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学生对 New York University 提供的 Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Finance 的评价和反馈

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The course aims at helping students to be able to solve practical ML-amenable problems that they may encounter in real life that include: (1) understanding where the problem one faces lands on a general landscape of available ML methods, (2) understanding which particular ML approach(es) would be most appropriate for resolving the problem, and (3) ability to successfully implement a solution, and assess its performance. A learner with some or no previous knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) will get to know main algorithms of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning, and will be able to use ML open source Python packages to design, test, and implement ML algorithms in Finance. Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Finance will provide more at-depth view of supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, and end up in a project on using unsupervised learning for implementing a simple portfolio trading strategy. The course is designed for three categories of students: Practitioners working at financial institutions such as banks, asset management firms or hedge funds Individuals interested in applications of ML for personal day trading Current full-time students pursuing a degree in Finance, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or other related disciplines who want to learn about practical applications of ML in Finance Experience with Python (including numpy, pandas, and IPython/Jupyter notebooks), linear algebra, basic probability theory and basic calculus is necessary to complete assignments in this course....



Aug 9, 2019

Furthered my understanding of how probabilistic models are connected to Machine Learning models. Very happy with the content in this course.


Sep 2, 2019

Great course which covers both theories as well as practical skills in the real implementations in the financial world.


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创建者 Alexander K

Jun 12, 2022

T​he course assignments are an absolute disgrace and disrespect of students. Just a few examples:

-​ The tasks use old and gray tools and don't get updated for years. How do you like 4-year old TensorFlow 1.10.1?

-​ The course project has a task where you need to train a few TF neural nets. This takes HOURS to run in the provided Jupyter environment. Are you crazy there? In order to solve it I had to download everything manually, replicate the old-as-my-granddad environement and run locally. This took me 3 hours that I wish I could get back.

-​ Staff doesn't pay any attention to students' complaints. Just have a look at the discussion forum and how may times they replied. Once in 4 years?

-​ Be ready to google and investigate A LOT if you plan to do the assignments. The information you'll be given is arguably < 30% of what you'll need.

创建者 Luis P

Jan 28, 2021

Horrible assignments. No help from TAs whatsoever. Zero finance explanation. And the machine learning content (tensorflow in particular) is outdated, nobody uses Tensorflow 1.0...

创建者 Zoltan S

Aug 11, 2018

The lectures were truly outstanding, the best overview on different methods in machine learning I have seen so far. The problem sets were also interesting, informative and introduced several useful api from sklearn, tensorflow. With a little work these problem sets could (and probably should) be improved to match the quality of the lectures. For example adding more clarifications in the homework notebooks would be very helpful. Having said this, I think this is an excellent course, and highly recommend it.

创建者 Daria Y

Oct 26, 2019

Great overview of main ML concepts with examples applicable to Finance. Even though some people might argue, that the videos don't provide a clear guide path to the assignments, I believe the course provides a simple explanation and great book references! Also, I supplemented my study with courses @DataCamp and other open sources - and it was quite beneficial as well. Thank you, Igor Halperin, & a team!

创建者 Tunan T

Nov 28, 2020

This is a good starter course for people who wants to learn how to apply fundamental knowledge of machine learning into finance industry. Though the course is well designed, the lab assignment requires a bit effort to improve. There are some places the student will have no clue what goes wrong and how to resolve the issue. But overall a good course!

创建者 Kenneth N

Jul 26, 2022

Great course. but requires lot of patience. Uses lot of unnecessary history, symbols and equations to explain simple concepts. Overall it is a good overview of the big picture of ML in finance provided if u can withstand the assault of excessive symbols and equations.

创建者 Wenxiao S

Mar 2, 2020

The course is really challenging and requires a lot of self-motivated studying. I would say again it is the best course in quantitative finance that I have learned.

创建者 Angelo J I T

Aug 10, 2019

Furthered my understanding of how probabilistic models are connected to Machine Learning models. Very happy with the content in this course.

创建者 Arditto T

Sep 3, 2019

Great course which covers both theories as well as practical skills in the real implementations in the financial world.

创建者 Siyu D

Sep 19, 2019

This is a great course, I strongly recommend. However, the assignments take a while to finish.

创建者 Craig V

Jul 25, 2020

Great class, but don't believe the programming assignment time estimates... takes way longer!

创建者 Alvaro M

Jan 1, 2020

Excellent course to get ML algorithms for profit maximization approach

创建者 刘晶

Nov 6, 2018

It's excellent and incomparable course!

创建者 Carlos S

Apr 7, 2020

Great explanations and great material

创建者 Yuning C

Sep 8, 2018

A great course with deep insight.

创建者 Stefano M T

Feb 14, 2020

Very interesting arguments!

创建者 Pavel K

Nov 28, 2018

Very informative

创建者 mohamed h

Dec 8, 2019

thanks coursera

创建者 Sam

Oct 31, 2021

Thank you!

创建者 Cannie L

Dec 30, 2020


创建者 Benny P

Dec 11, 2019

For me, I find the math kind of useless. It's too hard for notice to understand, and too deep for those who don't want to know. This course should focus on its applications on finance. But at least you have few notebooks that you can keep for future reference.

创建者 Hilmi E

Aug 5, 2018

Good material..The course would improve a lot if there were clear explanations for the goals of the assignments and the plan for the assignment.. The codes for the assignment should be fully debugged..

创建者 Jacques J

Dec 25, 2018

So far so good. The lecturer refers to projects of which some weren't covered in this course. So a little confusing. Takes lots of googling to finish this course.

创建者 Aydar A

Jun 27, 2019

Good course with relevant topics, but assignments are not clear sometimes, lack of support with them.

创建者 Sergey M

Sep 11, 2021

I liked the course, but the bugs in the programming assignments are sometimes unbearable.