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学生对 Google 云端平台 提供的 Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation 的评价和反馈

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This accelerated on-demand course introduces participants to the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud with a focus on Compute Engine. Through a combination of video lectures, demos, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as networks, virtual machines and applications services. You will learn how to use the Google Cloud through the console and Cloud Shell. You'll also learn about the role of a cloud architect, approaches to infrastructure design, and virtual networking configuration with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Projects, Networks, Subnetworks, IP addresses, Routes, and Firewall rules. Prerequisites: To get the most out of this course, participants should: Have completed Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure or have equivalent experience. Have basic proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments. Have systems operations experience, including deploying and managing applications, either on-premises or in a public cloud environment. >>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...


Apr 2, 2021

This is an excellent training course with great labs, allowing in depth hands-on to the real Google Cloud platform. This alone allows for a better understanding of what's Google Cloud Infrastructure.

Sep 5, 2020

Thanks to Google and its team for producing such a wonderful training content. It was a breeze to know about GCP and core services even for a guy like me how has not been hands-on for over 20 years.


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创建者 Nour S F

Feb 27, 2019

way too basic

创建者 Periasamy S

Jan 12, 2019

Good Course

创建者 Max S

Nov 20, 2019

very basic

创建者 Rodrigo M

Apr 6, 2020

Very good

创建者 A D J

Feb 6, 2020

V Good

创建者 Stephen H

Feb 7, 2018

The information in the course was great, the expertise by the instructors was very good. The labs were good also. What was really jarring was the amount of short (less than 60 seconds to 2 minutes) videos. You watch something for 20 seconds, then there's a 10 second pause for the next one queues up, then it buffers and starts. This process takes almost as long as at the videos. If they merged some of those together, the course would flow much more smoothly and be a lot more enjoyable. Also the first course in the specialization had us set up a private free-tier on GCP. This one used qwiklabs. The free tier is faster and easier to use. But the qwiklabs is a really nice feature. I just wish the specialization would pick one or the other.

创建者 Majid M

Oct 20, 2017

Have never found any course as obscure as this one. There are no lecture slides to download, the videos are too short. All the labs get locked the minute you pass the final quiz and most of the time the instructor is just reading over some bullet points.

创建者 Rohith

Apr 20, 2020

Brian Rice's lessons in the introduction course were way more interactive. Even though the lab sessions are good videos content is boring and not clearly understandable

创建者 Harry T

Jan 17, 2018

The course are lack of consistency for these short videos. The slides are not shared, which makes it hard to review and prepare for the exam after finishing the course

创建者 Aldo R

Jan 26, 2021

Faltan PDF con las presentaciones, eso ayuda mucho a los que no hablamos ingles

创建者 Marko V

Dec 21, 2018

Unlike previous course the presenters sounded less like robots in this course.

创建者 Pradeep B

Mar 14, 2019

Content is good, however the grades for labs are updated from qwik labs.

创建者 Sebastian S

Apr 18, 2021

I think this needs more quiz questions in between video contents

创建者 Grzegorz K

Apr 9, 2019

Not the best one

创建者 William P

Jul 5, 2017

Not comprehensive at all. The video are oddly chopped up and I feel like there is so much more to be taught. If this is Google's way of training their product then I'm out and will go the AWS route. In my opinion this is horrible training. I'll be afraid to use this training as study material for their certification. Google really need to get a team and work on this the right way. Instead of trying to get something QUICKLY out to the market.

创建者 Sante' J

Jul 15, 2018

I want to learn. Locking me out of the course labs after the course is over is stupid. Grade or don't grade the lab, I don't care, but let me review the lab to learn. Additionally, preventing me from providing feedback to coursera directly leaves me with the option of providing the information here.

创建者 Gabriele C

Oct 31, 2018

A basic course, and the labs (Qwiklabs) are very difficult to use from China, where i live. Vpn aside there is an account verification issue i reported, but the course mentor had no solution for that, neither the Qwiklabs support.

创建者 Greg R

Jul 16, 2019

Lab 1.5 was a waste of time I tried to complete it several times, its very frastrating when Coursea's lab verification fails.

创建者 Harshit G

Jun 5, 2020

In many videos, the voice of instructor is very slow (not audible even in speakers), please review this problem.

创建者 Leif T

Oct 29, 2021

Course cannot be completed because qwiklab does not recognize the created vm, thus the lab cannot be completed

创建者 Jake

Jan 4, 2019

Labs don't work. Qwiklabs is blocked. No support or ability to contact anyone. Horrible experience.

创建者 Song X

Mar 6, 2019

The finished labs and videos just become uncompleted over and over again. Rubbish course.

创建者 Justince Y

Dec 8, 2020

Dry, boring and draining to follow. Some may like it but I don't.

创建者 Rubén F C

Apr 8, 2018

Dissapointingly basic, not worth the money.

创建者 Paul L

Mar 27, 2019

Lab grading is broken, I can't get credit.