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学生对 耶鲁大学 提供的 Introduction to Climate Change and Health 的评价和反馈

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Climate change is one of the greatest threats to human health in the 21st century. Yet these impacts to health are still not well recognized. Since you can’t change what you don’t understand, this course is designed to equip health and environmental professionals, as well as other changemakers and the public, with critical and usable knowledge to take positive action. The course begins with an introduction to the science of climate change and how climate change affects human health. It takes a deep dive into climate change’s adverse health effects, including those related to extreme heat, waterborne infections, insect-borne diseases, and exposure to storms and floods. Throughout, the theme of health equity is interwoven by pointing to what factors make some populations more vulnerable than others to climate change’s negative health impacts. Finally, the course explains how measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can not only limit future climate change but can also generate substantial immediate health “co-benefits” over and above the benefit of reducing climate change. Following completion of the course, students will be able to: · At an introductory level, describe how the climate has changed, explain the role of greenhouse gases in climate change, and describe how the climate is predicted to change in the future. · Describe how climate change adversely impacts population health, with differing vulnerability across population sub-groups, through direct effects; through ecosystem transformation and degradation; and through the stress it places on political, economic, and social systems. · Explain how adaptation and mitigation strategies can reduce adverse health impacts of climate change and can generate substantial non-climate health benefits in a just and equitable manner....


Dec 12, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. The complex terms are well explained and the examples and information provided is easy to digest. It really makes you look at the world in a whole different way.

Jun 18, 2020

Very insightful course about fundamentals of climate, climate change, health effects related to air pollution, highlighted statistics, co-beneftis etc. Thank you for this Yale University.


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创建者 Thiago P B d M

May 12, 2021

I am grateful to Coursera, the Yale School of Public Health and especially the wonderful figure of Professor Robert Dubrow. In my view, Professor Robert Dubrow is a great genius who impresses not only with his intelligence, but also with his values and humility. I felt privileged to have access to his knowledge. His ports brought important changes in my way of thinking. Thank you very much.

创建者 Joseph B J

Jun 3, 2021

T​hank you for offering this course. It was an excellent introduction to Climate Change and Health. It defintely made me want to learn more. I will definitely be continuing the program for the full certification! The content is excellent. I would personally like to see more updated and relevant content from 2018 - 2021. Great course.

创建者 Nancy B

Feb 5, 2020


The course 'Introduction to Climate Change and Health' was engaging and informative. The information was referenced and fact based. I enjoyed learning about this topic as the current environment in Australia is impacted by extreme heat and an extended bushfires season. I do recommend this Yale course! Nancy

创建者 Ana M D

Dec 13, 2021

A very good course to bring knowledge and critical thinking about the health effects of climate change. The most interesting part of the course is that it encourages students to identify the implications of climate change locally, a very good exercise for us to learn to see the problems in a broader way.

创建者 Elyson K P E

Oct 19, 2020

As an environmental scientist, I enjoyed this course because I was able to review some of the climate change principles that I have been taught in graduate school. I also appreciated seeing graphs that span decades thus solidifying the point that climate change must indeed be addressed in the present.

创建者 Nastia T

Jul 12, 2020

Good courses about climate change impact, good materials self-study, exactly been said that climate change is serious threat for health various social groups thus people has vote for protect environment. So I want to continued this cycle of courses for full understanding global problem. I promise

创建者 Eileen H S Y

May 27, 2020

The course teaches very in-depth content and backs it up with a lot of research data. It also sends a powerful message as to why we should care about climate change not just because of the adverse impacts on earth but also on people's health.

创建者 Mohammad S B

Sep 10, 2020

Excellent course for beginners. It would be easier to catch if you have science background. Thank you Professor Robert Dubrow and the team for creating this online course about the current burning issues.

I am completing this specialization.

创建者 Handayani I B H

Jan 28, 2021

I really learnt a lot in this course and it is very beneficial and important knowledge. I hope I can inspire others to take this course and increase the awareness of Climate Changes among my friends who may not be aware of it.

创建者 Kathleen P

Feb 28, 2021

This has been a very informative and inspiring course. Climate change is a global problem but the course made me, the learner dive into the the climate change health impacts and those vulnerable to them in my locale.

创建者 Alexandra

May 8, 2020

A course with lot of useful and interesting information. Will be helpful for people who want to start studying Climate Change and its impact on Humans, Health and Environment. Easy to understand, pleasant to learn.

创建者 Rose N

Aug 18, 2021

​This a very good course, eye opening on the effects of climate chane in health. Both of which are SDGs.

T​he lecturer was extremly clear. Thank you. It was worth the effort.

创建者 Ajay P K

Jul 25, 2021

Clear and well-structured academic analysis of the causes and impacts of climate change on different socio-economic groups. Well worth the time and effort invested.


Jan 31, 2021

Es bastante bueno si te interesa el impacto ambiental y lo que genera en la salud de las personas. Todo esta conectado y debemos ser conscientes de eso

创建者 Vivek M P

Sep 11, 2020

Really good course for exploring your hometown in terms of Climate change. I learned a lot about climate change on this Course. Highly recommended!!

创建者 Naroerksh S

Mar 11, 2021

I love course. This course to give me has introduction a fact, data, and information on the relation between climate change and human health.

创建者 Fiona M

Sep 26, 2020

Course material is engaging, very informative, and well delivered. moderation, no interaction, no discussion; you are alone on this.

创建者 Prodipto M

Jun 24, 2020

I'm very happy and satisfied with this course programme.This course is very helpful and essential to my learning and development of skills

创建者 Gerlyn S

Aug 22, 2021

Professor Robert Dubrow managed to go through all the topic in a clear and concise manner while making it engaging and enjoyable to learn


Jun 5, 2020

it was really ia good course and i am looking forward to learn more things or to continue in short thanks very much for you help

创建者 Aashmika G

May 20, 2020

this course is a real asset to those who're willing to work for the environment. It has great explanations, ideas and examples.

创建者 Daniel E

Apr 11, 2020

Great Introduction in Climate Change or refresher course for those looking to gain more knowledge on Climate Change and Health.

创建者 Ikabuli A H

Dec 25, 2020

This course so This course is very useful for me because it helps me to know how climate change impacts on my health

创建者 Matthew P N

Nov 3, 2020

One of the most effective online classes ive ever .Learned alot with the topics about climate change in particular.

创建者 Romula O

Oct 18, 2020

A complex topic presented in simple and understandable manner. Thank you for the opportunity of taking this course.