of years ago it would have made my life way easier.

Feb 21, 2019

An excellent well-rounded course and perfect for anyone who would like to gain some insight into financial practices. I would highly recommend this course, "Finance for Non-Financial Professionals."


201 - 非金融专业人士所需的金融知识 的 225 个评论(共 808 个)

创建者 Dragan G

Aug 9, 2016

For the first time I really understood some stuffs that I'd never knew. Thank you so much!

创建者 Zhang J

Dec 4, 2015

It's quick and easy, gives me an overview of finance and inspires me to want to know more.

创建者 usama d

Sep 17, 2018

Good course help me a lot as Non-Financial Professionals in learning the things in course

创建者 Aparna J

Aug 28, 2017

Excellent course! I learnt so much! The examples helped me understand the class better...

创建者 Εύη Σ

Jan 22, 2021

Be open-minded and take the course because it is understandable and useful for business.

创建者 Nancy

Mar 18, 2018

Great overview; I feel much better versed and prepped for financial discussions at work.

创建者 Alriendhy P

Jan 27, 2016

This course comes in handy for anyone without finance background and attract to learn it

创建者 Gareth D H

Nov 16, 2015

SImple, effective and interesting for the basics of finances in the business envrionment

创建者 Giovanni C

Jul 3, 2020

Excellent course for non-financial professionals. Good explanation with good examples.

创建者 Nicholas G

Mar 9, 2016

Great course. Good instructor. Everything is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.

创建者 Diana E H M

Feb 29, 2016

Great professor. All the concepts are easily explained. More courses like this, please.

创建者 Ritchie

Jan 7, 2016

Give you a general conception of finance and help to understand some simple accounting.

创建者 Edita G

Oct 18, 2020

Clear presentation of several chosen financial topics. Could cover more topics though.

创建者 Md J A

Jul 31, 2020

it a great course and very easy to understand for the non-finance professional like me

创建者 Christian J O L

Jul 29, 2020

Excelente Curso, me encanto! Les agradezco mucho por su aporte a la educación mundial.

创建者 kadiatou k

Aug 30, 2020

Instructor David Standen was very thorough and easy to follow. I enjoyed this course.

创建者 M . S

May 31, 2020

Iam non finance student .I know about very the basics of finance thank you coursera.

创建者 Francisco P

Mar 25, 2017

Muy útil y fácil de entender aún cuando no se tiene un mucho antecedente de finanzas

创建者 Ian G

Dec 5, 2016

Really useful course; it gave me a great insight into finance as a non-professional!

创建者 Hanna R Z

Jun 21, 2016

I actually understood the lessons. And I suck at Math. :D Thank you, Prof. David. :)

创建者 Josefine R

Mar 9, 2016

Very easy to follow, as he gives easy-to-understand real life examples! Really good!

创建者 Marites O M

Jul 18, 2020

Very nice course I learned a lot. Thanks Coursera and thanks also to my Instructor.

创建者 Sushree

Nov 1, 2018

I really enjoyed the course a lot as it provided me a lot of basic ideas on Finance

创建者 Ruvimbo V J N

Feb 12, 2018

very much comprehensive and informative. l now have a full understanding of finance

创建者 Abhishek M

Dec 15, 2015

This is an excellent course for everyone who wants to basic financial understanding