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学生对 密歇根大学 提供的 HTML5 入门 的评价和反馈

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Thanks to a growing number of software programs, it seems as if anyone can make a webpage. But what if you actually want to understand how the page was created? There are great textbooks and online resources for learning web design, but most of those resources require some background knowledge. This course is designed to help the novice who wants to gain confidence and knowledge. We will explore the theory (what actually happens when you click on a link on a webpage?), the practical (what do I need to know to make my own page?), and the overlooked (I have a page, what do I do now?). Throughout the course there will be a strong emphasis on adhering to syntactic standards for validation and semantic standards to promote wide accessibility for users with disabilities. The textbook we use is available online, “The Missing Link: An Introduction to Web Development and Programming” by Michael Mendez from This course will appeal to a wide variety of people, but specifically those who would like a step-by-step description of the basics. There are no prerequisites for this course and it is assumed that students have no prior programming skills or IT experience. The course will culminate in a small final project that will require the completion of a very simple page with links and images. The focus of this course is on the basics, not appearance. You can see a sample final page at This is the first course in the Web Design For Everybody specialization. Subsequent courses focus on the marketable skills of styling the page with CSS3, adding interactivity with JavaScript and enhancing the styling with responsive design. You can see a sample site for the capstone course at



Sep 27, 2017

I really enjoyed everything about this course. I thought the exercises/quizzes were fair and the instructor showed me many things that will serve me well going forward. Great course, great instructor!


Nov 11, 2017

Good introduction to web development. The teacher (Colleen van Lent) has great attitude and seems interested in getting students themselves interested... she explained the intro topics very clearly.


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创建者 Claire W

Mar 31, 2018

An well-taught, easy, low-commitment introduction to HTML. You don't need prior coding experience to learn a lot of information that can be used in a variety of ways, and to do well!

创建者 JUAN D D M B

Feb 01, 2018

Very engaging course, very clear, very useful. I had experience in the topic and I still learned a lot. The part on accessibility was very interesting. I recommend this for everyone!

创建者 Amit K C

Nov 28, 2017

This is my first experience with coding and I loved it. Not only hard coding, the instructor also taught about the practical uses: keeping the user at the centre of thought process.

创建者 Syed N S

Dec 05, 2016

If you want to be a successful web developer, you should take this course as a basic course.It will really increase your basic knowledge and help you to develop websites eventually.

创建者 Ranjitha M

Nov 25, 2015

Thank You Colleen for this course which was delivered in the most simplest manner. Easy to understand with quality material. I am glad I enrolled for this course and I have also en

创建者 Giselle d C S B

Nov 30, 2017

This was a very good course. The teacher Colleen van Lent is very enthusiastic and accurate with the content. I enjoyed learning about HTML5. Thanks to her and thanks to Coursera.

创建者 Etna P R

Jan 24, 2017

Da buenas bases, es como bien dice, una introducción, sin embargo con esos cimientos se puede avanzar de manera correcta en las buenas prácticas para crear páginas web bien hechas

创建者 Muhammad W U R

Oct 09, 2019

This course is for everyone out there who is looking to learn the basics of web development. Colleen van Lent was brilliant with her teaching methodology. Definitely recommended!

创建者 Jayme K

Jul 06, 2017

Great course! I'd taken other online courses which focused more on you researching. This really broke down the concepts & I have a much better understanding of html5! Thanks!

创建者 Muhammad A S

Dec 29, 2019

It takes you from the basics and is honest about expectations. Also a bit slow for even a person who knows a little about programming, but it is not a match to its finer points.

创建者 Suellen C

Mar 02, 2019

I really liked the course. There is a lot of good information, even for someone that have tried to learn HTML in the past and want to review some concepts. I would recommend it!

创建者 Ryan N

Nov 21, 2015

Amazing Course, sectioned out really well and explained in perfect detail.

Would love solutions to the course but otherwise its perfect.

If you're a beginner, this is for you !!!

创建者 Aman A

Jul 27, 2016

This course is pretty much good as it lay down the foundation of web development. It teaches how to design a raw website and how to reach the accessibility. A very good course.

创建者 Michael M

Jan 26, 2016

Terrific course. Provided a great mix of technical knowledge plus the theory behind it. The extra material filled in a lot of blanks and de-mystified how the internet works.

创建者 Alena B

Jul 24, 2017

Very useful course! Informative videos and readings, great "code with me" parts, optional information and links are interesting. And Colleen van Lent is an excellent teacher!

创建者 Joseph W

Dec 03, 2015

Excellent basic course... and an incredibly competent teacher. Learned all concepts and it was taught in a way that inspired further research and learning beyond the course.

创建者 Cristiano M D S

Mar 13, 2019

um excelente curso com uma professora prá lá de cobradora. recomendo a todos o curso HTML5 pela Universidade de Michigan, eles tem otimos profissionais. EU PASSEIIIIIIIIIIII

创建者 M B " F J

Jun 10, 2016

In this course, you get precisely what you sign up for, as advertised. UMich is really stepping out, and stepping up in search of those searching for educational excellence.

创建者 Kang, E S (

Aug 24, 2017

I think this course is very good for people who have zero knowledge about HTML. Although the final project may be trivial, I think it is a very good start for learning HTML

创建者 aitor

Jun 28, 2017

I really enjoyed the time spent taking the course, it makes you eager to enrol on the full specialization. The way the subject is presented is clear and easy to understand.


Feb 07, 2017

Thank you for this class. I really enjoyed this it. I'm going to sin up for the next course CSS3, because I want to design some awesome webpages. Thank you so much Colleen!

创建者 Excel O

Dec 16, 2015

The professor was clear and was very easy to follow. The resources provided wasn't too technical and is accessible, which was great! I hope to learn more from your courses!

创建者 Odumosu A

Jan 24, 2016

I love the way the instructor takes the course. Although i think a little more coding will be better. But I am just in the 2nd week of the course. maybe that will change .

创建者 Raquel A F d L

Jan 22, 2016

I loved to fininsh my first course. The professor explain very well all the basic things we must know to begin to development HTML5.

Congratulations and thank you so much!

创建者 Antreina S

Oct 13, 2017

This class offers more than enough to get you started with HTML. Compact with lots of valuable information and shared resources. The instructor, truly knows her stuff.