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学生对 密歇根大学 提供的 影响他人 的评价和反馈

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This course will improve your ability to influence people in situations where you cannot use formal authority. You will learn about effective ways to build, develop, and sustain a power base in your organization. You will also learn influence tactics that enable you to be more persuasive and influential in working with your superiors, peers, and even subordinates. In addition, you will learn how to build and maintain high-quality relationships to further maximize your informal power and ability to influence others. Importantly, you will distinguish between influence and manipulation and learn how to protect yourself from the unwanted influence of others. The influence strategies you learn in this course will make you a more confident and influential leader, presenter, and decision-maker. You will more effective in pitching business ideas to your superiors, influencing customers, and building coalitions across stakeholders. This course will not only give you strategic guidance on how to develop and maintain your network for influence and power, but we will also equip you with specific tactics and strategies that are proven to work for gaining power and influencing people....



Mar 24, 2019

A very useful course, presented in a very simple and structured way, using an easy English language with a lot of subtitles.

You shall like and get a huge benefit from the materials and the course.


Jan 21, 2016

Really useful course! I learnt many new ways to influence others and protect myself from other people's influence.

P.S The cover is a deal-breaker. I joined this course after watching the intro.


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创建者 Joseph V

Jan 10, 2016

An excellent course with a great design! Learned a lot and was able to apply it in such a way that made it personal and made the material more tangible. I look forward to more courses from these instructors and this institution.

创建者 Jishnu S

May 9, 2020

the course gave me some very good insights into influencing people!It gave me so much more information than i expected!Also,the experiments are very fascinating and it has made me develop an interest in human psychology as well!

创建者 Yuying R

Jan 26, 2016

Useful & practical & easy to grasp & summary videos at the end of each section

The projects require a little thought, but are incredibly inspiring. Students actively participated in the discussions, providing valuable opinions.


Jul 9, 2020

This course is very beneficial for me. I would like to recommend this course to my friends. I learnt a lot from this. The concepts, the examples were helpful to understand. I'm gonna implement this skill in my life. Thank you!

创建者 Madan R

Apr 17, 2018

True Awesome course and its really good to know the Influence power and tactics. I would refer everyone in my circle and influence them to attend this course. Thank You for helping us to live better by Influencing People.

创建者 Moudinet P

Jan 23, 2016

So far, the best course I've ever had. That was fascinating in a way the presenters conveyed the influence techniques. I will definitely sign up for the next course from University of Michigan on personal development.

创建者 Koustav C

Jan 22, 2016

This has been an extraordinary course which really helped me to perceive my performance at work and how to improve them through proper communications. I enjoyed the course overall, just hoped it continued a bit more

创建者 Brent W

Jun 3, 2016

I took this course as part of the Specialization. I wish I could put all the directors, VPs, and EVPs through this specialization. The tools, case studies, and resources alone make it worth the time and money.

创建者 Terry B

Mar 6, 2017

This is AMAZING MATERIAL. I am SOOO GRATEFUL that the instructors helped verbalize things into perspective that I thought I knew but didn't know how to analyze. Thank you so much for this course. I loved it.

创建者 Bronzetti N

Dec 20, 2016

Very good course, clear, concise and quite complete. It gives plenty of practical reflections to have on your daily life and the recap videos at the end of each week are perfect to revise from time to time.


Aug 2, 2017

Excellent course to know how to influence, build relationship and uses the bases of power. A must take for people working in a team! Again, Scott and Maxim are good at keeping people engaged and energetic!

创建者 Diana A

Apr 12, 2021

Very Interesting and helpful program, it has been designed very systematically that fits each block well to draw a picture of how in reality people of different background will react. impressive.

创建者 Babu D

Jan 19, 2016

Some techniques were intuitively known to us but a clear structural classification of our knowledge plus many fresh insights are available in the course. Strongly recommend it for all leaders

创建者 Zhaoyang L

Jul 16, 2020

It is great to learn what is different from manupulate and influence, it is up to the intention. also know the strategy how to protect the team from the harm of manupulation. Great course!!!


Jan 8, 2017

j'ai pris un très grand plaisir à suivre ce cours. Il est vraiment agréable à suivre et l'on peut appliquer directement les cours dans la vie personnelle et en entreprise. je le recommande.

创建者 Anna K

Jan 18, 2016

Thank you for this very insightful and effective course, I am extremely satisfied I started it and looking forward to more benefits in the weeks ahead. Best, Anna Kalandadze, Washington DC

创建者 Deokumar G

Jun 15, 2018

Doctor Max Sytch is an excellent narrator of the psychology and strategy of business. his voice is easy to listen to, as well as his expressions, i am having a great time learning, thanks!

创建者 Arno H

Dec 27, 2015

Thank you very much for the course. It was very good - would have been perfect if the slides would have been provided :)

Would be great if there would be a course: Influencing People part 2

创建者 Valeriya G

Nov 19, 2017

Very interesting course! Great topics that are very applicable were covered. Professors Scott DeRue & Max Sytch presented and put the lectures in a very engaging way. Big thanks to them!

创建者 Peter H

Feb 24, 2020

Excellent course, of immediate and practical use in my work and sparked lots of interesting ideas on managing relationships with people and between organisations. Highly Recommend.

创建者 Volodymyr G

Jan 23, 2016

extremely useful course to understand tactics of influencing others and protect yourself from an unwanted influence of others. Applicable in business, work as well as day-to day life.

创建者 Parthasarathi G

Apr 9, 2018

This is my first course in Coursera. Though I will not be able to compare, it is certainly a good learning. Assignment part may be of little complex to allow deeper thought process.

创建者 Thomas M S

Jan 18, 2016

You could ignore this course and probably get stuck in your current job or you could risk a few evenings for a career boost. (And you'll know what I did here, after the course ;-) )

创建者 Shannon M

Oct 8, 2018

I enjoyed taking this class. There are many actionable insights that can be applied to work right away. Thanks to University of Michigan for making these courses free for Alumni!


Oct 8, 2017

Excellent course and instructors! Offers very good bases, summarizes all the important issues and gives the stimuli to anyone who wants to look for the subject at a greater depth