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用于基因组数据科学的命令行工具, 约翰霍普金斯大学

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Introduces to the commands that you need to manage and analyze directories, files, and large sets of genomic data. This is the fourth course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University....


创建者 JJ

Jun 23, 2018

Thank you very much Dr./Professor, Liliana Florea. I've learned a lot. It's a very good opportunity to improve my knowledge. This means a lot to me.

创建者 GV

Mar 14, 2016

Very informative course. Because I am new to this, it was at times confusing. But overall, great teaching and great experience. Thank you.


70 个审阅

创建者 Stefanie Meier

Feb 10, 2019

A lot of things are not explained in the course

创建者 Anna Blümel

Feb 08, 2019

Exams take way longer than suggested, rest is good-OK

创建者 Dahis Manzanares

Jan 30, 2019

Detailed and challenging.

创建者 Hemanoel Passarelli Araujo

Jan 24, 2019

I really love this course. It changed my life

创建者 oyebode james Oyeyemi

Dec 20, 2018

Very fine course. drills students well. would prefer if files used in examples were provided for students before the class. it makes life easier. would also prefer students are advised how to install tools on their laptops. Good course overall and I learnt much

创建者 Sofia Maria Karadimitriou

Oct 18, 2018

Some of the tools are not up to date (tophat) and some things were unexplained. The focus was only typing the commands but not understanding why exactly we have to do specific things.

创建者 Tom Sorlie

Oct 14, 2018

The theoretical lectures are ok, but the practical ones are a bit slow. Could have been more scirpt based from the beginning. The Exams are quite different from what is explained in the lectures I think. Especially in week4.

创建者 Xing Yin

Oct 02, 2018

The course is good but not "self-contained"...

创建者 Paul Saunders

Aug 29, 2018

The instructor clearly knew her material. She tried to present it systematically with enough information to give students the ability to perform the programming tasks. There were, however, a number of areas where there is substantial room for improvement.

1. The slides were underutilized. Listing a command name is not enough information to use it. For the most part this was adequately done in the lectures, but having details on critical implementation formats in slides would have been a helpful visual.

2. The class was all about using command line instructions. When the command line was shown on screen it was hard to read and frequently covered over by the video controls. Moving it up and making it large enough to read would be very helpful.

3. Although some details of the output file structure were presented a lot was left for the student to dig out of other sources. If you don't know what to look for this makes things very difficult.

4. The class is about using genomic analysis programs but the instructor did not provide information about where to download the appropriate files from.

创建者 Andrew John Davis

Aug 27, 2018

Very informative course. Only downside is that the example datasets/scripts are not provided (which I tend to find to be useful for learning informatics).