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学生对 多伦多大学 提供的 The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs 的评价和反馈

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This course provides an introduction to: 1. Basic concepts of The Strategies and Skills Learning and Development System (SSLD), their relevance for every day relationships and provide advanced concepts for participants who work in fields of social work and health care . 2. Basic practice principles and methods of SSLD, illustrated by relationship management case studies. 3. The SSLD framework for relationship management assessment; N3C (needs, circumstances, characteristics, capacity) and problem translation. 4. Core competencies in the relationship management application of the SSLD system: Observation learning, simulation, real life implementation, review and monitoring....



Apr 23, 2020

Really fun and felt like I learned a lot about myself. If you are looking for insight on your relationships whether it is your significant other, best friend, or family than this class is for you!!!!


May 7, 2020

This course manages to be information-packed and interesting at the same time. Professor Tsang and his team engages the leaner in a conversation-like format in each lecture that is just the lenght!


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创建者 Rasika I

Jun 21, 2020

It's a beautiful course. Every single thing has been explained very nicely. It's easy to understand and it's also very helpful, not just for the romantic relationships, but for any kind of relationships that you have in your life.

创建者 Vishakha K

Jun 9, 2020

Such an amazing course that everyone should take up. THANK YOU PROF.TSANG for this course and teaching us the basics of relationships and how we can improve them. I can now apply the lessons of this course in my day to day life!

创建者 Nasreen S

Dec 30, 2020

The course was more than expectation. It has guided me to strategies the relationship conflicts and help understand the client's perspectives in knowing their own areas of improvement and transform based on their own needs

创建者 Marthe d V

Aug 11, 2020

The course offers a multi-faceted look at relationships without being confusing at all. It builds up the theoretical framework and concepts in a clear way, and goes into practical applications as well. Really enjoyed it!

创建者 Faby

May 10, 2020

Este curso es perfecto para entender el manejo de las relaciones interpersonales y las herramientas que tenemos para tomar las mejores decisiones en base a nuestras necesidades y las de los demás. Lo recomiendo al 1000%

创建者 Samantha S

May 4, 2020

This course is very interesting; getting perspective on effective communication, negotiation, and how we can define our own and our partner's needs. This information is pertinent to developing healthy relationships.


Nov 29, 2020

Great course. Very appropriate for where I am at with my life at the moment.

I am a mature woman and am now very aware of the lack of information regarding the development of new relationships for the older person.

创建者 Harry B M

Apr 24, 2020

The course was very enlightening. Once I understood the SSLD and N3C concepts , the material took on a fine degree of depth and clarity about how relationships grow and change...or don't! Very helpful perspectives!

创建者 Surbhi S

Mar 23, 2022

It is a feel-good course for people who want to learn the relationship management. The lectures, study material and assignments stimulated my intellect and enhanced my knowledge level. Thank you, Professor Tsang

创建者 Kimberly R

Nov 11, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It was easy to understand content that has a direct application to everyday life. The instructor and assistant instructors where very personable and relatable. Definitely recommend.

创建者 Mostafa M

Oct 4, 2019

The course is thorough and very educating, I would love to increase my knowledge in such branch of human science. Videos are of acceptable length, books are amazing, and the conclusion videos are always spot on

创建者 Antonio D

Jun 9, 2020

A beautiful and rich course, deepened by many readings and food for thought for future developments. Versatile and agile, I highly recommend it. It was a wonderful experience not only didactic but of change

创建者 Mariam G

May 25, 2020

This was one of the best online courses I have attended so far! Very informative, useful and oriented on personal growth. Good navigation system, readings, format and briliant professor and tutor. THANKS!

创建者 Divyanshu S

Aug 28, 2020

It'a an excellent and a very interesting course not just for people trying to make a career as a social worker but for anyone pursuing any field to help learn learn navigate relationships better

创建者 Raili M

Nov 20, 2020

Great course for learning the basics of a good relationship and getting to know yourself better, and for a better understanding of others. I loved the summary notes at the end of every module.


Jun 28, 2020

Understanding Relationship is of course an art. And using strategies and skills for development and learning is science behind it! Worth acquiring this knowledge. Thanks and regards to team!!!

创建者 kenneth c

Jun 6, 2021

Very interesting. I have learnt a lot from this course. It does not only teach how to deal with romantic relationship, but provide a tool for me to manage needs and relationships in my life.

创建者 Angela O

Mar 8, 2022

Un curso profundo donde se aprende el metodo SSLD que es en si muy facil de aplicar en las diferentes relaciones que un ser humano tiene para mejorarlas, cambiarlas y transcenderlas.

创建者 Bronwen J

Jan 24, 2022

This course was very helpful; if I hadn't lived through a few relationships, I would have learned even more. The tools for conquering differences and communicating were most helpful!

创建者 Duy N

Aug 1, 2020

The content is helpful. The course covers a lot of topics and problems. However, you should have more slide show instead of posting the conversations between students and professor.

创建者 Crystal W

Jun 3, 2020

The course was very enlighten, it made me think and feel differently about all of my relationships and how I communicate. I can truly say it has changed me for the better. Thank you.

创建者 Victoria H

Jan 10, 2020

A very complete and excellently distributed course, every topic, every video, I loved I learned many things that I did not know, therefore they would allow me to grow more and better

创建者 Lisa S

May 31, 2020

Excellent course, very specific and still easy to catch. It already helped me in my relationships and my friends who asked me for advice in their relationships. Thank you so much !

创建者 Abirami J

May 23, 2020

This course was really helpful and interesting too. Im glad i chose to attend this course and i must say its really worth it. Would definitely recommend this course to others too.

创建者 Marie F T

Mar 30, 2022

The course is inspirational. It covers many topics about relationship and offers practical suggestion on how to tackle relationship difficulties. One must benefit from the course.