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学生对 ESCP Business School 提供的 Intercultural Management 的评价和反馈

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This MOOC explores different aspects of intercultural management, including teams, leadership, Human Resource Management, marketing and negotiations. When you complete this MOOC, you will have a richer understanding of the concept of culture, and how culture influences the way that individuals behave. You will also get a deeper knowledge about how culture shapes management practices in international organizations. We will introduce you to a number of experts in the field of intercultural management who will discuss the challenges and the benefits of dealing with employees on a global level. Moreover, we will share with you insights from our own research to illustrate recent developments in the field of intercultural management. During the MOOC we will provide you with a variety of concepts and tools that empower you to successfully interact with people from other cultures to achieve your desired personal and business-related goals. Please have a look at the teaser available at :



Jan 02, 2018

Great course where you learn more about how intercultural management works from HR, Marketing, Team Building and more. The professors give great insights and expertise about the different parts.


Feb 11, 2018

Thanks. I'm now able to state that I've acquired a good overview of Intercultural Management. The topics presented were very well exposed.


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创建者 Koray K

Nov 19, 2018

Very useful for people working in international organizations.

创建者 Li W

Apr 27, 2020

This coures is very well designed with high quality.

创建者 YASH R

Oct 24, 2017

Highly beneficial and important in present context.

创建者 Paola G

May 18, 2020

Very complete and explicit, highly recommended

创建者 Marc P

Sep 30, 2019

Très interactif et plein de bonnes références

创建者 Desbuissons M

Apr 09, 2020

thank you! very interesting and exciting!

创建者 PEOU

May 28, 2020

Its a great Mooc. It's very interesting

创建者 Delcros G

Jul 25, 2018

Very interesting formation.

创建者 Deepak P A R

Mar 22, 2019


创建者 Marta H

Oct 19, 2017


创建者 Guillaume V

Nov 14, 2018

Chaque module est très bon en termes de qualité des contenus. Les apports sont conséquents.

Néanmoins, il est regrettable que les discours des intervenants ne soient pas supportés par des présentations. Le questionnaire final n'est pas aussi pertinent que ceux de chaque semaine.

Bravo pour ce MOOC de qualité!

创建者 Alaa K

Feb 11, 2020

First of ll, thanks very much for the useful and interesting course.

The script and the subtitles of the course conent include some word and content mistakes that can lead to misunderstandings. The text should be revised and proofread by a professional.

创建者 Jamie J

Jan 16, 2019

There were very few times when the course audio or video would stop, but then I would just follow the written script. Otherwise, I enjoyed the course and found it enjoyable, informative and valuable.

创建者 Divya S K

Feb 02, 2020

With this course I got a broader perspective and insight into how important is Intercultural Management . The examples given were really good and we could relate to.

创建者 Chloé T

Jul 06, 2018

Un bon résumé/rappel de mes cours à l'ESCP en Marketing international.Intéressant pour la partie négociation.

创建者 Marcel A E

Feb 01, 2019

I preferred to read what they had to say because of their accents. But it is a good course.

创建者 Soeren J

Sep 23, 2017

Very comprehensive and relevant to intercultural situation.s

创建者 Sneha S

Aug 19, 2019

Excellent course with global view to culture !!

创建者 Jonathan G

Jan 18, 2018

great course! I learned a lot.

创建者 Heike W

Feb 02, 2020

It is an interesting course which gives a very cursory overview. Some of the speakers are not easy to understand and in some scenes there is so much background noise (interview with a Nestlé employee comes to mind) that it is impossible to understand. The subtitles are in .txt format and not of really good quality. It took me ages to put it in a nice Word document format to make it readable. I would gladly have paid extra to get some decent documents to work with. One text document gives the text of the previous week's lecture! There are several typos in the quizzes. This does not give a professional impression.

The additional reading list is hardly any help as most of the documents mentioned are behind a paywall, if they can be found at all. I don't understand why it wasn't possible to add links leading to the documents and why ESCP Europe could not provide some of the PDFs directly.

Some content was outdated, the videos seem to be from around 2012 and it does show a bit.

Speaker of week 4 and 5 was very good - factual, clear, whereas the speakers for the first weeks were a bit tiring. - Too much advertisement for various ESCP programmes.

I got some information out of this programme, mainly the last two weeks, but I had expected more.

创建者 Manuel G

Jul 24, 2019

Not much activity on the forums, the links from the "reader" sections refer to books and papers not always freely available. I think it should be possible to find course-material which is open to everyone, especially on this level. It makes no sense to restrict the availability of exams around the courses' opening - there is no need to do them during these specific intervals. The exams are too easy to do and could be passed without doing the course at all. The videos are well done and offer a good starting point in different areas of this topic. Overall, I quite enjoyed this course.

创建者 Elodie M

May 23, 2017

Beaucoup de choses dites dans ce cours sont apprises si on fait un bachelor d'école de commerce. Il n'y a pas beaucoup de nouveautés. J'aurais aimé en apprendre plus

创建者 Julia L M

Feb 11, 2018

Interesting course but we had already been taught a lot of these subjects at ESCP (MBTI, HRM, etc....)

创建者 Alexandre D

Feb 28, 2018

things that i have already learnt during my M1

创建者 Giuliana M

Nov 08, 2019

It's clear only at the end of week 1 that you have to pay 49 USD to submit the quiz answers to proceed to week 2. If they would say it from the beginning they would not waste so much time of the students!