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学生对 西奈山伊坎医学院 提供的 Health Care IT: Challenges and Opportunities 的评价和反馈

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A strong argument can be made that the health care field is one of the most information-intensive sectors in the U.S. economy and avoidance of the rapid advances in information technology is no longer an option. Consequently, the study of health care information technology and systems has become central to health care delivery effectiveness. This course covers the modern application of information technology that is critical to supporting the vision and operational knowledge of the health care leaders in managing the health care organization. Heath care decision-makers have to meet head-on the dynamic challenges of health care delivery quality, cost, access, and regulatory control. Additionally, this course integrates the Healthcare Information System as integral to the Quality Assurance Tracking Programs including measurement of systems inputs, processes, and outputs with special emphasis on systems outcomes research and organizational accountability to its various stakeholders, not the least of which are government regulators....



Oct 22, 2017

A very well documented in depth introduction of health IT that opened my understanding of past and future expectations. I am glad I enrolled.\n\nJulius.


Dec 04, 2016

Awesome! Exactly a course that I'm looking for! Can't be more relevant to my career which is data analytics in healthcare


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创建者 Venkataramanaiah s

Mar 05, 2018

It may be good idea and useful to include a module on how to use IT in healthcare for audit of treatment protocols.

创建者 Pamela S

Mar 12, 2018

loved the challenge

创建者 Stacey K

Nov 07, 2017

As a person new to healthcare I enjoyed the course as it helped me to better understand the complexities of implementing eHealth as well as providing a snapshot of where the industry has come from and where it is moving. I especially enjoyed round tables and interviews. As a suggestion I would appreciate to hear nurse's perspectives as well and maybe aged-care facility carer too -- someone who does not necessary has input into the development but has to deal with the product -- most of the current interviews were with people in leadership positions or physicians.

创建者 Prashant S

Mar 02, 2019

The course material was presented in a format that was easy to digest. There is a right balance of information on health and tech. None of the videos were overwhelming in content nor length.

I gained a lot of health related terms and information just from listening to the presenters. I have a tech background but I had no difficulty following conversations where medical or health related terms or examples were used.

创建者 Giridharan S

Feb 13, 2017

A great course to get one started on different aspects of Health Care IT. The format of the course, especially, the interviews and panel discussions are a great way to enable students get multiple perspectives in a short time frame. The course instructors, Bruce Darrow and Nicholas Genes made this course interesting and worthwhile.

创建者 Dr.Mehedi H

Oct 22, 2019

First of all let me thank Dr. Bruce Darrow for wonderful content and explanation.

I've taken this course along with two more courses to make my learning more comprehensive and useful in the course, it influence me to take my steps to the carrier of health it.

创建者 Sandro A

Nov 09, 2017

Great content delivered with excellent clarity. And I like the emphasis on interviews with experts. I should have taken this course before completing my masters thesis. My life would have been so much easier. Thanks to Doctors Darrow and Genes.

创建者 Ayan R

Jun 27, 2017

A good introduction to exploring EMR systems and world of tele-health. Would like to see your next courses give perspective from other healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists, and PAs) providing suggestions and feedback.

创建者 Gamaliel M

Sep 03, 2019

This course is a window into the why's, how's and because's of the HC IT. Taught in a simplified but high caliber methodology by experts in the field. Thank you for bringing such brilliant people aboard Coursera

创建者 Bianca G

Dec 14, 2017

This course is great, I learned so much about the system. The way of explaining the topics is very interectaive, I loved the interviews, they were very interesting. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

创建者 Julius M

Oct 22, 2017

A very well documented in depth introduction of health IT that opened my understanding of past and future expectations. I am glad I enrolled.


创建者 Do H L

Dec 04, 2016

Awesome! Exactly a course that I'm looking for! Can't be more relevant to my career which is data analytics in healthcare

创建者 Adrián I M F

Mar 05, 2018

Use some slides for sharing information. Videos were good. Nice course. Great resources good insight into Health IT.

创建者 Angel B

Jan 15, 2019

Excellent course! On the other hand, I would have appreciated the hard copy of the slides for future reference!

创建者 Maria A N M

Jun 24, 2017

Excellent course! Delivered clear and interesting information backed up with examples and applicable uses.

创建者 Shuyan C

Mar 27, 2017

excellent course, helped me significantly to get basic understanding about the Health IT.

创建者 EzzAddin A

Feb 27, 2020

Very helpful materials. Knowledgable professors. Diverse and easy to use materials.

创建者 Meenakshi P G

Feb 08, 2017

Very informative course which is made easy for users to understand the topics

创建者 moti t

Aug 05, 2017

Provide a fascinating overview of the health care IT world

创建者 Hasan A S

Feb 16, 2020

Excellent course material and very extensive interviews

创建者 Victor E F

Nov 06, 2018

informative. interviews are excellent and best part

创建者 Nikhil S

Mar 26, 2017

fantastic course to give insight of healthcare IT.

创建者 Tim R

Aug 18, 2017

very well done presentations by the doctors

创建者 Fernando R d A N

Jan 09, 2019

Excellent improvement for my career

创建者 Chenyu L

Oct 16, 2017

Great Introduction of Healthcare IT