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学生对 马里兰大学帕克分校 提供的 基因与人类(从行为到生物技术) 的评价和反馈

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To acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts of genomics and biotechnology, and their implications for human biology, evolution, medicine, social policy and individual life path choices in the 21st century....


Apr 27, 2021

Very good and more informative course, this course has a brief explanation for each and every topic. Lectures are very interesting to listen. Thank you so much for accepted my financial aid learning.

Aug 25, 2016

Broad spectrum over view useful to beginners as well as advanced learners. would have loved to be able to download slides along with Transcripts for later revision , Thank you UMCP and the Faculty !


151 - 基因与人类(从行为到生物技术) 的 175 个评论(共 196 个)

创建者 Xavier Y

Jan 25, 2017

Very good

创建者 Jorge A Z L

Nov 5, 2015

wow great

创建者 Aswathi P

Apr 12, 2021


创建者 Saibal K S

Aug 17, 2016

Fairly dense material (for novices in the field like me), but mostly fascinating stuff!

Dr. St Leger makes it very interesting with his animated teaching style, crisp and clear diction, and helpful illustrations.

Sadly, the supplementary reading materials mentioned in the lectures never showed up on the site. Students would definitely benefit from followup reading suggested by Dr. St Leger.

Overall, a solid effort from the U Maryland team, for which many thanks!

创建者 Hemant P

May 6, 2016

An AMAZING course for beginners. As a highschooler not pursuing biology in school this was still pretty easy to understand and enjoy (the reason I started it). Highly recommended for people wanting a light introductory course to genetics and a bit of evolution and those who can't take out too much time for doing an intense course.

创建者 Roger A P G

Aug 24, 2019

Hi, I'm Roger Pineda, I'd like to thank the coordinators of the course for the information provided. I feel that it was a huge help in terms of acquiring and / or reinforcing knowledge. The lectures were well directed to what should be learned in terms of genetics.

创建者 jamaal s

Aug 21, 2018

This course was very informative , teaching the foundations of the field and its evolution throughout the years. The applications of the subject were explored and the pacing of the course was great for those new to the subject

创建者 Gregg G

Feb 29, 2016

This course is an excellent introduction to a fascinating subject. The content is challenging but presented in a way that relative beginners are able to absorb the concepts. The instructors are engaging and interesting.

创建者 Tushant S

Sep 7, 2020

Too much info. is provided. I guess course should be shortened and clarity should be there. But kudos to the instructor for providing this type of program which will be proving to help me in the coming future.

创建者 Muhammad A

Aug 24, 2019

The course is very interesting and useful.

There are two problems: 1) Some of the provided links are not working (should be updated).

2) The numbers, percentages and most of the data are old, like the course.

创建者 Henri

Jun 27, 2019

Interesting and didactic

Not a five stars because of the biased presentation of the GMO debate (I'm in favour of GMO but I'd have liked to have a fairer and clearer picture of the arguments against)

创建者 Alice Z

Sep 1, 2018

Quality of the video is not very good and the course is beginning to feel dated ("by 2016 it is predicted that...). Otherwise, this is a wide-ranging and highly enjoyable course. Thank you!

创建者 Vanessa P

Apr 10, 2020

Lo único que no me ha gustado es que aveces las transcripciones no están completas y son necesarias cuando el ingles no es tu lengua materna y las necesitas para aclaraciones.

创建者 Abdiel D E

Oct 20, 2015

Me encantó el curso, sólo que fue un tanto difícil entender el inglés del doctor. Me hubiera ayudado algun escrito para reforzar o estudiar en el camino. Muchas gracias.

创建者 Anja S

Jan 25, 2016

Not perfect because in the video, multiple times the lecturer mentioned external information or links that didn't exist. No additional information was provided

创建者 Rutuja A P

May 20, 2018

This course was very informative.The concepts are quite easy to understand.I surely recommend students who want to learn all the basics of biotechnology.

创建者 Nanthinidevi R

Sep 21, 2020

Nice teaching..but am not clear with the pronunciation so it makes me difficult to understand.Voice is also little low. Overall teaching is good

创建者 Manoli B

Jun 3, 2020


创建者 Pranali J

Jun 25, 2021

Very satisfied with the content of this course! The video lectures and supplementary reading links are incredibly informative.


Sep 16, 2020

It builds up the basics of biological sciences and genomics, for students who are interested in pursuing in these fields

创建者 Elena O

May 19, 2021

Quite comprehensive and thought- provoking. Good for beginners and intermediary

创建者 نخاع ا

Oct 1, 2017

Excellent combination, from behavioral genomics to synthetic biotechnology

创建者 Ashley E

Apr 13, 2021

Really liked the course and the fact that you can do it at your own pace!

创建者 Brendan T

Dec 15, 2016

Great course, as a beginner i could follow along and learn.

创建者 Alaikya T

Nov 2, 2018

Interesting but should be more informative