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学生对 加州大学戴维斯分校 提供的 Fundamentals of GIS 的评价和反馈

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Explore the world of spatial analysis and cartography with geographic information systems (GIS). In this class you will learn the basics of the industry’s leading software tool, ArcGIS, during four week-long modules: Week 1: Learn how GIS grew from paper maps to the globally integrated electronic software packages of today. You will install ArcGIS on your computer and learn how to use online help to answer technical questions. Week 2: Open up ArcGIS and explore data using ArcMap. Learn the foundational concepts of GIS, how to analyze data, and make your first map. Week 3: Make your own maps! Symbolize data and create an eye-catching final product. Week 4: Share your data and maps and learn to store and organize your data. Take Fundamentals of GIS as a standalone course or as part of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialization. By completing the first class in the Specialization you will gain the skills needed to succeed in the full program. Students who need an ArcGIS license will receive a non-commercial, 1 year student license for participation in this course and specialization....


May 16, 2021

GREAT COURSE TO JUMPSTART FOR ANY NEW LEARNERS IN THE FIELD OF GIS. It is extremely helpful to learn the basics & the projects help any new learners to understand what kind of work is done in ArcGIS.

Oct 4, 2020

I finished the course, I do not know why it indicates to me as if I had not finished\n\nI would like answer, please. My email:\n\nWhy don't answer me?\n\nRegards\n\nVictor Ramon


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创建者 Kenny C

Jan 16, 2020

the software is outdated and the assignment instruction is not clear at all!

创建者 Lisa C

Jul 3, 2021

The instructions in the final exercise is hard to follow.

创建者 Jacob G

Feb 14, 2018

Needs to be updated to cover the use of ArcGIS pro.

创建者 Sean C

Feb 18, 2019

Good information. A little simple at times

创建者 Darcy J G

Sep 30, 2021

Very difficult to learn online.

创建者 soundhar r

Jul 11, 2021

i cant access all materials.

创建者 James M

Jul 30, 2017

Peer review is unreliable.

创建者 Avishek H

May 30, 2020

Helpful for beginners.


Oct 29, 2019


创建者 Tim D

Apr 11, 2021

For myself, I experienced issues trying to work the course projects with the student ArcGIS course work during the process. I reloaded three versions each upload going down one version to the 10.3.1 and the course files were not available to be found on my computer. At the end, I was able to bring in the final project and located the files, and did tinker around with some of the data, but not enough to submit for Peer review or to take the Final Week 4 quiz. Go figure! Because I was not able to work the course projects, I was a deer in headlights at the end. I did use the group sections to identify other users experiencing the same issues. I found dated concerns, with no comments. Because I could not identify and referenced coursework updates, I can assume it is aging and does need to be reviewed and refreshed.

创建者 Anshuman P

Jun 25, 2017

This course gets difficult in Week 4 as the Assignment is tough if you do not fully understand how to use GIS. Discussion forums sometimes help but only if someone else is kind enough to reply. If you don't understand how to do things on your own, do not take this course. There is no way to message or ask the instructor questions.

创建者 Alexander B

Jan 19, 2020

Very hard, little direction for the final project. Please update final project with better, more in-depth instructions.

创建者 Carla L

Jul 31, 2017

The assigmentes after every lesson was step-by-step conducted, but que final lesson was "do yourself", with diferents topic of the class.

They reprove me, but I have no explanation because the class finish at 31 and today 31 they say I have to switch the course. I fell really cehated and unsatisfy and I will not finish the specialization anymore.

Thos was the worst Cousera course that I did.

创建者 prudhvi s

Mar 3, 2020

not at all replying to the issues in discussion forums one of my friend posted a threat regarding peer 5 ago the mentor is not even replying this is ridiculous

创建者 sophie m

Feb 2, 2021

I wasn't able to afford GIS software unfortunately so did not complete course

创建者 Diane T

Oct 25, 2020

I never authorized to take this course and was charged anyway. Fraud!

创建者 Ariana G O

Apr 22, 2021

what is the course load and why is it not stated in the certificate?

创建者 Deleted A

Feb 24, 2016

Crippleware if you don't

创建者 exequiel

Nov 15, 2021

Pesimo curso y malo.

创建者 Marjorie N

Dec 21, 2020

No assistance.

创建者 khaled990

Sep 23, 2019

is bad