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学生对 IBM 提供的 Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks 的评价和反馈

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This course gives you the background needed to understand basic Cybersecurity. You will learn the history of Cybersecurity, types and motives of cyber attacks to further your knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals. Key terminology, basic system concepts and tools will be examined as an introduction to the Cybersecurity field. You will learn about critical thinking and its importance to anyone looking to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Finally, you will begin to learn about organizations and resources to further research cybersecurity issues in the Modern era. This course is intended for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of Cybersecurity or as the first course in a series of courses to acquire the skills to work in the Cybersecurity field as a Jr Cybersecurity Analyst. The completion of this course also makes you eligible to earn the Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks IBM digital badge. More information about the badge can be found


Aug 14, 2020

The reading link to Week 03's Framework and their purpose is Broken. Please Fix it. Everything else seemed perfect. I would recommend this course for people who think of starting their careers in CyS.

Dec 24, 2020

If you want to learn cybersecurity and you have no idea about that. Then this is the best course which covers all the basic topics and provide you a best knowledge about cybersecurity and their tools.


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创建者 Vickie L

Sep 27, 2021


创建者 Nidhishree

Sep 24, 2021


创建者 ömer ç

Sep 26, 2021


创建者 Anusha D

Jul 5, 2020

It is a good course. Speaks for its purpose.Today I better understand the terminologies and basics after this course. The assessments can be improved. In initial weeks, the assessment questions covered topics that were covered later. Reading material can also be made more fit for purpose than introducing just the websites to look for content in general.

创建者 Philipp G

Sep 17, 2021

+​ Condensed to the essential knowledge + Illustrations faciliate the understanding of technical aspects - Sound and slide quality is not always good

创建者 Oluwakayode S O

Jul 6, 2020

Nice course. I'll recommend it to everyone especially newbies.

The tutors are great and moved at good pace

创建者 Aneesh P

Sep 24, 2021

It is an excellent introduction to Fundamentals of Cyber Security.

创建者 YASH V J

Jul 7, 2020

the content is good but not quite interesting and updated


Jul 5, 2020


创建者 Jacques S

Feb 7, 2020

Der Kurs deckt ein breites Specktrum ab, geht aber nicht sehr in die Tiefe. Nichts desto trotz wird auf interessante Resourcen im Web verwiesen um die Themen noch selbst weiter vertiefen zu können. Zudem wird auch immer mal wieder auf IBM Spezifische Resourcen (z.B. IBM X-Force) verwiesen, was keinen grossen Mehrwert bringt.

Die Audio Qualität könnte besser sein und Slides mit Comic Sans Schriftart wirken teils wenig professionell.

创建者 Bernard S

Sep 23, 2021

Very informative, but could use examples that the students could work out. Also, if we don't pass a test, show what the incorrect answers are so we can properly correct ourselves.

创建者 Gurunand P

May 2, 2021

I am extremely dissatisfied with the content of this course and the quality of the materials in this course. I have taken a few other courses in the past and had a lot of expectations from this one, considering it is by IBM and is a paid course. I urge you to withdraw this course, unless Coursera/IBM can fully revamp it.

Here are a few points that I would like to bring to your attention, as feedback. If you visit the forum, you will notice that many students have expressed similar concerns:

1. Quality of the videos:

These videos can use significant improvements. It would be best to record these from scratch.

As others have mentioned, the audio quality is bad, the video is subpar and the presentation skills of the presenter can use vast improvements (in many cases, not all). It is hard to believe that this came from IBM.

2. Quality of the materials:

The content is not up to the mark. The recording/audio quality is bad, with background noises in many. The material does not even do justice to the relevant subject.

Here is an example - Compare this video with this one (on YouTube), also by IBM:

3. You are charging for this course and I would reconsider taking it or recommend it to someone, even if it were free.

4. More on the content:

The content is from a few years ago and may not have been updated.

I see different dates on slides (2018, 2019, etc.) which also tells me that the they were not created for this course. It is a mix-and-match from different IBM presentations. The slide numbers mentioned by the presenter sometimes do not match the actual number.

5. Forums seem to be unmonitored:

I barely see moderators assisting with the questions.

What I am stating here is nothing new and other students have provided similar feedback but no response or action over months.

6. Links to download reading materials:

Many of the materials that I have seen so far need one to signup or register to download/view materials. IBM should have provided direct links instead of requesting one to register by providing a bunch of information.

7. I could not believe that this is an ad by IBM - a well made video, I must add:

I hope this helps you and also other students who may be considering this course - I am aware that they may not see this feedback.


- Guru

创建者 Stephan S

Jan 30, 2021

This course succeeded in giving rudimentary introduction to some key concepts in cybersecurity. Regrettably, the audio quality is fairly poor in many places and the explanations of concepts are often extremely cursory -- in some cases limited strictly to basic vocabulary definitions without accompanying details about their purpose or importance. The selection of lecturers from different disciplines adds interest but ultimately the mishmash of different lessons with different slides decks and presentation styles from different perspectives gives a somewhat disorganized feel. Occasional typographic errors and omissions have slipped through, (including, ironically, leaving out the word 'security' when spelling out OWASP). Finally, the quiz questions frequently felt as if they were composed by someone without strong understanding of the subject.

创建者 Eric R

Aug 18, 2021

I am taking this course because it's an IBM Professional Certificate Course. Right now I'm extremely disappointed with the quality of the videos. I expected more than what I've been presented by a multinational corporation like IBM. I can live with the poor video quality because the real issue is the quality of the speakers used to teach each lesson. I'm sure they are brilliant in their respective fields, but as speakers they are extremely poor. In one video which sounds like the lecturer is in a tunnel someone keeps knocking on the door in the background. It didn't happen once but twice in two separate lectures. A couple of the lecturers have not prepared for their topic. They stumble over words, lose their place, go off topic. Right now I'm at week two listening to "Cyber Kill Chain". I can barely understand the lecturer, his English is virtually unintelligible. This is ridiculous and I can't understand how something this sloppy was allowed to be posted and charged money for. I'm extremely annoyed because I'd like to learn. I don't mind the subject matter being hard but trying to follow an unprepared or non-English speaking lecturer is unacceptable...

创建者 kouser z d

Jul 18, 2021

I was quite sad and upset in this course, it was really a Project Management Course NOT a cyber security course. The first three modules were mostly repeats of the same subject matters. Only in the final module 4 did they actually cover anything relevant to cyber security, and it was simply too short. As stated earlier this was all definitions and Project Management concepts as oppose to actually learning anything about cyber security.

The quality of audio from some of the authors was very poor quality. If English is not your first language I would say not to do this as you will not be able to understand the authors, as the sound quality is very poor in understanding what they are saying.

I did not learn much from this in terms of actual cyber security, just a few things towards the end, as I say I had high hopes from this considering its IBM and was very sad at the product quality itself.

创建者 Michael S

Oct 8, 2020

I've nearly completed only week 2 but feel compelled to provide feedback now.

So far, the material is too generalised and vague and poorly written.

On top of that, I can't understand what some of the presenters are saying.

In addition, it's even difficult at times to make sense of the transcript.

I work for IBM.

I know we have loads of clever people in this company.

I'm sure we can do better than this.

Very disappointed.

Update : I have now finished the course.

It didn't improve.

Total waste of time.

创建者 Thomas S

Jul 8, 2020

All presenters had issues with background noise and white noise. Sometimes presenters speech was muffled or had wild swings in volume. The presentation was extremely basic and boring.

创建者 Evelyn W

Aug 26, 2020

So far, 1 Instructor had such a thick accent that coursework barely understandable

创建者 shamant k

Sep 28, 2021

poor voice of instructor.. just aa aa type

创建者 Andrea M

Mar 18, 2020

Huge disappointment. Really low quality.

创建者 Miguel S F

Sep 24, 2020

the sound quality is very bad

创建者 Dev S

Nov 3, 2020

it's very boring from my POV

创建者 Youssef S

Aug 7, 2020

Too short video lectures.

创建者 Gustavo A R D

Jul 7, 2020

No me llamó la atención


May 10, 2020