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The Global Diplomacy course is a unique offering to the MOOC environment. Bringing together cutting edge research in the broad fields of Diplomatic and International Studies, award winning distance learning delivery and the instructors previous experience of delivering a successful MOOC. Please see the volume Global Diplomacy: Theories, Types and Models authored with Dr Alison Holmes, (Westview, 2016), and the Understanding Research Methods MOOC from Coursera. The Global Diplomacy MOOC has a direct heritage in the University of London International Academy/SOAS Global Diplomacy MA Programme launched in April 2013 which have attracted hundreds of students from around the world. The Global Diplomacy MA Programme is provided by the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy which has been teaching postgraduate courses in Diplomacy for over twenty five years. After completing the 'Global Diplomacy' MOOC, learners will have: 1. The ability to demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and development of global diplomacy, drawing on a variety of relevant contributing disciplines in the broad field of International Studies. 2. An understanding of changes in diplomatic practices and procedures and the relationship of those changes to contemporary politics. 3. A sound grounding in both theoretical and empirical approaches to debates in diplomacy so that students have been exposed to the and skills needed to analyse global diplomacy. 4. knowledge of issues in global diplomacy in historical and contemporary contexts....



May 1, 2020

Absolutely incredible course in diplomacy that gives you a perfect glimpse of understanding how diplomacy works in practice and what achievements you need to posses in order to become a good diplomat.


May 28, 2020

Great course. I had a general interest in diplomacy and wanted a little taste of what it was, this course has provided me just that. It has amazing resources to help enhance our knowledge of diplomacy


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创建者 Ally A

May 4, 2022

it is a well and nice structured course, i have gained more knowledge in the aspects of diplomacy

创建者 Peter A B

Jan 6, 2022

I really enjoyed this course and highly recommend to to non-IR background individuals like myself

创建者 Muhammad A

May 8, 2021

Hi dear folks! course was informative and basic for all, I enjoy to learn it that's appreciative.

创建者 Dayah F A

Jul 20, 2020

I am very grateful to the people who prepared this course for us, I have benefited a lot from it.

创建者 Kathamrita M

Jun 30, 2020

Very informative. The material provided was excellent. I never for once felt bored of the course.

创建者 Somik V S

May 23, 2020

I liked this course's format. It is unusual and really interesting! Thank you, Dr. J. Simon Rofe.

创建者 Yanan W

Mar 17, 2020

Very good programmation. Looking forward to learning more with University of Lundon. Thanks a lot

创建者 Martin S

Jul 2, 2017

Great course! Material is very informative and peer reviews are fun. I'd definitely recommend it!

创建者 Fernanda M

Dec 11, 2021

I loved it! For introduction to diplomacy and law study it is a perfect course, awesome classes!


Apr 8, 2021

Well constructed course

wonderful material

the videos were really good

satisfied above expectations

创建者 Dilmurodov S T

Feb 27, 2021

I have learned a lot of new secrets how to build good conversations and successful negotiations.

创建者 Gulnara M

Aug 24, 2020

This course was so useful for me. I learned more new information about diplomacy I am grateful.

创建者 Leonel C

May 27, 2021

a good fast, deep view on diplomacy. Clear and broad views on the subject, really interesting.

创建者 Allen S C

Nov 21, 2020

An excellent primer, with excellent material from experts in the field. I highly recommend it!

创建者 German A G A

Sep 9, 2020

Really a very useful course with different points of view on the elements that define diplomacy

创建者 Tolibboeva J H Q

Jul 25, 2020

Thank you for this very interesting course! It is help me to deeply understood about diplomacy!

创建者 Justin O

Apr 16, 2020

Very interesting course and the signposting to various interesting articles was very enjoyable.

创建者 Aarti S

Apr 12, 2020

This is very good course.We learnt from many talented person, and gain their experiences. Nice!

创建者 Stephany C

May 6, 2022

Fue un curso sumamente enriquecedor, me llené de muchísimos conocimientos. Lo agradezco mucho.

创建者 Afia S

Jun 27, 2020

This course is really very good and informative. Now I know many things about world diplomacy.

创建者 Yakovliev S Y

May 27, 2020

An excellent course for understanding the basics of diplomacy. Totally happy with the training

创建者 Matthew A Y

Jan 21, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Learned a lot from my classmates and the professors as well.

创建者 Luis R M

Apr 1, 2022

Very interesting and entertaining. Recommended readings are masterpieces .

Actually very good!

创建者 Aminodin S

Feb 25, 2021

The course provided relevant readings per week and my peers were very helpful in the process.

创建者 Francisco J G P

Jun 4, 2020

Interesting, knowledge update, global interaction and understanding of different perspectives