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We live in a world of intensifying global relationships, one in which international business has become the key determinant of economic development and prosperity. This course, Global Business Environment, Part I, introduces students to a fundamental understanding of the socioeconomic political, cultural, and linguistic environment in which international businesses operate. This course utilizes an inquiry-based approach to understanding country level relationships in the Global Business Environment. It surveys the global business environment by asking and answering key questions about society, the global economy, cultures, institutions and languages. The questions we will ask are: 1. What is Globalization?, 2. Is Globalization New?, 3. How do Political and Social Institutions impact National Economic Development?, 4. What is the role of Culture?, 5. What are the Gains from Trade?6. Free Trade, Free-r Trade or Managed Trade?, 7. What are Foreign Currencies and how are Exchange Rates Determined?, 8. What does the Current Global Business Environment look like? This inquiry-based approach creates reflective opportunities for students to better understand the environment in which businesses operate. Lectures are delivered in an engaging manner, which encourages reflection and inquiry....



May 31, 2018

I love everything about this course, from the length of the lesson to the way the instructor teaches and all the knowledge I've got. Can't be any happier with it. Thanks for the opportunity!


Nov 20, 2016

Great and easy to understand materials which give solid understanding of rules of the trading game on our planet. Highly recommended for those who interesting in international business.


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创建者 Phan T D

Jul 01, 2019

This it a good course.

创建者 ABIR G

Jun 14, 2019

Fundamental concepts dealt with apt precision of real life examples. Really good content.

创建者 Nguyen N

Jun 13, 2019

I am a technicl person so I haven't known everything about business. The course have helped me a lot in business field. Thank you so much for International Business.

创建者 Ammad N

Jun 01, 2019

Very Usefull

创建者 duggisetty t t

Jun 01, 2019



May 04, 2019


创建者 Janakkumar j g

May 31, 2019

Good wreck

创建者 Johana A W

May 06, 2019

Very good lectures, easy to understand and very easy to accomplish. I learned a lot of things that are so important to know in today world. I'm so into this topic that I'll take part II of this course. Thanks for such an informative and analytic course.

创建者 Asmaa s a

Mar 17, 2019

100% useful for me

创建者 Vinay K Y

Mar 12, 2019

wonderful course,easy to understand,interesting contents,excellent explanation

创建者 Renata H B

Mar 11, 2019

muito bom

创建者 Sumeet T

Mar 02, 2019


创建者 shivam b

Feb 27, 2019

It was a good session learning international business.

创建者 Teodora G

Feb 18, 2019

The course was easy to comprehend and easy to follow. I am a complete beginner in economy and I could understand everything thanks to the concise presentation and clear examples. Professor Thomas starts with understandable terms and talks at an appropriate pace. I definitely feel I have learned what I expected.

创建者 Javier E

Jun 04, 2019

It is well conducted and interesting, but extremely basic.

创建者 MIR F

Mar 13, 2019

the course was really helpful for my studying purpose,thanks a lot

创建者 Venkata p t

Mar 10, 2019


创建者 P. S

Aug 22, 2019

Good experience

创建者 Anagha K

Dec 20, 2018

Great knowladge

创建者 Jahongir B

Dec 22, 2018

This course is really informative, and i got an insight into the global trade.

创建者 Le D T

Jan 25, 2019

Great, it helps me improve my knowledge about International Business Environment.

创建者 ritish n

Feb 17, 2019

The course was very structured & elaborate. I specially liked the real-world cases discussed in the course.

创建者 Andre S

Dec 27, 2018

Gave me some crucial information for moving on towards the next level os business studies.

创建者 juana

May 18, 2017

Awesome course I hope to see more courses like this one!!

创建者 shaswar m s

Sep 17, 2016