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学生对 北京大学 提供的 Chinese Characters for beginner (2) 汉字(2) 的评价和反馈

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Welcome to "Chinese Characters for beginner (2)"! This is an elementary course on learning Chinese characters. Together, we will continue to learn another 240 Chinese characters in this course. And we will learn about another 1,200 basic Chinese words composed of 240 commonly used Chinese characters, which begin with “耳”(ear), including pronunciation, shape and meaning, so that to improve the learning effect. ① Each Chinese character is with pinyin; ② Each Chinese character is shown in the form of animation in the process of writing, namely strokes; ③ English translation is used on the Chinese character can be a word itself. Other Chinese characters can not be independent of words are the characters of. The English translation of this kind of characters is marked in parentheses; ④ Each Chinese word is accompanied by Pinyin, English translation and picture, which is easy to understand; ⑤ There are proper exercises at the end of each lesson. Good luck !...

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创建者 The M F

Apr 15, 2020

It is an excellent lesson for people who wants to improve their Chinese reading and writing.

创建者 Erlinda S

Jun 22, 2020

Awesome. Thank you to my Laotzi Shi Zhengyou.

I learned so much understanding the Radicals.

创建者 Karin O

Feb 1, 2022

E​xcelente curso para aprender nuevas palabras y la forma de su escritura.

创建者 Martti M

Jan 30, 2021

Very good course, good systematical approach. Will there be a follow-up?

创建者 Saradiya d

Jun 19, 2021

I​t was very useful. Giving more sentences to practice would be nice.

创建者 Anna P

Jun 28, 2020

This course helps me to learn Chinese characters. Many thanks!

创建者 老师 R D

Mar 30, 2022



创建者 Nataliia I

May 15, 2020

I like this course so much! Please, give us more and more!

创建者 Iraida A R

Jun 17, 2022

muy bueno. aprendi bastante, pude corregirme

创建者 Bruno M S

May 10, 2021

Excellent for advanced begginers.

创建者 Chanya C

Nov 17, 2021

This course is very interesting.

创建者 Looi T C

Nov 4, 2021

Easy to ;earn - step by step

创建者 Mai D N

Aug 22, 2021

Thank you so much.


Jun 1, 2021

C​omplète le (1).

创建者 Gilang K R

Nov 5, 2021


创建者 Mahir S

Feb 16, 2022


创建者 Abdulrahman M A

Oct 7, 2020


创建者 Tharavit P

Aug 29, 2020


创建者 Catherine R

Jan 14, 2022

The characters and pronunciation are really clear. The pace is fine. The biggest problem I have is the level of the quiz for each section. It is possible to get every answer right for the identification of words and characters, however, it is impossible to understand the words in context. Unfortunately, every test is completely invalid as in the second or third attempt, it is just necessary to put the alternatives for the vocabulary in sentences as I don't understand the other words. If these sentences were very basic rather than long sentences, it might be possible to understand.

创建者 Maria d B

Sep 3, 2021

A very good course. A couple of the exercises have very small mistakes (one lacks an image and another doesn't have any correct answer) but it doesn't have any mayor effect in the efficiency of the course.

创建者 Greg L

Jul 12, 2019

If the course had fewer quiz and test errors and were missing fewer transcripts it would be much better. It is really useful and I am grateful for the care taken, but the mistakes are disappointing.

创建者 Shaunda

Dec 16, 2020

The lessons were quite long. However, it was a good course to help with reinforcing memory of characters. I was able to practice what I learned from here on another app.

创建者 Gisa J

Aug 4, 2021

A​ good course that keeps everyone busy. But some answers in quiz tests could not be given as there were missing elements. The material seems a bit old.

创建者 Judy M E L

Aug 30, 2021

well structured, but problems going backwards to review presents difficulties

创建者 Marta G P

Jul 14, 2020

Really interesting course!!