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学生对 直觉 提供的 Financial Statement Analysis 的评价和反馈

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In the final course of this certificate, you will apply your skills towards financial statement analysis. If you have the foundational concepts of accounting under your belt, you are ready to put them into action in this course. Here, you will learn how to reconcile different types of accounts, check for accuracy, and troubleshoot errors. Additionally, you will practice how to apply different analytical methods to key financial statements and understand how these methods inform a variety of business decisions. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Describe and illustrate the use of a bank reconciliation in controlling cash -Outline the purpose of financial statements in relationship to decision making -Describe basic financial statement analytical methods -Apply quantitative skills to analyze business health Courses 1-3 in the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate, or the equivalent, are recommended prerequisites for this course....


Sep 17, 2021

This course was extremely informative. This will definitely help me with finding new employment. I feel very confident in my abilities than ever before and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Oct 14, 2021

Great content despite some errors in the evaluation examples but you can figure it out by the evaluation feedback.


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创建者 Kay S

Aug 2, 2021

I have got to be honest, I expected a lot more from Coursera and Intuit. This series of courses was definitely not what I was hoping for. My goal was to finish this series and go into taking the QB certfication exam with confidence, but that goal was not achieved. I will now have to figure some other resource to help me get ready for the exam. I feel like the little bit I learned from this series was way overshadowed by the waste of time listening to the animated characters and frustration with glitches and errors on the practice sessions, quizzes, and exams. I gave three stars only because of the fantastically low price for someone like me who had the time to do it very quickly.

创建者 Gye N

Aug 24, 2021

There were many errors - calculations, typos, visuals. There was repetition of material, and omission of other material because of that repetition - material that belonged in one area was placed in another.

创建者 Cassandra J

Aug 10, 2021

Entire course needs more hands on activities to actually give someone a little more experience, the click here activities are not educational at all and the course study at the end needs some sort of grading system since the answers are required to be able to pass the quizzes and like some one once said : you don't know what you don't know"

创建者 Kim B

Aug 28, 2021

There was not enough information given to complete the assessment correctly

创建者 Nancy G

Sep 8, 2021

While I learned a lot this one was the most frustrating. Lots of "wrong" answers based on how i input them...also the case study at the end is missing general ledger....nothing I entered came up right. I basically had to leave put 0 in the answers for 4 & 8 because there was no way to fix. I plan to go back to revisit but without the General Ledger and clearer instructions I don't think its possible.

The only answers throughout this whole course that i learned from when I got one wrong and was provided with the correct answer or formula. Telling me to go back and revisit the section is NOT helpful.

Also, no where at this end of this final course does it state to continue on to Intuit's Certification with PearsonVue.

创建者 Jen S

Oct 29, 2021

The final test was a nightmare. Nothing ever seems to be correct and I cannot tell if I am wrong or it the answers are wrong, as was the case throughout much of this entire certificate course. This last one didn't really add anything to my understanding of QuickBooks and I doubt it would be of much help to those who don't already understand business finances.

创建者 Paula L

Sep 17, 2021

Everything seemed reasonable until the case study. Again, assessments need prepare the student to the format of the exam. Do not include case studies if you are not going to provide all the information we need and stop asking for things that do not tie into the proctored exam. Waste of time.

创建者 Sofia S

Aug 7, 2021

E​ven though the information was good, there were a lot of error in the slides, grading, and workbooks provided to complete the case studies

创建者 Aaron M

Oct 30, 2021

The information in these Intuit course is good, necessary and fundamental information. The experts are mostly very good. The courses are plagued by numerous content delivery and grading errors. Whoever was administratively responsible for quality checking the final content and presentation of the course materials and quizzes did a lousy job.

创建者 David Z

Dec 7, 2021

A​wful- unlike the last three courses this class teaches nothing, is unclear, vague and has little content to prepare you for being a book keeper. This is a waste of time and money

创建者 Celvita A

Aug 21, 2021

a very good course and can improve skills in analyzing financial statements, starting from the journaling cycle to financial statement analysis, this course is very helpful to improve skills and abilities in the world of accounting

创建者 Mortlon A

Sep 20, 2021

Honestly, enjoyed this course, big thumbs up.

创建者 S M

Aug 26, 2021

There are a few mistakes with numbers in the quizzes and assessments and also providing the correct answers would help in learning.

创建者 Ka Y C

Oct 12, 2021

Course itself is informative, but some calculations in the quizs are off, making it very hard to complete.

创建者 Gwen G

Sep 18, 2021

This course was extremely informative. This will definitely help me with finding new employment. I feel very confident in my abilities than ever before and thoroughly enjoyed it.

创建者 Carlos F S

Oct 15, 2021

Great content despite some errors in the evaluation examples but you can figure it out by the evaluation feedback.

创建者 Penny S

Nov 16, 2021

I enjoyed taking this course it was helpful and challenging.

创建者 zahir k

Dec 13, 2021

Very helpful course i really enjoyed the course content.

创建者 Fancyfeet_

Jan 4, 2022

Best experience and great way to learn.


Oct 24, 2021

I'm very happy, thanks for it...

创建者 Vini R A

Jan 2, 2022

The course is great to teach yourself bookkeeping skills. However, the case study assignments all had errors in them which is frustrating and it's not possible to score fully on them. Otherwise, the material and the way it is presented in an interesting manner with real life examples are good for first time learners to get a head start.

创建者 Karen I

Dec 28, 2021

O​verall, this is a good course. I have learned a lot from all four courses that make up the Intuit Bookkeeping Certification. However, there have been many technicial issues, typos, and even some mathematical errors throughout the course that often get in the way of learning and can be quite frustrating. Sometimes the audio and subtitles don't work. Sometimes the practice activities will tell you have the wrong answer when you were actually correct. There are also some activities that have confusing directions. If these issues are addressed and fixed it will turn the courses, Bookkeeping Basics, Assets in Accounting, Liabilites and Equity in Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis from good courses into great courses.


Oct 8, 2021

This rating is for all 4 courses. I learned enough in this course, so it was worth taking for certification purposes, but I did not really like the course that much. I am not a fan of an animated "sort-of-standup-comedian" instructor. There was too much irrelevant information, and thus, time wasted. Also, there are too many errors, typos, incorrect information (or unopening files) in the practices, and especially, quizzes. I still was able to pass all tests, but those mistakes were annoying. You either have to have enough confidence that your answer is right, or redo the test, and type the "incorrect" answer suggested by the system to pass the test.

创建者 Scott M

Oct 20, 2021

While the instruction and information was good, the quizzes and test had several errors in them that made it hard to truly test the knowledge learned.